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  1. Really fun method is to fish shallow water coves at night where a lot of rain bait congregates. 4' or less of water. Fluke will mix in with the stripers. Standard size gurgler with a clouser/sand eel/crab/mole crab/whatever dropper is a blast, and they often take the gurgler. Pretty wild to feel how strong they are when they can only swim horizontal and not dive vertically.
  2. I fish the 8WT BAG for almost everything (New England)... It's powerful enough to lift heavy stripers and stop large albies, and the extra bend of the fiberglass allows for added tippet protection so scaling down presentations is no issue. Despite its strength it is still a great fight on river smallies and largemouth in lakes, and when an unexpected pike comes along while fishing bass there's no issue handling them. In the salt I like to overline it +1 to get an extra boost, freshwater I stick to regular 8WT line configurations. Float, int., tips, full sink have all handled fine. It is also a great rod for sight fishing carp, as you can make a delicate presentation with a long light leader, and have the backbone to slow them down without worrying as much about break offs. Just casting the rod all day makes for a great time on the water for me, even if conditions or fish aren't cooperating at all. Will definitely be picking up a 6WT and their smaller River Glass for trout and pans.
  3. Under water and out of focus is the white shark chasing the bonito.
  4. The one small confirmed school of bones I found mixed in with blues Saturday was immediately runned and gunned by the skiffs and tiller motor guys. 8-15ft of water bait thick throughout the column. Intelligent blind casting will be the name of the game until albert arrives. NPV - the first bones we got into last year was Aug. 18
  5. I keep a boat in the Mystic River and have been seeing several smaller seals on the bay side of Mason's Island and a few rock piles adjacent quite frequently.
  6. St. Croix Mojo Bass 7'11" 7-9WTs. $150.00. Great rod to throw from a kayak/canoe, float-int.-sink lines all work great. Go to rod for large/smalls and pike. Have also landed albies/bass/blues/mahi etc. from a boat.
  7. I fish Redington Behemoths (original models) from Salmon/Steelhead/Pike to Striper/Albie/Mahi and have had no issues with drag function on any fish in any weather/temperature. Switch, spey and single. The finish gets beat even with care and they are not lightweight, but I don't believe they get the credit they deserve. Also Sage, Redington and Rio are all under Far Bank Enterprises, so the customer service is all the exact same company.
  8. No problem. I never post on here so no PM. Can send address via email to "wbs.spam@gmail.com". It's a dummy account so spam away.
  9. Can count me in for salt or large freshwater patterns.
  10. Remember that they are just a stupid fish, and they will eat a hook with padding from a box spring... Not much action from the material, but holds a good profile, only takes a few minutes to tie, and can be colored to match any bait around! Materials consist of sidewall padding from a box spring, lead wire, WTP eyes, and sharpies. Let's see some more flies with unconventional materials.
  11. I use the 450 grain on a 12wt to get 10-14" flies down in the rips or under bunker schools.. I love it, no tangling issues and the cold doesn't create any issues at all.
  12. For regular inshore lines - floating to intermediate - I will often frequent a company called Wild Water (not affiliated) Based out of upstate NY, lines range from $18-$22 for floating, intermediate and fast sink. The quality isn't great, (definitely standard imports) the line twists in your basket on occasion, the sink rate may not be exact, but for the price its hard to match (provided you can cast properly). Have hit everything from steelhead and kings to striper and mahi on their rods/lines. Great guide gear, but I fish em too.
  13. I agree that glass does not provide any advantage in big game fishing. Short meat stick is the way to go. Also (not affiliated with Redington or RIO) the Redington Predator will handle anything you cast to. The 12wt is a one false cast rod with the RIO Striper 500 gr. or the old Leviathan, handles YFT and White Marlin well, and definitely Stripers and inshore tunas.
  14. Rio's Tarpon Taper has short fat head that shoots well with minimal false casts and is tropical rated, not as aggressive as say the Outbound Short.... However everyone casts differently.. Take her to a shop after its built and toss a few different lines around.