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  1. I've seen pictures from the party boat posts where they have someone holding a big fish in bright sun supposedly caught yesterday during a trip when I know for a fact it was overcast and raining the whole day. Better to get confirmation from someone you know actually was on a boat. End the end of the day they have to advertise to get business so that's the best way to advertise. I don't think they are bad guys regardless of the advertising. I've been out on night trips where they will stay out 2 hours late just to get the right part of the tide and put people on fish.
  2. Bump for the weekend. Open to trades also.
  3. Have this plug bag that I have never used so it's up for sale. $240 pickup western Suffolk Long Island or $260 shipped. I have too many plug bags already so time to thin the herd. Below is the link for the site it's sold on. Has 4 tubes for plugs, slots for bucktails or tins and great front storage for soft plastics, sluggos hogys etc. It's the Aquaskinz Elite Hunter Pro Series 4 tube bag. The perfect blend of size and function. The 4 tube bag gives you plenty of storage space without the excess bulk. Unique design allows for storing or carrying a diverse range of items. Non-absorbing military grade ballistic material construction Custom 8.25" tall by 3" round tubes which are flexible, durable, lightweight, worm proof and built for strength and longevity Clear, cylindrical four tube insert assembly for easy viewing Two side pockets for carrying extra spools, rubber baits and other equipment Single front pocket capable of storing rigged eels, Hogy's, Sluggo's and similar baits Two individual pockets under the main flap for additional storage "Inside the bag" are tall slots to store your bucktails and tins Two stainless steel "D" rings on the back of the bag to attach to a belt clip, as well as belt loops (Your Option) to keep it securely in place while wading, walking or jetty hopping 2" wide high density shoulder strap webbing secured to the bag using heavy gauge thread that is box stitched, and an adjustable tri-glide for length adjustment Heavy-duty webbing covering the bottom for an even greater level of durability Stainless steel grommets for quick drainage on the bottom and on each outer pocket Size : W 5.5" x H 8.75" x L 12.5"
  4. I have a 3 tube gear up never used. Still has price tags on it. I would let it go for $170 shipped PayPal. I’m taking the loss with pp, shipping and lower price because I’m trying to fund another bag.
  5. Ya I’ve seen the video. Parking seems to be an issue there if your not a resident so I don’t go there much. It will be interesting to find out the full details of what started that. I would like to think that most men, fishermen or surfers aren’t cowardly enough to jump someone 3 on 1 unless they were defending themselves however it does not look good for the surfers from the video clip. I’ll reserve judgement until the full details come out.
  6. Hey Tony i actually didn’t touch that assembly. I do see the spring, and clip are still there. I’m guessing the dog should somehow be to the left instead of the right so it doesn’t click against the rotor?
  7. Took my reel apart to clean it and now since I put it back together it clicks when it spins. It would drive me insane to fish with it. I’m guessing it’s got something to do with the dog. Any advice on how to fix this?
  8. Heading to Montauk this weekend and hoping to get some fishing in. Normally when I go I fish the beaches near the campsite and use a guide. There is such a wide area to fish out there I am looking for advice on where to start. I know you should fish the North side on the flood and the south on the ebb. Looking for some advice on where to start. I have the NYS permit, Suffolk county permit, Camp hero and Empire pass. Do people just start at the point and walk north or south, drive on to the beaches, camp hero etc? I know an experienced Montauk person knows where to go by winds, tide etc but I am looking for a general idea of when I leave the campsite at night or early morning where to begin my search based on the parking available. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. I’ll do $300 and split shipping if your interested.
  10. I would do $265 shipped to Long Island. If your interested. I wanted to try this in 11’ but willing to give it a shot at 10’6 for that price.