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  1. $25 ?
  2. You can find the Castizm 25qda spool at Fishernator website: Google. Page 11/52. Under spare spools. They may also have the Basia 25qd spool.Both work on the Diawa Basia 25 qd reel.
  3. Will also throw in a NIB 150yrd spool of Suffix Performance 30lb Braid to sweeten the deal.
  4. I believe it's a replacement for the original spool. (Brand New) Not positive,but I believe it's about 200ytds of 30lb braid. Also comes with a silver/ gold Gomexus Ball Bearing handle kit. (Not Shown) $20 value
  5. Let's try it @ $239
  6. Reduced to $259
  7. Diawa Basia 25QD in box. Like new. Cosmetically a (9). A few slight imperfections on finish. Mechanically a (10) Silky Smooth 8 Ball Bearing. See Box for other specs. Comes with a Diawa Castizm 25QD Spool. $295 Shipped. Retail was $499 on these reels.
  8. WTB A Diawa 25QD Spare Spool. Diawa Castizm 25QD/Diawa Basia 25 QD etc.
  9. What plugs you looking for. Collectibles or to fish? Are you open to shipping the rod?
  10. I would be interested if you would ship to Ca.
  11. No problem.Gonna close post.
  12. Thanks,but just looking for old beaters @ under $10 ea. Probably asking for a miracle,but no harm in asking,right???
  13. Thanks.But looking for inexpensive ones that have seen their better day.One's with hook rash, that have been retired.