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  1. Good to hear of some decent fish hitting the Cape. Judging from the current reports and looking back on pictures from past seasons it seems that we're about two weeks behind scheduled right now.
  2. So he's threatening to bring a gun onto federal property where firearms are not permitted, to murderer people who touch his traps after he revealed the location of said traps.....seems like a class act and a real brainiac to boot......
  3. If you do end up splitting let me know.
  4. Police also arresting news crews and Cameramen filming the scene......
  5. Police firing pepper balls at reporters filming the protests. Very literally suppression of the media and an attack on the out First Amendment. So much for serve and protect.....
  6. Ok......and those without a load of common sense......
  7. And the tourists.....
  8. Heck if he wants to spend the money I say go for it. I'd rather everyone who fishes the canal actually has an appropriate canal outfit rather than some under gunned beach stick. Appropriate gear equals quicker fights, lower mortality on C&R fish and as a bonus I don't have to stand around waiting 15 minutes for the guy with the light setup to haul a fish in after it dumped 100 yrds of line downcurrent.
  9. I guess it depends on what you like to do and how you like to do it. personally I like to swim with my gear and I put some solid hours in. Good tools on the belt are a big plus for me.
  10. You forgot the go pro mount for the ballistic hemet. How else ya gonna get internet famous?
  11. I would stay away from fishing VS reels at the ditch. Diawa and Shimano offer some way better choices at a fraction of the cost.
  12. But then the community won't get the privileged of watching......
  13. Those look good, I'd pair them with a synthetic pork rind like Fat Cow or Otter Tails.
  14. He can definitely talk, he just usually isn't saying anything........and when he does it generally falls somewhere between bad information and an outright lie. But you'll completely disagree with that and no one will convince you otherwise so I won't bother trying......
  15. Or he uses it because it's 280 character limit is just about the limit of his communicative abilities.
  16. Well it seems to be his favorite one.
  17. The democratic party in 1861 was a completely different entity from the democratic party of today. Not much of an argument you got there.
  18. BST is the buy, sell, trade forum on here. Once you have enough posts and have been a contributing member here for long enough you'll be able to use it.
  19. I've payed my site dues every month and still haven't received my secret SOL decoder ring yet. I want a refund
  20. Maybe the President should start using official means of communication like a white house press release instead of posting on a private entity like twitter if he feels his speech is so censored. It's not like the WH is without options......
  21. The first amendment prevents the government from curtailing freedom of speech, it does not limit the abilities of private entities to control the speech on their own platforms. This is an attempt at infringement on constitutional law by the WH.
  22. Agreed, from the white house press release it seems to be an attempt to attack sites like twitter and facebook which the White House see's as "anti Trump". Especially twitter which has been flagging some of the Presidents tweets as "misleading".
  23. I would start by using the search feature of the site. There are literally hundreds of relevant threads that should be of help. Otherwise I would throw them in the main forum.
  24. I hope someone keeps an eye on them as well. Crap like that might just be the tip of the psychotic iceberg with these two.