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  1. This. Don't talk to cops is a good rule of thumb.
  2. One of those things that doesn't work at the kitchen table.
  3. Bacon, hot dog works too. I like to add a little lime as well.
  4. Mixed bag over the last few nights, Bass, reds, trout and fluke. Nothing huge. There's still lots of shad around too.
  5. VA here, shad, bunker, rain bait and grass shrimp mostly.
  6. Normally I would consider this crappy food but over a fire with a few drinks and good company it's hard to complain. That chit in the middle is some poorly prepared, dehydrated pasta my buddy insisted on. I won't touch Ramen unless I'm in the woods. Ramen over a fire hits the spot.
  7. The heat was brutal today. Glad you could find some fish in that soup.
  8. And the velocity and ballistics actually favor the longer barrel. SOCOM moved from a 10.3" to 11.5" barrel specifically because of better ballistics on the longer gun. And of course the ATF would now like to outlaw pistol braces, a move which would essentially make hundreds of thousands of law abiding citizens owners of unregulated SBRs and felons overnight.
  9. I am far far more afraid of losing more of our already crippled gun rights than the occasional idiot with a lawfully owned firearm.
  10. Every aspect of gun control is either to disarm the citizenry or blatantly collect revenue. Just look at the NFA. You can't own these dangerous items (suppressors, SBRs)........unless you pay our $200 tax stamp of course. It's never been about keeping you safe.
  11. I keep an IFAK in the vehicle, trama specific, tourniquet, chest seals, gauze. I'll shove a TQ in my pocket if I'm going certain places. Look into LE combat gauze, it's a gauze treated with a clotting agent, buy from North American Rescue. For the citizen a Stop The Bleed course and CPR/resuscitation course through the Red Cross are great places to start.
  12. Exactly, even better is the fact that many in the community are starting to introduce medical into their EDC on top of a firearm. The need to plug holes is still more likely than the ability to make holes and responsible citizens are the first line of response.
  13. Tyranny like this is exactly why we need an unrestricted right to arms.
  14. All gun laws are infringements, it's that simple. Any and all who would enact or enforce gun control are enemies of a free people.