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  1. I'm in
  2. Hey man I've put a lot of hours on the ditch in the last few seasons. I don't know how much I'll be able to do this coming season but if I'm out there I'm happy to share a tide. In the meantime shoot me a pm if you have any questions and I'll do my best to help.
  3. The 11' 2-6oz MH Tiralejo is a great distance rod for the price. Paired with the right reel and line it becomes a veritable pencil popper rocket launcher.
  4. ODM jigster makes for a great all rounder at the canal. It really shines throwing jigs in the 3-6 oz range but throws sebiles, pencils and even SP minnows without issue. It quickly became my go to canal stick. I'd say you definitely see the most TFO rods on the ditch. Both the 10'6" 2-6 and the 11' 3-8 are popular and I enjoyed fishing both before upgrading. As for reels the Gosa is my go to and many other people's as well. I fish three of them both in the 10k and 8k sizes on the canal and they continue to perform without issue.
  5. #2 basically a bullet head from 2-6 oz is my go to.
  6. Agreed, too many people are afraid to say something like this now.
  7. I picked up a lami GSB1321M this past fall and fished it around Cape Cod and for a week down in Montauk and put dozens of fish up to 20lb on it. There's not a lot to say, it's a classic proven and time tested blank that's been built simply but with quality components. It's not flashy but it's a hell of a workhorse that can muscle in fish and take a ton of abuse. It stood up to big surf, rocks, skishing, high sticking, etc without any issues and I'm very pleased with its performance.
  8. Every Marty thread is a Marty's greatest hits thread but when read together is when the real magic happens. Start looking at posts from the winter of 2017/2018 and then get to the juicy stuff this past summer and especially past fall.
  9. I'm bracing for it
  10. Got to get a good spot before the Jersey boys take them all.
  11. It appears they offer the 10'6" .75-4 oz as well as the 2-6 oz now. I have my 10'6" 2-6oz paired with a gosa 8k. That said you might want to go lighter with that rod. I'd suggest taking it into a shop and testing the Slammer III 4500 and 5500 and seeing what feels right for you. I'd also look at the new Spinfisher VI in the same sizes.
  12. How large were these fish?