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  1. Well whats your price range? Canal jigging is a bit different than plugging. Distance shouldn't be your primary concern, rather the ability to handle heavy jigs and work them off the bottom. A reasonably priced rod is the 11' TFO, rated 3-8 oz. Its very fast action which makes for a good jigging stick. My favorite jigging stick would be the ODM Jigster. Its a great all around canal rod and will handle any jig you care to throw, though it will definitly come with a much higher price tag. I'll agree with Brian, the Tiralejo is a pretty solid casting rod within its weight range. You could be loosing casting distance because of A) poor form or B) your throwing jigs outside of the rods sweet spot for weight. 40# line is fine for the ditch, 20# leaders are light. I like to have at least 40# leaders at the ditch. I run a 50# main line and 40# leader on all my jigging setups. If I do get hung up my leaders will break before my main line, saving the braid.
  2. Might have been the it was a dolphin... wait it was a killer Whale.....
  3. Very cool, was it difficult getting a strike with that much bait around?
  4. This is interesting. The SP has always been a top producer for me but the trick is you need to know when to fish it. The SP digs more than other similar minnow plugs and rides better with a little current and a slightly faster retreive. In many situations a bomber, redfin or magdarter can and will be a more effective plug. The key is to know when to throw each and if you consistently choose the wrong plug in the wrong situation of course it will seem like an ineffective plug. I'd definitely agree they have more colors than you need but like any plug you don't need them all. You could own only a bone and blurple SP and catch fish without issue in the right time and place.
  5. Rigged sluggo for me (not counting on a heavy jighead in the canal). I've switched between rigged sluggos and eels both live and rigged and always go back to the eels leaving the sluggos forgotten.
  6. I've had two days (total) that I can say with confidence the swim shad outperformed the magic swimmer. Otherwise I've always had far better luck on the magic swimmer.
  7. It does, though barely. You need to be careful with plugs like stick shads. They can get wedged and are a real pain to free.
  8. Roughly 2 1/4" wide by 1 3/4" long. Here's it loaded with a large gibbs bottle, large stick shad, ss bottle and large mag darter Here's the slot devider shimano includes in case you want to make a narrow slot even smaller while also snagging your hooks on the holes shimano included in the devider.
  9. I fish them once and awhile, especially in back bay spots. More often than not I fish big, rough surf and heavy currents and find sp's, redfins and mag darters much more effective.
  10. I haven't taken any long trips. Just enough time to catch a few fish.
  11. A nice mixed bag from last night/today.
  12. I fish hard. Every night on rocks and boulders and in heavy surf. This bag didn't stand up to that. I started using zipties and duct tape trying to hold it together before asking myself why I was wasting time on an inferior product and upgrading. Not saying others have not had good experiences with this bag, me personally I was not impressed.
  13. For the price you won't be disappointed with the aquaskinz.
  14. Fair enough, still doesn't do anything to prove the claim of 100# bass.