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  1. Probably the single most versatile lure to use to target stripers from shore. The range of weights, head shapes, hair styles, colors, etc, means there's a bucktail for basically every situation
  2. A couple of ugly sticks might be a far reach from the VS's, wetsuits, lami sticks and 4 ounce jigs I'm used to back home but as the guys who know me know, I'll get a line in he water one way or another. Time to see what the California surf has to offer (and hopefully upgrade soon)
  3. I'd recommend going with a Shimano saragosa. My favorite all around canal reel for the money. Pair it with an ODM jigster for a great canal setup or save a little $ and get a TFO. I prefer 10'6" or 11' rods but I know guys who happily fish 10' rods. 3-8 or 4-10 are my preferred jigging rod ratings.
  4. Its wild, and open and free. Its the best adrenaline rush and the most calming experience all at once. How can you beat that
  5. Wetsuit sharking
  6. 30 or 40 i'd think. All of them really good people. I've shared some great times on the water, at gatherings, homes, etc.
  7. My hometown - Bruce Springsteen Accidentally like a martyr - Warren Zevon
  8. Lami 1321M served me well at Montauk and on similar boulder fields in Massachusetts
  9. Or it just wasn't his time...........yet
  10. For some guys a VS is simply much more reel than they'll ever need, for others its an important tool in their arsenal. I enjoy wet suiting and swimming with my gear so a VS is an absolute necessity for me. Even if I'm not swimming, the bulletproof design and reliability of the VS is appreciated when you fish hard and often.
  11. Thats an awesome to story to read. Posts like these define what the ditch trolls are all about.
  12. Lami 1321M, VSX 250 Not a flashy setup, just a true workhorse outfit.