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  1. I have one, I fish it hard and I've never found issue with the bail. Many guys have similarly positive things to say. It's only a $100 reel but you get alot of reel for your money.
  2. I run gosa's on the 10'6" ODM Jigster, the 10'6" TFO and the 11' Tiralejo and have also used them on the 11' TFO, 10'6" Mojo and lami 1322 and 1321M in the past. I've never experienced wobble on any of these rods while using a gosa. This makes me think that the possible issue is with individual reels rather than with the design of the reel foot. I might have just gotten lucky with my reels but I'd definitely purchase anouther gosa in the future based on my experiences with them?
  3. I have two 10k gosa's and an 8k gosa. I've fished them hard for the past two seasons. Never had any issues and I've definitely never experienced any wobble. I'm not discounting people who have but for me its been a non issue. They are definitely some of my favorite reels.
  4. That's a very cool video, did you take it?
  5. What about hydro dipping, could that work? Guys are doing it on all kinds of crazy stuff these days including reels. Me personally, I like the scratches and rash on my reels, especially on the staal. I think it adds some character to the reel.
  6. Definitly a good point. Alot of my pictures have been taken this way. Either way I make sure to keep whatever light source off of the water.
  7. Bait fish might flock to a constant light source at night like a dock light. In the same situation pedators will sometimes use the shadow lines to ambush prey. This is not true with a headlamp or car headlights. The sudden lighting up of the water will drive every bass away from your area. These bright headlights are only going to hurt your fishing experience and piss everybody else off. I'm not saying that you shouldn't have a bright light for emergencies but to use these bright settings often is just ridiculous. Theres a reason almost all the serious guys recommend a red light. For god sakes, if I want to photagraph a fish I work to make sure the flash doesn't hit the water I'm fishing. It's just the name of the game at night.
  8. That's the one and only. Don't worry about him, he's just busy off catching 80# holdovers and building up his collection of personal stock images to "prove" his wild claims.