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  1. So what are you suggesting......
  2. Yes the redfin was a winner. I fished a loaded one in some of the deeper rips but an unloaded one really did the damage. Most of Montauk is a very shallow boulder field and slow crawling a redfin just below the surface accounted for many fish. Many of the strikes were topwater as the fish launched themselves and the plugs airborne.
  3. Thanks guys Bad habits you say, like throwing bucktails less than four onces.... Crowds depended on where and when. When I was there the tide cycle set up a good rip directly under the lighthouse each evening. During this time we would pack 10 to 20 guys into an area only about 75yrds wide. It was like a group of guys targeting one hole in the canal though current and depth were less of a factor. At these times I fished with a group of guys who were all staying in the lot and we worked together, casting in rotation and without issue. Other than that evening rip I fished mostly at night and would see only a few other guys the entire tide. I kept finding pods of decent fish and catching one after anouther all the while expecting to be mugged at any minute but I never had anouther guy within 100 yrds of me at night.
  4. Whats your price range? 10'6" TFO for Magic Swimmers 11' mh Tiralejo for bombing out topwaters
  5. Exactly, first step is to determine what bait is present in the area you are fishing. Then determine your plug selection from there.
  6. Redfin and SS darter have been very effective this past week.
  7. Took my last Cape Cod fish from the beach in late November last year. My last one in the canal on November 21st. Holdovers hang around all season. Stick with it for a few more weeks. I'm on my way back from Montauk today and I'll be fishing the Cape beaches tonight.
  8. On the way home now aboard the ferry now heading to Connecticut. Last evening/night was very solid fishing and a great way to finish the trip.
  9. Redfins, loaded and unloaded
  10. Well Marty hasn't been active since saturday so.....
  11. Classic SS darter doing the damage last night
  12. Very interesting!
  13. Yeah, even for Marty that one's pretty out there.....