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  1. I wish everyone the best while on the water BUT nothing would make me happier than at least a season or two with poor (normal) breaking tides. The canal’s a hard place to really learn and I would rather way more skunking’s and way fewer people down there.
  2. I'd rather see what rabbit hole it all leads down.
  3. Wear a wetsuit, it'll make it easier.
  4. Good luck out there. Don't break your rod, this thread can't get much longer.
  5. This won't change the mind of any of you boot lickers and Tories but it's worth posting anyways. Enjoy loosing your rights one by one.
  6. They're also Americans with the right to free speech and to protest guaranteed by the first Amendment. Our founders even foresaw a time why tyranny might try to overwhelm that right, and that's why they wrote the second amendment. You don't like the constitution and the rights afforded by it then tough chit, go find a different country.
  7. They owe you backpay and overtime.
  8. Because he's an American and he has every right to be.
  9. tape
  10. I know Bernie claims not to be a flat earther but I was still keeping an eye out for him in this video. Lot's of strange similarities between their beliefs and his..
  11. No I'm actually talking about what would make you change your mind, what evidence would it take? Plenty of guys have addressed that photo, you have completely discounted everything while providing no actual evidence of your own. I'm just curious, I really couldn't give a crap what you believe.
  12. Out of interest, what kind of proof would be required to change your mind?
  13. A different kind of fish...