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  1. Maybe not as rare as you'd think, guys are just rolling under the radar which is understandable given the state of things. I'm from MA, (in VA for work for the next couple years) and I know a handful of dudes with some serious toys back home. Was reading a post last night from an industry insider whose company focuses very heavily on the tactical/combative side of the industry who claims that they sell the most products by far to CA. Lots of guys out there living free and in defiance to tyranny.
  2. Some of the largest ARMED 2A rallies in our history were held here in Virginia over the last two years. Yeah there were some fudds, wizened iiipers in their airsolf tier gear and maybe an NRA representative or two but the VAST bulk of the crowd was young people, many mobilized through twitter and Instagram. Men and women of all races, beliefs, orientations, etc wearing some seriously legit kit, sporting meme patches, flying pride flags alongside gadsden flags and other signs of the liberty movement and most importantly carrying in defiance of authorities and tyranny.
  3. Today's young men and women tend to be agressivly focused on equality, opportunity and justice especially for those oppressed by the institution's of the government. Gun control remains the greatest obstacle to those goals. The days of Fudds, Republicans and the NRA championing (basterdizing) "gun rights" are coming to an end.
  4. The only things worshipped in Washington are dark money, corporate interests, donor's, lobbyist and foreign powers.
  5. ^^^ this and only this
  6. Went out in the wind last night, didn't connect.
  7. He sells here in the com BST too. Quality products that he cares about.
  8. Early and late in the season is a special time. The waters clean, cold and there's life around if you know where to look, best of all no crowds.
  9. One could certainly argue that but again we have to look at the reality. Statistically truck driver/delivery driver is a far more dangerous than law enforcement but I wouldn't call some pizza delivery dude exceptional for accepting that risk.
  10. I respect that. Myself I've very seldom interacted with EPOs and I like to keep it that way. You don't see many cops around at 2 am deep in a boulder field....
  11. I'm definitely rediculing it but I certainly won't argue they exist. The same fine folks who have left our fisheries in the state they are in today? I'm not sure I care what they deem necessary or ridiculous. I also act in a reasonable and moral way to protect a resource I care about while also enjoying my time on the water. That's not necessarily always in line with what the laws says enforceable or not. Regulations aimed at preventing the hypothetical waste or hoarding of a resource after said resource has been have legally harvest is ridiculous unenforceable bureaucratic clutter.
  12. There's been a massive growth in the firearms community in the last 14 months, driving high damand. Depending on what your looking for parts are hard to come by and prices are at a premium.
  13. Lools like they rebranded their existing lineup and threw some new furniture on the blanks.
  14. Because that is ridiculous, unnecessary and unenforceable. How can you not laugh at a possession limit applicable to the fish in your freezer.