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  1. Gosa, but if you actually expect longevity in the surf VS is really the only way to go
  2. General idea of where/conditions you'll be fishing? Depth, sweep, etc.
  3. Eels, live, rigged, some skins. Redfins and bucktails. Other plugs are producing dependent on the conditions.
  4. A little off topic but worth consideration. Remove both hooks, dress the plug with an eelskin and rig with a single 3/0 treble from the belly swivel. Crawl (don't pop) it over shallow submerged structure after dark...
  5. I have too, it definitely fishes more like a heavy needle or jig at that point. Cast's like a bullet too. Great for reaching out and under breaking fish to target the big girls that often cruise below the surface activity.
  6. Alberto or Albright main line to leader 100% of the time for me. For years I pretied leaders with a TA on one end and a spro swivel on the other. Now I simply precut material, tie on a clip and stash these segments in my leader wallet. With experience it takes the same amount of time to tie a line to leader connection as it does to tie into a swivel. I'm obsessive with my gear. I don't trust terminal and reduce wherever possible. Terminal is a point of failure, I trust my knots far more than I trust even a quality swivel. When I don't trust a knot it get's cut and retied without hesitation.
  7. I wear a 60 for the majority of the season. Larger jaws and an extended grip between me and the fish. I wetsuit a lot of sharky/seal infested waters, those extra inches matter to me when controlling and reviving a fish. The 30 comes along with me in the early season back and when chasing holdovers over the winter.
  8. My girl. She's out there bombing practice casts on the 1201M, VS200. Recently competed alongside me in a friendly local casting competition and beat out many if the dude's competing. Gotta love it.
  9. Superstrike has a winning formula as far as mass production of quality plugs goes. Consistency and durability.
  10. Poor build quality too. Very frequent cases of water logged/split plugs.
  11. Just under I believe. Live eel. Big fish bait. Targeting a specific spot, at a very specific stage of the tide on the new moon.
  12. Just to reiterate, adjust the line tie, not the lip. When bending the lip there's a very real possibility that you will compromise the overall plug. There's a bit of an art to it, make small incremental adjustments and as Steve said test swim the plug each time.
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