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  1. Thank you all, I'm very proud to be a part of this and I'm looking forward to sharing some tides with everyone in the future
  2. Ink and watercolor, a piece I finished for my family before shipping tomorrow. To quote Douglas Adams "so long and thanks for all the fish"
  3. Double post
  4. That sounds like a very good combo to get you fishing down there. It can handle throwing jigs but will also punch sp minnows and topwaters way out there. My go to on the ditch is 40# power pro. I use everything from 30# to 65# depending on the outfit but 40# is the best all around weight in my opinion.
  5. Please consider that the canal requires heavier gear, lines, etc than most places you'll fish. The 5500 could work but the 6500 is really the appropriate size for the ditch. The 4500 may have worked for you but its a poor choice long term. Lighter gear means longer fights, tiring out the fish and potentially angering the people around you who have to wait.
  6. Agreed. Honestly if your looking for a reel specifically and solely for the canal there are better options out there than vs/vr
  7. I was really satisfied with my TFO's until I got the jigster, I won't go back
  8. Yes, 4-10 is correct. After breakfast this morning I went down to bell rd and put it through its paces throwing everything from an SP minnow to a 5 oz bucktail. It really handles the range and as I've said I used it dozens of times last summer to chunk for sharks throwing 10+ oz with it at times.
  9. Thank you gentlemen. It was great to see you all this morning and I appreciate the kind words and support. Many thanks to Phil for the hat and to all of you for the card and for signing that awsome plug. Being a troll has been and is an amazing experience. I'll make sure to stay in touch as my process moves forward and I look forward to spending time on the water with you all soon.
  10. Phil might be coming as well
  11. I keep a few live lining hooks in every bag, just in case. Squid definitely had quite a presence some nights this past season.
  12. See you there
  13. Went holdover hunting, no takers but theres a lot of life and bait in the water I saw grass shrimp, silversides, killiefish, pipefish, jellyfish, glass eels and a sea worm hatch by scanning the water with my light.