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  1. Thanks. My truck has all the preferred accessories for being on the beach, so that’s why it would get the edge. Lol.
  2. Thanks. I've got different options I'm weighing, and I want to be properly prepared. I would love to take my Tacoma on the beach at Coquina so my family can come along. But there's an outside chance I may trailer my 21' Trophy with us, in which case I'll be boating instead of beaching. Right now, that's kind of a long shot, so I'm doing my beach homework. If the 4x4 beach option is promising, then maybe I can convince my family to take my truck instead of my wife's Durango, and we'll do our IBSP act on OBX...which they'd love. If I know we can go to Coquina, then I can run it by them. And maybe we'll even venture further south.
  3. Hi folks. I just finished reading the "Intro" post and it was excellent. Was hoping I could get some brief advice/feedback regarding a few things about OBX, as I will be vacationing there mid-summer for 2 weeks. I've been there numerous times and I'm finally looking to indulge with the beach a little. I'm an avid surfcaster and have years of experience riding the sand here in NJ at IBSP. I'm not looking to do any "fully committed" hard-core surfcasting...just trying to enjoy the beach from my 4x4 with my family and wet a line. We are staying at Pirate's Cove in Manteo (4th time), so I'm hoping to keep the travel to the north end of the CH seashore. I see that a permit is required for 4wd access, and that's no problem...I have all the required gear already. I also see that there are 2 access points north of Oregon Inlet, which is the closest area to our lodging. How is that area for 4x4 access? Is it heavily busy in summer? Would it be recommended? Other locations? All suggestions & feedback here appreciated. From a fishing perspective, I may also take advantage of Jennette's Pier, which is local to our lodging. Have never done the pier fishing deal, but curious to what it has to offer. That about covers it. Thanks in advance for all feedback. DZ
  4. Ya wanna part with it/them? What’s the ask?
  5. Hi folks. Probably a long shot, but just wondering if anyone may have reel bags from their old Mitchell Nautils they want to unload. Either size. Will purchase or trade a plug...can meet in the NJ MoCo area. Thx.
  6. I gotta join my SRSA brothers and get there this year!
  7. Hi folks...I don't get up that way too often, so thought I'd see if anyone might want to take this off me. Asking $90...get $10 free! Prefer to do a hand-off in person, but if needed, I'll do it via PayPal and eat the fee.
  8. Sale pending to MorningWood, thanks!
  9. MorningWood….If you are still interested in this plug at a price of $70, I will accept that. Thanks and let me know. DZ
  10. Thx MW. I will keep that in mind...
  11. Hi folks. I've got a used 2004 Gary Hull Sidekick in the Raritan Bay Bunker pattern that I'm going to offer to another home. I think I've thrown it on two occasions over the years, and the wear it exhibits - including the paint chip on the top and a ding in the right eye - is all from when I originally got it...which is maybe 10 years ago. I'm building funds towards some other gear, and this is an item I was able to come to terms with parting with. While I know it is used, I also know that it is an uncommon piece. I'm asking $100 and hope to find someone who wants to add it to their collection. I can meet in person within 20 miles of the Howell NJ area, or I will ship it insured for $5. Any questions, let me know. I will reply as promptly as I can. Thanks!
  12. Thanks to all. I'm gonna hold onto the BDP. Thread closed...
  13. Yes, 3 oz...correct. Sorry for the delayed response, but appreciate the initial interest.
  14. killie...I'll do $23 shipped. LMK...
  15. cstevens...all yours. PM coming. Scaled bathroom door popper is the only one left...