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  1. Hey, at this time of the year i'll take it!
  2. Been doing well at night boys, now is the time. Last night managed to raise a couple almost keepers from 7p-10p on the outgoing. Many fat schoolies.
  3. Does a duck with a Boner drag weeds??
  4. 100% Code Word for the Strippy!
  5. Any river or stream fed lake with some stinky bait on the bottom will usually do the trick. The best spots have some moving water, that is key. I'm not talking canal speeds or anything, but any river or dam/waterfall with swirling waters will likely hold em. Night time is the right time for Cats.
  6. Hell yea, love a good set it and forget it catfish night. Used to use all the dead shiners from local baitshops, you can get em free or almost for nothing.
  7. Niiiiice Bass Brother, Good Karma on the release!
  8. Got to be! more than a few things down there to get caught up on.
  9. That's awesome! Hard to see those finer details on charts and graphs - when it all tends to look like humps and Pilings. There's also some good History in that area as well, whaling etc.
  10. I would essentially fish it the same way! Love to know what kind of structure it has down there, with that new chunk of the old bridge in the water. Would they remove all of that completely?
  11. Looks great Ray!
  12. I rented a "Beach house" up the river a bit from this last year. That area was really fishy, lots of bait and current etc. right by the gut/channel you refer to. Would be a good spot for a proposed pier like the RP one.
  13. DZ, thanks for that information I was only sent snippets of the article and wondered what the timeline was like. It will be interesting to see how this works, and if future plans are adopted in other areas.
  14. Saw an article in the Journal about a new Fishing Pier that's going to be built in a famous closed down theme park in Warwick, you know the one. Thoughts on this? Supposedly it's going to be 280 Feet long, and T Shaped. Also it's going to be Covered.
  15. chest waders and a nice rain jacket or dry top...I prefer stocking foot waders with wading boots. Way better mobility IMO.