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  1. Waiting to hear more reports from this morning (for what they're worth) but sounds like I might fish the bay tomorrow. 35 minute ride with the trailer to one ramp vs the over an hour ride to point jude doesn't hurt either.
  2. Tiny clips. After 30 cast of the same color into breaking fish you'll want to change up quick. Like most said, if a clip was gonna spook em, so would a treble. I had a 1/2 oz DD that matched the hatch perfect and I didn't get a (visible) sniff. Switched to an olive daddy mac which was twice the size and didn't look like what they were spitting up and had some luck.
  3. I have a homemade attachment I use to clean the dryer duct at my shop, stuck it up and turned it on, but didn't pull anything out but scrap. Haven't seen em. Regardless, every trip since they got down there has been successful so I'm not gonna attribute my great captaining and fishing ability to a superstition...but I'm not going to pursue their excavation either. nothing wrong with em, just size and location. Apparently a screen insert is in order when eels are aboard. It's a bayliner trophy so a lot of design elements have been left to question.
  4. Tried shop vac, no dice. Minnow trap has potential. I'll be eelin twice a week now til November so with the guys I fish with, I doubt they'll be the last two down there. Maybe they'll breed and my bilge will turn into a live well. I'll dEEL with it at the end of the season.
  5. Yep. Had a bucket kicked, eels on deck. 2 got down the skuppers and into the bilge. I can see em in happily sitting in the drain that comes from the center of the boat, just hanging in the little bit of water in the bottom of the tube. Very difficult to access the anything but the mouth of the drain tube and soon as I go near they just back up. Suggestions? Can't wait for the stink. Its a trophy 1802 so the layout of the bilge, stringers and tubes is terrible.
  6. Went out of PJ sunday morn. Fishing was great, weather was great, seas were not bad at all. Water clarity could have been much worse and there wasn't too much chit in the water.
  7. Big ol black jitterbug, spooks in a bass pattern, and a silver rebel popper are the only 3 I would need to take to feel good about it.
  8. Is that model awd?
  9. I have a stick with a y shaped end bungeed to the frame. Some spots it doubles as a rod holder if im soaking bait, at the canal its a kick stand.
  10. I bought a a handful of hooks that was labeled 6/0...came in and they were sz 6 not 6/0. Went to return them and the company gave me a full refund and told me to keep they hooks. Thought I was cool but you got it going on a whole other level.
  11. I fish it 2-3 times a week in an 18' trophy walkaround. Had a center console but the walkaround is way more comfortable at the expense of storage. All my chit is just stacked inside the cuddy. I prefered the deck boxes and storage on the cc.
  12. Congrats man. Must be a very gratifying feeling!
  13. There anything to hit the deck with to seal it but not make it slippery when wet. I trailer and park my boat in my side yard, not under trees but near them. The birds are eating something that make their turd stains a pain in the ass. I left a razor blade on the gunnel and the stain came off easier then these literal chits.
  14. I always run my battery cables to a fuse panel and and run my devices to the panel. In my mind its easier to secure and "waterproof" the panel and there aren't as many connections.
  15. I have a 5500 and don't care much for it. The spool and handle feel like they are gonna break if you're trying to turn a fish around. As mentioned, it does cast a mile on my 10'6 airwave.