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  1. With the exception of moss and corey dillion, these signings usually dont usually work out but it was definitely worth the investment to take a chance and give him an opportunity. Stallworth, chad johnson, whats his name from the colts (didnt even make it to reg season)
  2. My dad had a 45' hatteras slipped at the marina next to snug harbor. Everytime we went to block island I would stay on the flybridge on turtle lookout...couple years and never saw one. 25 years later I got my own boat and that was the first time i went that far out and finally got to see one. Pretty Nostalgic. Brought back some good memories!
  3. 7 miles off shore betwen Block Island and RI, heard some exhaling, thought it was a seal, then thought it was a dolphin or something until it popped up 20ft off the boat... Giant leatherback. Looked like she was feeding on all the jellys that were close to the surface. Cool to see out there up close.
  4. Dirty water early and lots of grass Sunday morn. Went out in the middle of the sound and got into a handful of some of the biggest black bass I've seen in a while. All had huge guts and were eating the eel strips vs squid. Bringing em up from 60 ft on 15lb line felt nice tho. Had a few tiny schools of albs show up towards top of the tide but few and far in between as the bait schools were much much smaller than weeks before.
  5. Definitely wasn't easy last night. No weeds, minimal wind, huge waves, no fish. Looked fishy, felt fishy, just tough to present anything with the size of the waves and how close they were together.
  6. I'd say Newport. Plenty of surf spots that might be slightly more fishable with the winds, cliff walk, walk around town, places to eat, and places to stay close to all that.
  7. I'll be down all weekend with the boat in tow. If its that bad it will stay on the trailer and Ill be in the surf or on a handful of rocks.
  8. Tough getting into a good day of good fish and then the weather turns the next day for the whole week with a storm at the end.
  9. Surprised none of her friend jumped in.
  10. I was out from 5am to 10am, a few of the swells that rolled through were prettyy large.
  11. We're you outside the PJ yesterday morn?
  12. Albie's , bonito, and blue fish were all mixed up mashing on anchovies.
  13. Counted 65 guys on the wall the this morn
  14. https://weather.com/storms/hurricane/news/2018-09-02-tropical-storm-hurricane-florence-atlantic-ocean Lil storm surge with a new moon and some cooling temps with an early high tide not long after sunrise.
  15. I don't know who I dislike more..Mrs. Snell or Mr. Langmore. . . . But Marty's wife is a savage.