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  1. watch those fangs! I miss the surf trout in the Texas surf.
  2. I got a new rod this past year and have fished it a few times but have noticed that the top section (2-piece) will start to twist and loosen while I'm fishing. I know this can lead to failure in that area and I want to make sure that doesn't happen so is there a way to keep the parts from loosening? I don't have any paraffin wax on me so wondering if there is another trick I can try. Thanks in advance
  3. love fishing at night. your eyes acclimate and get to the point where you can navigate rocks without lights unless it's absolutely moonless and there is no ambient light. the only reason I turn on the lights is to swap lures. lots of times I have the spots to myself and it's just generally very peaceful. if you go to the areas where yahoos congregate it's the total opposite and turns into an absolute **** show.
  4. unfortunately, I already finished the walls and the grid is nailed to the walls. in hindsight, though, woulda/shoulda done it before I sprayed the walls.
  5. oh man, I have a million spokes lying around from the bike shop days. will try this first. thanks for the suggestion.
  6. my five-year basement project is progressing slowly and I'm looking at lighting and ceiling. would like to reuse the existing ceiling tiles but have a question: can I paint over the tiles with regular latex paint to get them looking fresh? overall, I don't think they're in bad shape but of course over time some have become stained or discolored. planing on painting the metal grid too since it's also dulled and rusted in spots.
  7. thanks, Ed. will give it a look.
  8. vibrio is nothing new in warmer climates. down south you gotta be really careful in the summer when you hook yourself or worse, step on a stingray barb. they typically don't dress like seals down there in the summer and water gets super bathy. nice guess though.
  9. i offer my kid money to pick up but he only ever does part of the job. rake, blower, snow shovel, and I have an acorn picker upper (looks like a wire basket that you roll along the ground). ultimately, a combination of the above gets it mostly done. then I have to figure out where to dispose of the bounty. thinking slingshots and soda cans this year for winter entertainment.
  10. I'm looking to make a few egg floats and maybe dummy plugs from wood cutoffs but can't find anything other than 100's of feet of wire. where do you go to get just a few feet or so? and do I need special pliers to work with the wire or will my standard straight pliers and dikes do the job?
  11. what browser are you using, flysully?
  12. not sure if I'm doing it wrong, but after I type up a response to a PM, the "submit" button does nothing. doesn't rollover, doesn't light up, doesn't click. I have to start a new PM to respond. reloading the page doesn't do anything either.
  13. Yellowjacket got my kid in the neck today hiking as well as my wife, her sister and her sister's dog. I'm also generally live & let live but what'd they expect building their nest in the middle of a hiking trail???
  14. if it hasn't been said already, look up Fishaholic on the Youtubes and search for his albie videos. he uses them with some success. also, can check craft stores like Micheals for wood eggs as cheap as a buck but not sure how much they weigh. you'd have to rig them up too (which doesn't look too complicated)/