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  1. this is awesome!! i don't know the spool dimensions though because i don't have the reel yet.
  2. found this video also
  3. this might be a stupid questions but any tricks to reverse spool? seems like when spooling you are suppose follow a specific way, see attached diagram. so when you spool like this with label facing up and then spool onto another reel then back on the first reel, does it flip the line around similar to spooling the reel with the line spool facing down? Thanks
  4. i have used the conventional level wind with surf rod for most of my life. We fish the tail-waters of the reservoirs around here for striped bass and catfish. I am kinda in the opposite situation where i want to try the spinning style surf rod, mostly because i want to be able to cast farther. Here is my Abu Garcia 7000, its one of the older designs. you want the ones made in Sweden. The thumb button on this i like better than the new style. I took all the brakes out to get maximum cast also.
  5. using that same formula to convert #50 to #40 doesn't quite work. 360 x 36 รท 32 = 405 (chart sat 480) Maybe i just spool on 150 yards of braid first then add the mono until i get the correct spool fill. Then take it all off and reverse spool it??
  6. I have a bass casting rod that does this. It's a Bass Pro brand, Pro Comp II. It's probably 20 years old. I use it all the time and it's still my favorite bass rod. The telescopic part works really awesome. i tried to find it on the interwebs but nothing came up. Fully extended: Fully Unextended: Close up of the unextended part: spellcheck is telling me that i have invented another word.
  7. how did you come up with that? Thanks
  8. The Daiwa chart only give calcs. for #40, #50, #65. Is there any easy way to extrapolate to figure how many yard of #30 it will hold? Here is what info i have. Is this why i should have paid attention in high school math?
  9. disc golf and figuring out what new rod and reel combo i want
  10. Is this a slug-0?
  11. cancelled mine as well. I'm not paying. i"m not paying the tax fee either.
  12. check this out reel out. I think it qualifies as big. It holds 590 yards of 30lb braid. I think it is bailess also.
  13. Has anyone tried the Yo-Zuri Superbraid lines? Interested on how they compare with Power Pro or other.
  14. here is link to a really in depth review on the Daiwa BG reel. http://www.********.com/reviews/bg16.html insert the below name into the link above alan hawk
  15. Im looking at the Elite 1102H. It has 8 guides + tip compared to the 1102H regular Airwave has 5 guides + tip. Also mentioned above the Elite has better guides. The Elite is lighter. Im looking at putting the slammer 3 or the BG reel on it. Good rod hunting.