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  1. I have a couple duplicate patterned Jelly Beans that I would like to trade for other patterns. Here is what I have: Blueberry Perch Frog Here is what I am looking for: Crawfish Zombie Bunker Bright Bunker -Andrew
  2. The title says it all. I missed out on the original sale for the crawfish patterned Jelly Beans and would really like one for smallmouth. Let me know what you have. -Andrew
  3. I am too embarrassed to post a picture of my current fishing stuff stash in the basement. I have a ton of tackle boxes for plugs, boat lures, bottom rigs, freshwater stuff and fly fishing, but I also have tubs of just stuff. How does everyone have their stuff organized? I am thinking about buying an older desk and hutch that I can utilize. I have seen some decent deals on Craigslist that I will probably pull the trigger on. But, I know there are some very organized and OCD people here and pics of your setup would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for the input and tight lines. -Andrew
  4. Used Penn SSV 4500LL on a Rainshadow RX7 SU1264F 2-piece rod. The reel was bought used and in good shape. When I received it, it was serviced and the power knob was installed. I have the original handle and knob as well. The rod was purchased new and has been fished maybe 25 times on 3 times from the beach. I bought it for the long cast ability of a longer rod and it was fished from a grassy point on the Magothy river the rest of the time. It was always washed after fishing. Penn 4500LL - $150 RX7 Rod - $100 Combo - $220 Both are in great shape, PM with any questions. I have the original tube from when the rod was sent to me so shipping is possible, but would prefer to skip it is possible. I am near Annapolis, MD but make regular trips to the Mt. laurel, NJ and Mechanicsburg, PA areas. Shipping for the combo will be $40, it will be $10 for just the reel. I am willing to separate the combo if someone wants one or the other. -Andrew
  5. The rod is sold and the reel price is dropped to $140 shipped within the CONUS. -Andrew
  6. The rod is yours. PM to follow. -Andrew
  7. If you are fine with the delivery date being the middle/end (2/28) of next week, it is yours for $100. -Andrew
  8. Here are a few pics with a Full Size Back Bay. Sorry for the terrible lighting. -Andrew
  9. It will be tight. I will take some measurements of the tube and get a weight and check on shipping. Feel free to PM me with your zipcode. 6 double foot guides and the tip, all on the upper half. The reel seat is a Fuji. -Andrew
  10. I don't have the exact weight, but I can tell you it is not a 1/3oz, it is larger than that. I will get you a pick with some of his other plugs for reference. BTW, i have never seen a 1/3oz popper from Ryan, but would love to check it out. I am loving his new Jelly Beans and can't wait to fish them for Smallmouth this summer. -Andrew
  11. A lightly used, very good condition Quantum Cabo 40. I have the original box with the reel bag and tool. Bought this several years ago and it just never made it into the rotation. I put is on a Daiwa AirD Coastal Inshore 661MHXS rod. The rod is 1-piece and the combo was used maybe 5 times. Due to the size of the rod and the new price, I do not think shipping is going to be worth it. You can get them new for about $50. Cado 40 reel - $150 Daiwa Rod - $35 Combo Price - $170 If just the reel is purchased, shipping will be $10. If you want to meet to get the rod or the combo, I live near Annapolis, MD and make regular trips to Mt. Laurel, NJ and Mechanicsburg, PA. PM me with any questions. -Andrew
  12. It does have red eyes and feel heavy for its size and it is 5.25" Long. new total is $42. -Andrew
  13. For sale. The lures have been fished, the bomber shows the most use: SS Needle with flashy tail - (Sold to Rainmaker) Chicken Scratch Bomber -$12 MirroLure Top Dog (1) - $6 each - One is orange top and bottom with gold center - One is Red top, yellow bottom with gold center (Sold to Rainmaker) Unknown stick bait - $4 Lot of silicone skirts, all different patterns. great for dressing up jig head for the Chesapeake bay. $7 takes them all I only accept paypal and will ship within the CONUS for $5 per "order". PM me with any questions. -Andrew
  14. Its yours, I will add it to your order and PM you with the total. -Andrew
  15. 3 Pt Jude Metals for sale. 1 Silver Nautilus 1 Silver Butterfish 1 Black Butterfish All SOLD -Andrew
  16. It is yours. I will PM you with my Paypal information. -Andrew
  17. Its yours and I will combine the shipping with the tadpole. -Andrew
  18. Fish On 8 Metal Lip, Bunker Pattern Peanut with feather tail. - $35 Bought this years ago on SOL, cast it a few times during the winter to see the action in the clear water. It was rinsed after that and never fished again. BEAUTIFUL plug. PM me with any questions. Will ship within the CONUS for $5. -Andrew
  19. I believe it is a 2.5oz. I can measure tomorrow. This will be combined with the Top Dog. PM to follow. Thank you. -Andrew
  20. They are yours, I will PM you Paypal Info. Thank you. -Andrew
  21. It's yours, I will PM you with the Paypal info. Thank you. -Andrew
  22. 1.75 oz Savage Tadpole - $35 Cool red/green/orange/yellow pattern. Love the pattern, but it is too large for what I do. Never fished, still has the tubes on the hook points and comes with the "business card". Will ship within the CONUS for $5. PM me with any questions. -Andrew
  23. Only items left are the TL Pencil and the (2) White Blitz Minnows. -Andrew
  24. Time to thin the heard. My fishing style has changed and I have way too many plugs. Most have never been fished, some were bought used, but were never fished by me. Prices do not include shipping which will be $5 per "order" within the CONUS. If you are nearby Baltimore, MD and/or Washington, DC, I will be happy to arrange to meet and avoid shipping. If you want multiples, let me know and I can adjust the price down a bit. For payment I only accept Paypal, PM with any questions. RM Smith Plugs Bunker Large Waverer - Sold to JET Yellow Striper Floating Needle - Sold to JET Blurple Sinking Needle - $23 (Needs tail hook for flag) Yellow Mini Back Bay Popper - Sold to JET Weakfish Mini Back Bay Popper - Sold to JET Bunker Loaded Jigsmith - Sold to JET Bigfish Plugs Blurple/Gasoline Blitz Minnow - Sold to 7 Rivers Glitter Mullet Blitz Minnow - $35 Ghost Blitz Minnow - $35 Tightliner Chartreuse Pencil Popper - $30 -Andrew
  25. Here you go. Never fished. $22 shipped. -Andrew