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  1. I have a couple duplicate patterned Jelly Beans that I would like to trade for other patterns. Here is what I have: Blueberry Perch Frog Here is what I am looking for: Crawfish Zombie Bunker Bright Bunker -Andrew
  2. The title says it all. I missed out on the original sale for the crawfish patterned Jelly Beans and would really like one for smallmouth. Let me know what you have. -Andrew
  3. The rod is sold and the reel price is dropped to $140 shipped within the CONUS. -Andrew
  4. The rod is yours. PM to follow. -Andrew
  5. If you are fine with the delivery date being the middle/end (2/28) of next week, it is yours for $100. -Andrew
  6. Here are a few pics with a Full Size Back Bay. Sorry for the terrible lighting. -Andrew
  7. It will be tight. I will take some measurements of the tube and get a weight and check on shipping. Feel free to PM me with your zipcode. 6 double foot guides and the tip, all on the upper half. The reel seat is a Fuji. -Andrew
  8. I don't have the exact weight, but I can tell you it is not a 1/3oz, it is larger than that. I will get you a pick with some of his other plugs for reference. BTW, i have never seen a 1/3oz popper from Ryan, but would love to check it out. I am loving his new Jelly Beans and can't wait to fish them for Smallmouth this summer. -Andrew
  9. A lightly used, very good condition Quantum Cabo 40. I have the original box with the reel bag and tool. Bought this several years ago and it just never made it into the rotation. I put is on a Daiwa AirD Coastal Inshore 661MHXS rod. The rod is 1-piece and the combo was used maybe 5 times. Due to the size of the rod and the new price, I do not think shipping is going to be worth it. You can get them new for about $50. Cado 40 reel - $150 Daiwa Rod - $35 Combo Price - $170 If just the reel is purchased, shipping will be $10. If you want to meet to get the rod or the combo, I live near Annapolis, MD and make regular trips to Mt. Laurel, NJ and Mechanicsburg, PA. PM me with any questions. -Andrew
  10. Used Penn SSV 4500LL on a Rainshadow RX7 SU1264F 2-piece rod. The reel was bought used and in good shape. When I received it, it was serviced and the power knob was installed. I have the original handle and knob as well. The rod was purchased new and has been fished maybe 25 times on 3 times from the beach. I bought it for the long cast ability of a longer rod and it was fished from a grassy point on the Magothy river the rest of the time. It was always washed after fishing. Penn 4500LL - $150 RX7 Rod - $100 Combo - $220 Both are in great shape, PM with any questions. I have the original tube from when the rod was sent to me so shipping is possible, but would prefer to skip it is possible. I am near Annapolis, MD but make regular trips to the Mt. laurel, NJ and Mechanicsburg, PA areas. Shipping for the combo will be $40, it will be $10 for just the reel. I am willing to separate the combo if someone wants one or the other. -Andrew
  11. It does have red eyes and feel heavy for its size and it is 5.25" Long. new total is $42. -Andrew
  12. Its yours, I will add it to your order and PM you with the total. -Andrew
  13. It is yours. I will PM you with my Paypal information. -Andrew
  14. Its yours and I will combine the shipping with the tadpole. -Andrew
  15. I believe it is a 2.5oz. I can measure tomorrow. This will be combined with the Top Dog. PM to follow. Thank you. -Andrew