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  1. I'll take these
  2. Thanks and closing down for now.
  3. Done. I'll send the PP and send over a PM for shipping.
  4. Salivating over those currently. Since you were willing to do the original Junior for $90, Trout for $125, how about $310 and the promise of more as you let go of more of that collection (hint, hint, that weasel)
  5. Thanks Kevin, I'll tell you what, lets do the both from the first pic you sent over and the bunker. Where you at on price for the 3? Or more if you still have a koi or two you'd part with
  6. Any luck with digging through?
  7. You may want to move this to the general BST for better response
  8. Sounds good and while I look forward to some pics and choices tomorrow
  9. I'll take the junior. Before I hit send on the paypal, got any other juniors you're looking to move or any of the Koi?
  10. I was just debating about tagging you on this. Definitely interested. What you looking for them?
  11. Thanks Seth but it's too much for me on a blind. I'd do $80 on it if you're interested.
  12. Interested, what are you looking for price wise, and what is the weight and length on it?
  13. Both
  14. Bump
  15. Looking to purchase GRS Juniors and slims Primarily after lighter colors but interested to see what's out there.