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  1. North Fork Composites in Washington State has their blanks highly discounted right now, up to 70% off. I just bought one. Don't know what it will turn out like but Gary Loomis apparently is connected to the company on the development side and at the price it was worth it to me to tie one up and test it out.
  2. Sorry, I don't know. Maybe if you could find someone close to your location who has an NV you could test it. Or, alternatively, see if the Nautilus people could tell you.
  3. I have an NV 10/11 spare spool. Black finish, excellent condition. I would leave the backing on it. If you are interested let me know, can send pics, etc if so. Thinking $150 and you pay shipping....I am in Canada so shipping is a bit more expensive than if it is sent from and to the lower 48.
  4. I will take the Streamer Tip. Will pm you to confirm details.
  5. I will take the Tropic Lazer 9 if still available. and the 5 weight xps. If a go I will pm re details on payment and shipping.
  6. Love the anchor setup....
  7. You must be in sales!! Ok, you have me hooked. Can't seem to shake the line, even though I know to a moral certainty the spool will sit on my shelf until I look at it and say, why did I do that again...... Done, $400 shipped for the pair. I will pm you to make arrangements. I am a Canuck and shipping to me here is expensive for you, so I will get it shipped to my buddy's box in WA.
  8. I should have also said, if it is the NV, I will take the reel at your price. Don't use spools so would not want that. Thanks. Rick
  9. Spigola: I am a bit confused by the model number you have given. I thought the NV and the CCF were different models of Nautilus reels? If so, I can't tell from your photo if this is the NV or the CCF. Could you clarify? Thanks, Rick
  10. I still have mine.
  11. Large. My ingrained habit is to rig up two or more rods rather than use spools. Thought this one would be different but....alas....no.
  12. Is that spool a mid arbor or large arbor?

  13. Not sure if you found your spool yet. If not I have one, pretty much mint, (silver) that I am not using. $170 shipped and Paypal. It has backing on it, 20# dacron if I remember correctly. If you want more info or photos please let me know. Cheers, Rick.
  14. Larry: Here are some pics. Not mint, but in very good shape overall. Flaws are: a largish chip out of the cork where it meets the reel seat. You will see it in the first photo. Not pretty visually but my hand does not touch it when I hold the rod so not a functional issue. The cork has pretty normal soiling from use. If that troubled you I could sand it on my lathe to clean it up. Finally, and in my world this is hardly worth mentioning but want you to have a full picture, there is some tarnish where the male ferrules insert into the female. I tried to get the photos to show this but the tarnish is so slight, and I suppose my iPhone not sufficient for the purpose, to have it show up on the photos. If of interest let me know. Rick
  15. I have an 8 weight Sage 890-4 Xi2 that I just don't use. Would you have any interest in a trade for that rod? If so I will take a close look at it tonight to give you an idea of its condition.....I think it is pretty much mint but don't want to say so until I have had a good look at it. Let me know if you are interested. Thanks, Rick