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  1. Penn Slammer 3....4500 its light . put 30lb Daiwa J Braid 8x on. reel is a little more, but will last you years. If your throwing plugs. I think they have Slammer 4s out now. But be about 250 and maybe cheaper on sale. Have had 2 of them for 4 or 5 years now with no issues at all. I don't dunk my reels though. The Slammers are in a different league than BG's and such. Would go perfect with that rod. I think I have same rod.
  2. Sounds like the last days at Oyster Creek fishing.
  3. She needs to get someone to help her and then make money.
  4. MH4 Matt Hoffmans are relatively cheap compared to some. He has Peanut Nugget Gliders I use. 2 oz or less. Because I'm getting old. He has larger also. 24 bucks I think. Check his site. Mike I can't tell you whose catch the most fish out of all the builders. There is a lot of hype around some of them. True or not. I don't know.
  5. MH4 .... MATT HOFFMAN...kill
  6. Frog Toggs are terrible in my opinion.
  7. You know what your doing guy. They catch.
  8. That is crazy. Good thing line didn't wrap around his arms or legs.
  9. Yes. That is great advice that makes sense. Your lure won't work as well, if at all. Don Musso explains that in one of his videos.
  10. Not over. Get out there and fish. I still think we will get another good push of slot fish coming also. Actually, someone may have gotten into nice fish today. Then didn't post. If your sitting there saying its over, just because there weren't seeing a million posts today, your giving up way too soon. But more room on beach for the guys that are sticking too it. Like TheSpaniard and Suntzu in their post above. Not sure why I even read this section of the reports. Love SOL though. But some of you guys are depressing. ps. No one has a crystal ball...Get some fresh bunka and a circle hook and do a 16 hour soak. Or jump are from spot to spot for 12 hours. I guarantee you will get good fish.
  11. Meaning, with the bass chasing them. They try to get away and head in other direction. Not up Hudson. Or maybe they do. I honestly don't know. The one thing I do know, is, that if there was 1 expert on this board or on earth, that could 100% tell you what the fish are going to do all the time. That person would write a book. Everyone would buy the book. Sell a million copies. Read the book. Then go out and catch all the fish. And there would be no more fishing. That's the beauty of fishing. Nature will throw you a curve ball most of the time. Some enjoy the hunt. Some sit on their couch waiting for a phone call. I prefer the hunt. Like a 20 hour soak that Garbageman Bob does.
  12. Maybe the bunker were heading north and fish just following them?
  13. I think we will have a good December with quality fish.
  14. Stocking Foot has better support for your ankles and feet. For us older guys. Sand is an issue. But I've seemed to get used to it. Lighter overall too. Again for us older guys. I saw a guy with sneakers over his stocking foots. He said no problem.