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  1. Why do you have to question the guy? Fish never look as big in photos. those fish look big to me. Pure pettiness.
  2. To me, boats are a pain in the butt to worry about. Always breaking, etc.
  3. Its interesting. I have 2 newer Penn Slammers 4500s. I needed to ass a shim to one when first bought. . But haven't had a problem with either in 3 years. Other than adding some grease every few trips. With the problems mentioned above I 'm hearing too many times with this Tsunami. Red Flag. I would never buy one.
  4. I meant Mad Gaffer. Not Mad Hatter. Yes Ray said you caught it when he ran the party boat.
  5. I have heard so many bad things about sheilds on this forum alone.
  6. He always crushes the blackfish too. He is high hook, mostly, ALWAYS
  7. Kil was probably snagged up a couple times and lost line. I fished On the Mad Hatter in Belmar NJ. We were fishing for blackfish. Kil pulled up a 35 lb. Cod right next to me. Captain Ray Burke said he had one over 50 one day. Not easy in Jersey. Cod has moved north.for good i think.
  8. PS, I think you guys are crazy. At night, swimming around with Whites in the area
  9. I would be concerned with the eels hanging from your belt. Sounds like a invitation to me. Can't you throw plugs instead? But what do I know. I think about sharks standing in nj side of Raritan Bay at night. Of course just about next to the creek the shark swam up in the early 1900s. Matawn or something. Based jaws on the story.
  10. They have been caught way north already. 50 lbs.
  11. You might want to consider eye protection if possible.
  12. Ill take the yellow one for $25. thanks Mike............Ps , Im sorry I don't have Vemo. Is Paypal ok if I cover the fees?
  13. I'm old. My wife has all the high risks. If she get sick, she will die with a breathing tube down her throat and I won't be able to even hold her hand when she takes her last breath.. I think you and many other people like you are so selfish. People like yourself, and others like you are the biggest thing I worry about in this whole thing. I have dozens of younger people running around my street with no masks and thinking 6 feet is enough. Which is BS by the way, If the wind is blowing from them to you. Scary. We just stay in the house because no one seems to care about the older folks. Let them die mentality. As long as its not me or my family. PS. this is my only comment on this whole thing. There is no use ever debating it. Some people just don't care.
  14. Looks like Lee was first by 1 minute or less. I have to type with more than 1 finger. Duh.
  15. Dang, dont know who was first but was going to pay the 85. If not its ok.