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  1. Yes, just the way it is. Sometime you win, sometimes the fish wins. Thats why its a great challenge. Good going. Nice report.
  2. Nice fish by the way.
  3. Did you snag the glider?
  4. Never mind guys. I think I figured it out..Thanks Anyway. Mike
  5. Hi, I have a brand new Shield 5000. I put 30 lb braid on it and it spooled on more towards the bottom of the spool. When I tried to use it I got a wind knot almost every cast. 3 wind knots in one cast alone. They included two "shims" ? in box. Would I put them on reel? and how do I do that to correct problem? Thanks in advance, Mike
  6. Only open til 4 until memorial day.Then 5pm.......Just there today. .Not sure about weekends.
  7. I love the 8 x J Braid in 20 or 30 on the Slammer 4500. Both work great.
  8. My advice. Never buy used waders. Tried it twice. Both had holes in them. Go to Dicks. They have some that aren't a lot of money
  9. My son got a delicious 33 incher we just at....Maybe there should be a forum just for the catch and release guys. Regulations allow fish to be taken. Kind of tired of hearing about it. People who legally harvest fish are good people too you know. I believe the slot limits need to be changed though. Let the big girls swim.
  10. We fish one of the rivers in Philly middle of night. My sons friend carries a 9mm. And for good reason. That something I worry about.
  11. wouldn't worry about all that at all
  12. I know a guy who said he was into fish and forgot and had to swim back to shore.
  13. +Whatever rod you pick, I would spend a few extra bucks For a Penn Slammer 3. BGs arent all that in my opinion. Two broke on me already.
  14. Hi, Its nice but my speaker just blew]...Have to pass on it. Sorry. Mike
  15. Im sorry. Im going to have to withdraw my offer. Need speakers for my car now.