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  1. 25 for all three, correct?
  2. i ll take them......thanks, mike
  3. My anti reverse broke. And I don't remembers whats wrong with my sons. But tackle Direct replaced it. Good store.
  4. My son and I each had one and they both died.
  5. I ll take the ss please. I ll pay late tonight Paypal. Thanks Again, Mike
  6. Offer 23 for the little guy. Do you have hooks for it? Thanks, Mike
  7. Offer 30 for the second from top. Thanks, Mike
  8. Snag a bunker and toss it out
  9. I ll take the winch bone at top left...Thanks, Mike
  10. Hi, can you please give me an estimated weight on the winch bone or white at top left? Thanks, Mike
  11. The closing did not have anything to do with litter.
  12. My Bg after a half year,just died. Cant turn handle when any weight gets on line...I ll still with Slammers.
  13. I ll take for it for 140 if we can meet between 5pm and 10pm tomorrow evening and I can feel the rod with my reel on it. Ps I also have to let you know by 9.30am tomorrow. I have to make sure I dont get called into work...cash thanks, .Mike
  14. What it will come down to this fall is if the bunker come into the beach or stay a half mile off shore......only the bunker no why....we shall see.
  15. i better pass, thanks, mike