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  1. 18 lb.Weakfish in Delaware Bay.
  2. If it was catching, you might want to leave it as is.
  3. Offer Rescinded. I need glasses right away and havn't heard response from you. I m buying on ebay. Thanks anyways Mike
  4. Hello, Are you there?
  5. I ll take them for 60. shipped. Got to get rid of these cheap glasses I use. Send pp info please. Thanks, Mike
  6. Hi, I can offer 55. shipped to 19111 if he doesn't want them. Immediate paypal. I need to decide today because I'm having eye problems and actively searching. Philly. Thanks, Mike
  7. They fight good.
  8. Small blues can bite the rubber off exactly right before the hook. They are experts at it. Experts at not getting the hook. And a lot of times are finicky and wont just take anything thrown to them. JMO i agree with the small metals
  9. I usually put sunscreen on so thick., they cant bite thru it. But now they have warnings about sunscreen getting into your bloodstream too.
  10. Lots of Youtube videos to watch also.
  11. The only problem you can have is, if you just have enough room. I have a hard time in cold water just getting heavy enough socks in my boots. I tried inserts and then couldn't get my feet in them. Just a thought
  12. When I lived in Fortescue during its Hey Day ,there was a Asian lady that would stand and wait for the boats to come in. The mates would fillet fish and throw the rack and head back in the water. She would politely ask if she could have them. Then she would cut of the heads with a hatchet and throw all the heads that were being wasted in a bucket. She probably fed her family all year with those heads. Making soups and other dishes. And they were Weakies.I think we are one of the only countries in the world that wastes the heads. Lot of good meat on the head.
  13. Duh Dude. He said it looked like around 50. Do you think the guy that posted counted their fish. Think first before you post. So if you dont know and didnt count the fish. And you wern't there. Why accuse someone. Why do we have to go thru this nonsense? Is that a lot of fish to keep? I wouldn't . But if someone is following the regs. Stop the nonsense. Really the law should be lowered to 10 maybe. Maybe the folks are poor and would like to provide food for their family for a while. The guys had a good day and a lot of fun. Congrats to them.
  14. So, maybe its better to stay on the hill and cast, right? hehe
  15. Call the bot rental places. Im not sure they are even open yet.