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  1. Offer $200 PayPal shipped to Daytona Beach, FL 32118
  2. If the cutter wasn’t $33 and the anvil $33, before tax and shipping I would jump on it! If you reconsider at $160 I’d be interested! thank you
  3. Respectfully offer $160 shipped. I’ll cover the PP fees (so you get ($160).
  4. 2015 Saltiga 5000H, $450 Cosmetically 6/10 scratches/paint chips mechanically solid 8/10 Just spent $120 to service the reel, new bearings, not sure which ones exactly besides the line roller bearing, bearings in handle and the pinion gear was replaced. Diawa Isla 5000H. $400 Cosmetically 9.5/10, (Very tiny scratch on reel foot) Mechanically, Reel feels brand new 10/10 Alan hawk said this is the same reel as the Salitga minus a couple bearings that aren’t really needed anyways. Reel is new/used 2 times. Will not come with line. Had a $799 price tag on it originally, you can still see part of it on there.
  5. That’s a definite possibility. I was just fishing the Stuart/St Lucie area tonight. I live in Daytona Beach but drive down that way often. If it’s cash and a local meet up deal I can do $380.
  6. Best I can do is $410. Between shipping and PayPal fees that gives me about $380. Cosmetically it is beat up, but mechanically it’s freshly serviced at the cost of $120. And has about $60 worth of line on it. The handle also has fresh bearings and feels good when using it.
  7. Bump, the Saltiga is still available. just serviced, used 1 time since.
  8. I’m tempted but I’m gonna hold off for now. Really need some funds to pay for so bills right now!
  9. It’s a heavier reel, comparable to a 8k size Shimano I would say. The new Stella 8K weighs 23.8oz I believe your rod would work, but may be a little on the light side.
  10. What’s the rating on the rod? I would say yes, but knowing the rating could give you a better answer. It’s a great reel for a good price though. Should last a very long time.
  11. Awesome, thanks for being understanding. I’ll PM you for your address and get it sent out tomorrow if that works.
  12. Mine has 50lb Spiderwire Invisibraid, I would like to keep that line. But I have other line I can put on it for you. I want to say it’s 40 or 50lb J braid or perhaps power pro. It’s the line that’s on the Saltiga in the picture. I’m just not a big fan of 832 myself. I do not have a box or bag with the reel, when I purchased the reel it didn’t come with either. However the reel is brand new, nearly perfect. Just needs to be used to be broken in.
  13. As long as its in good mechanical condition I’ll trade, I was going to remove the line from mine. The reel was new, I put line on it and fished it once or twice. It’s still a little tight from the factory/never being used.
  14. Possibly, attach pictures please
  15. I bought this boat with the hope to repower and restore it a little, but I found myself with another project. Its a 1990 23’ Steiger craft Chesapeake, currently has a inboard/outboard mercruiser V8 engine, with a completely refurbished alpha 2 stern drive. never have I been in such a sea worthy boat for only 23’, handles bad conditions with ease. the boat runs as it is now, but I would recommend going through it and/or repowering it. Hull is rock solid, stringers are solid, I believe this hull has a lifetime warranty. Simrad touch screen 7” unit with total scan transducer/side scan/HD I live in Florida, the current location of the boat. I would like to get 8k
  16. Brand new Cuda 7.25” Pliers for sale, $150 PayPal, shipping included. Normal retail is $250.
  17. I have a brand new pair of the 7.25” Cuda Titanium pliers, with leather sheath and lanyard for $150 PP shipped. ($250) retail.
  18. Seconds if that falls through
  19. Respectfully offer $30 shipped PayPal
  20. Awesome, I’ll send the payment and shipping info now. Thank you
  21. Offer $45 shipped for the lot
  22. If you order one I would recommend getting 2. i’ve broken a few of those bolts myself while fishing hard.
  23. 10-4. I will DM for address to meet up to check it out. Per buy sell trade guidelines I have to make purchase arrangements openly in here though.
  24. I’m florida east cost as well and would be interested in a cash meet up deal
  25. I have a Diawa Isla 5000H, used twice. Still has $799 original price sticker on it. If you were interested for a trade