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  1. Here are some more pics. The cork grips and reel seat are super clean. I could take a picture of that as well but it's so hot right now I'm not going back outside until later so let me know thanks
  2. This is obviously a cash business! If the person is not paying the taxes on the business which I hope wouldn't be the case then that's a tip in itself I guess! I dont think a tip is required on a cash business!!!
  3. Sure.... will post in the morning more detailed pics... it is a 2 piece
  4. .... no... I expect the guide to take me to his spots and put me on the fish pronto!!! Not really looking for a relationship I have many of those.... this is a service
  5. Central Long Island
  6. Got this from another SOL member.... excellent condition just a little but to moderate for my liking.... $120 shipped pp... any other ? Or more pics needed let me know thanks
  7. Both used but in very good condition come with extra d rings- $42 shipped pp
  8. A few days ago in a certain area bunker was scattered. Today I go back and there were tightly balled up pods, no fish on them though. When they ball up like that does that mean that predators are in the area? Or that Predators were attacking them recently? Or can they ball up like that for another reason
  9. The gen 2 torque is a terrible reel..... there is an awful play in every single reel.... handle has a small shift in it when screwed all the way in..... not right.... also not waterproof.... penn efed up on this reel
  10. I look into that thanks!!
  11. Looking specifically for 2 inches diameter and 7 inches long
  12. Thanks guys..... I found a lamiglas black 7'3 3/8-1....
  13. What? What bacteria?