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  1. I have a custom century stealth graphene rod rated 10'3 rated 1-5.... built by ryan white... it was epoxied to one piece with a kr concept guide layout built for a zb 25/27 and vs 200/250.....
  2. I've not really fished many darters. I have a 2 ounce after hours darter bright yellow top scales white bottom. I'm not really sure where or how to use it. Are these better in high currents or these better on the open Beach at night, during the day? Thanks
  3. Payment received..... thanks
  4. I do have the box! Ok PM coming!
  5. Reel is 10/10 mechanically and 8/10 cosmetically.... was a backup reel and did not see much action.... I know it is interchangeable from lefty to righty I just dont know how to do it......any ? Or more pics needed please ask... $400 shipped pp
  6. Ok, so since ebike is a pedaled bike with an option to give you electric assist and you are still pedaling... then this is a go on the beach
  7. This might be a good idea.... but you would need a motorcycle license for this
  8. Are you referring to the bike path on the north side of ocean parkway?
  9. Probably will get the ebike with built in battery pack..... wonder if it is replaceable
  10. Motorized is considered gas powered.... electric is a bike pulled by wire and battery.... ofcourse when they say motorized they mean ninja bikes
  11. Jeez that's a lot of info! Thanks for taking the time I have no idea whT any of it means but I will look into it
  12. Lol.... dont be so superficial!
  13. There you go op.... graphene and boron are the go to material in fishing rod today.....
  14. Contact Ryan White and he will a give you all of the details on the surf machine! Ofcourse if you go grapehene you will pay a pretty penny but the rod can handle an elephant attack