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  1. Trade for a like new penn torque 5 bailess?
  2. Rating?
  3. FMA?
  4. Mine is 8/10 cosmetically and 10/10 mechanically! Thanks
  5. Is there a difference in quality between the older american made VS and the China made VS? What are differences?
  6. Lol.... I'm joking.... I just fish it.normally
  7. Need to spend 600+ to get cream of crop rod
  8. Century stealth graphene 9ft 1-3
  9. I am talkingng about the s2 graphene 11 ft 1-5..... I was fishing on my back to see upside down torsional load and reverse load
  10. Considering those reels have way better sealing then the new torque 2s, I would say anywhere between 500 - 750
  11. I have owned about half a dozen kevlar noreaster til they came out with the graphene.... I high sticked 15 lbs thrashing blues on low tide from jones jetty (15 feet high).... I was literally trying to break the rod by yanking violently and it was a beast
  12. Same blank, components might be a bit different
  13. He doesn't need to advertise it, I just did