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  2. Price drop $475 shipped pp....
  3. .... suburbans tahoe's and escalades are the modern day soccer mom cars
  4. Pups are born 5-6 ft and around 80 lbs.... avg 5 pups a litter...
  5. Roosterfishing you want a long casting reel such as the shimano ultegra 5500...... very strong and holds a ton of line.... those roosters are just past the breakers and you need a 100 yrd cast
  6. Lots 2 and 3 sold... lot 1 still left
  7. It's silver, I don't really need anything right now. I have two of these reels both practically brand new so I'm going to keep one looking to sell this one.
  8. I got you, my point was that there is a much larger surfing population out in the Pacific coast then there is here in the Northeast. I just added in the black wetsuit thing because you actually look like a seal but sharks almost totally colorblind the paddling out with arms flailing legs kicking is crazy my opinion . Who knows how many great white sharks there are aside from the ones that are tagged here. I can understand the next thrill of catching the big wave for Surfers far outweighs the risk of an attack, just like swimming out to a rock in Montauk during a nor'easter in hopes of catching 20 30 40 50 lb Bass. I've watched so many documentaries on great white sharks how they attack what they see underwater upwards and I just came to the conclusion that paddling on a surfboard with arms out and legs kicking in areas that Harbor great whites and have seals around is absolute insanity and an accident waiting to happen. But then again a civilian watching people with wetsuits waiting out the rocks with 5 foot Seas and 40 mile an hour winds I would think that they are insane to. I guess it comes down to is the price worth the the possible cost?
  9. I would think, I might be wrong that the reason for more deaths on the Pacific coast specifically the red triangle is because there are way way more surfers dressing up in black wet suits frolicking in the water like seals.... really blows my mind that they do this because the entire Pacific coast from the baha up to Oregon harbors tons of seals.... if there were more surfers here like out there we might be hearing more encounters with GWs
  10. Never heard from meicoff so I will accept your offer!
  11. I understand. If you change your mind let me know I can send you a bunch of pictures.
  12. Can you do $62 cover the pp fee?
  13. Reopening this- all prices shipped pp Lot 1- $35 Lot 2- $70 Lot 3- $55