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  1. Just FYI you can buy them from tackle direct.... I believe $699
  2. Action? Is this faster than the s8?
  3. Can someone send me the link to that video?
  4. What year?
  5. Unfortunately these synthetics are nothing like pig skins..... the action is just so different and way more lively with pork rinds.... hopefully another company will pick up on this!!!
  6. Lyk today about the 240s....
  7. Ok will lyk
  8. I think it's crazy to pay that much but lmk if you want I CV an ask him how many he has and what he is willing to let go
  9. I know somebody who has a few but he is selling the 240s for $30 each..... I think they are very hard to get
  10. I use buffs especially in springtime.... excellent piece of gear.... I have a striped bass one
  11. This again?!
  12. Maybe some people abuse the warranty and it's a very expensive composite so they just keep it at 1 year so nobody abuses warranty? But good question
  13. True.... Ryan at century said that the stealth graphene has 1 year wanranty
  14. Wonder why these were not at striper day?!