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  1. Ttt.... anybody interested.... if anybody is curious as to the action on this rod it is identical to the st croix mojo.... daiwa pretty much made a carbon copy of it!
  2. Back bays- 1.5 oz buck tail, 13f and 13s chicken scratch sp minnow and, 1oz ss little neck popper yellow, 13f and 13s bone sp minnow- Beach and jetty- 2 oz white jetty Caster A17 diamond jig green- carry white and red tubes Sinking bone sp minnow ss popper Ss darter
  3. I'm looking for a rod to fish the back Bays So Max rated up to 3 ounces. I realized after I purchase it today that Rod is a little bit too much for the Back Bay
  4. Brand new....I just purchased the rod today. I am actually looking for a 3'4-3 surf rod a little less stout..... willing to sell for $165 shipped or trade for a lighter surf rod.. thanks
  5. Regular and small
  6. Looking for the small ones bone, yellow etc thanks
  7. Wonder bread, bone, etc... thnx
  8. And does it matter US vs china?
  9. If it does I'll take them
  10. Does knob fit US made vs 250 lefty?
  11. Sold! Closed
  12. Ok! Deal...PM coming