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  1. Good evening SOL. Just wondering what everyones favorite knife is. It could be a folder/ fixed or both. Right now I'm loving my Giant Mouse Ace Nimbus and Blind Horse Cavallo.
  2. Just curious to see what your favorite inshore fish is to catch amd the reason why?
  3. Anybody use this reel or have any experience with it. Got a bullbay rod and noticed they sell these reels. Don't know if it's worth picking up or should I stay away from it. Any input is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  4. Yeah Horsewright makes some great stuff. Both of my knives from him are custom to my liking. This one is camel bone handle, with brass bolster, and black liners. Abe-l steel. Every time I've called him I've spoken with him or his wife Nicole, best customer service around in my opinion. If you catch him before he starts a batch he'll make it to your liking as well. Scallywag Im from Texas, live in Florida now temporarily back in Texas.
  5. Hahaha that actually is making me laugh for real. It's not for defense, it's for work I usually wear it clipped in my back pocket for easy pulling out. Off I'm going somewhere where I might need a knife but don't necessarily want it out in the open, I'll clip it in on my quarter.
  6. Got this in the other day and will by my new edc. Another from Horsewright.
  7. Hello, I have a G. Loomis e6x inshore rod 8'. I am looking at getting the saragosa sw 6000 or the stradic fk. I will be using for kayak/ canoe, wading, pier, and some surf. I have the ci4+ on the rod now but rod feels too heavy for the reel so I will be Mo ving that to another rod. Would either one of these be suitable for the rod? I fish saltwater in sw florida and will be using 30 lb. braid. Thank you.
  8. Good afternoon everyone. It's about time to condition some boots. A pair of Anderson Bean and Luchesse, both with Bison vamps. I'm up in the air between Obenaufs LP Heavy duty and Bick4. Which one do you guys recommend? Thanks for any input or suggestions in advance.
  9. Thanks for the recommendations so far guys. You've given me a few more to look into and possibly order. I'll probably test out on old wallets or belts first. I don't want to darken the leather just keeping healthy and prevent it from cracking
  10. My eyes and wallet are set on this beauty to be the next.
  11. The road goes on forever and the party never ends
  12. Maybe could have been a wrench turned knife.
  13. I believe "bushcraft" originated in Australia, where they hang in the "bush". Some more important info for you
  14. That's really sleek looking. I dig it, nice blade RiverRaider
  15. I think Boker Arbolito was the Argentinean, Boker Tree German, and Biker Plus the Chinese made. I could be mistaken though.
  16. Kind of on a traditional kick. Picked this guy up and love the simplicity.
  17. The little guy with no markings looks like it might be a boker tree brand with jigged bone handle. Congress? Disregard, now I see you were talking about the smaller one.
  18. Weekend bump
  19. New only practice casted with as well as the shortstix I have on here. Line is royal wulff 9wt sinking tip I believe. Backing came from Colton. Any questions or additional pics feel free to ask. Price is $275 conus to your door. Will accept reasonable offer.
  20. Thanks for the interest hobobob. Unfortunately the nearest fishing is hours away, so I don't have any need for any fishing equipment at the moment. Thanks.
  21. Sold, will ship tomorrow. Thank you Chipnice.
  22. Chipnice because I want this to be used and not sitting at my ex's house we can do that I'll shoot you a pm.
  23. Haha all fun and games. Nothing but love, especially around Holiday season.
  24. Oh I don't care which one it is I use stones most of the time anyway. If a case is a major issue make one. Not trying to be a d***