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  1. My eyes and wallet are set on this beauty to be the next.
  2. The road goes on forever and the party never ends
  3. Maybe could have been a wrench turned knife.
  4. I believe "bushcraft" originated in Australia, where they hang in the "bush". Some more important info for you
  5. That's really sleek looking. I dig it, nice blade RiverRaider
  6. I think Boker Arbolito was the Argentinean, Boker Tree German, and Biker Plus the Chinese made. I could be mistaken though.
  7. Kind of on a traditional kick. Picked this guy up and love the simplicity.
  8. The little guy with no markings looks like it might be a boker tree brand with jigged bone handle. Congress? Disregard, now I see you were talking about the smaller one.
  9. Weekend bump
  10. Thanks for the interest hobobob. Unfortunately the nearest fishing is hours away, so I don't have any need for any fishing equipment at the moment. Thanks.
  11. Sold, will ship tomorrow. Thank you Chipnice.
  12. Chipnice because I want this to be used and not sitting at my ex's house we can do that I'll shoot you a pm.
  13. Haha all fun and games. Nothing but love, especially around Holiday season.
  14. Oh I don't care which one it is I use stones most of the time anyway. If a case is a major issue make one. Not trying to be a d***
  15. I'm pretty sure it's the regular $20 something dollar one. I don't understand I have the same one I just keep in my bob bag nothing comes off easily it's magnetic except for the ceramic rod and "strop"