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  1. Ok, I don't know how much more I would give up. That's already an expensive glider...
  2. What size is a jr? I probably got this 4 or 5 years ago and just found it cleaning out a closet in the garage
  3. offer 35 for middle goo goo
  4. Is there a way I can edit the op to include pos crackers?
  5. Haha thought this was well established at this point. Being what the snowflakes call ignorant and racist but in reality just being based......
  6. Just checked into this, you can buy them on amazon haha
  7. Sad, the scariest part is that's it is only going to get worse until one of these outcomes 1)There are no stripers left that come into our home waters and the guys responsible move on to ruining another resource or 2)we figure out a way to put an end to it
  8. I am frustrated. As a community we need to address these issues and if you really care about changing it,we need to come up with a way to band together. If I have to be the punching bag that gets us moving in that direction, so be it. I have thick skin.
  9. I for one am feeling much better about the future of our fishery after starting this thread. With incredibly fearless members of the community like Paul E and Mike fighting for the conservation of striped bass they can lead us though these dark times
  10. wouldn't really consider that doubling down, as it was stated in the opening post. That's more of just answering a simple question that was asked.
  11. In the opening post when I referred to "the illegals" illegal immigrant n. an alien (non-citizen) who has entered the United States without government permission or stayed beyond the termination date of a visa. (See: alien) FWIW - there is no race designation when referring to illegal immigrants unless you specifically attach one