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  1. Paul what weigh is the rod ?
  2. The tread on top there’s some one selling a couple of obs
  3. Il take the obs 9wt sink3
  4. Great rod I have the same one
  5. Do they come Witt the cigar box ?
  6. Rattles or no ?
  7. Would you split ? Il be interested in the cream with red and the block island green with withe
  8. Il take the 10wt intercostal
  9. Ok sounds good il sent you a payment tomorrow
  10. Ok i offer $50 for each of the two green eyes shipped ?
  11. Would you split ?
  12. Thanks everyone for looking I bought a rod already please close this thanks
  13. Looking for a faster sinking rate to fish inlets for bass and blues and Albies
  14. You have any sinking lines on 9wt ?
  15. What do you mean by time frame ? And I never casted one of those Gloomis ... I have a 7.5 shortstixk gloomis ... 9-10 wt. what would consider to fast ?