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  1. Are these still available ?
  2. You are killing me with this Ivan
  3. Il be out tomorrow in the am out front in Moco with my fly rod
  4. Anyone fished outside of Moco yet ?
  5. Hello there Sol is anyone fishing the trout season opener here in nj il be fishing around union county area any one else
  6. Is Bob Popovics book available?
  7. Hi uncle traveling to palm coast on Thursday with my gf and her parents to so I’m bringing my 8wt was wondering if anyone has any pointers on what type of flies I should bring il be staying around the area where birds of Paraside lake is
  8. Want to buy a 3tand t70 spool or a t90 spool let me know if anyone has one laying around
  9. Dam it I miss it good deal on a awesome line
  10. I been wondering the same thing
  11. What do you mean I have no clue ? But. Is ok good luck With the reels Ivan
  12. Wow here I tough I had 1st bids on this according to the rules but ok
  13. Are you still selling this or no ?
  14. By the time there would be some bass around usually by the time a couple of keepers are reported .. you can drive down to Monmouth county and fish inside you’ll find bass and maybe some perch 2 in those brackish waters
  15. I use the solarez thick for all my surf candies one secret get warm water and let it sit for 5 minutes or so and it would come out better ... or another opting the I do is put in the microwave for like 10 seconds and it comes out just like the hard or flex one . Try it out