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  1. Thanks for the heads up deff want to do the cooling upgrades on it and most deff it have to change the leaf springs since one of the shackles is rusted out
  2. Yeah I was thinking of just cutting the bolts and putting new ones on and maybe extending the shackles
  3. Thanks for the advice guys and I’m pretty good with a wrench I work at a mechanic shop so I can get parts for a discount price and thing like that i will deff it change the my leaf springs because the passenger side one is rusted out but I’m doing little thing little by little hoping to have it done by the fall run
  4. Hello all I’m going down to Florida on Friday off about 10 days planing on fishing Flagler beach. And Surrounding beaches .. any tips you guys have for flies and maybe lines I’m taking a 9wt Helios 3 and a 2 handed 10wt rod maybe hooks for some tarpon of the beach
  5. Hello I just bought a jeep xj last week and planning to make it a beach buggy to drive on lbi and maybe in Long Island ... can any you Recommend or have tips for me or mods I should make .... I was thinking of a 3 inch lift on it with 31 inch tires thanks .
  6. Are they new or used ? Il be interested in the 10 wt
  7. Andrew was a great inspiration on those flies but go take a look at Ben Whalley and the master him self bob pop
  8. Ok Il offer $450 shipped to 07208
  9. Sedotti lives out on Long Island a he used to do lesson at Central Park or a place he would travel he told me this last year at the ward Melville show where he did a casting demonstration contact him maybe he would travel or meet up half way and like other mention before Ian is awesome and well knowledge you can also call tigh lines in nj and ask for Andrew he’s a casting instructor also really good
  10. This still available?
  11. I got some nice goals from Andrew but I would try to contact brad buzzi he’s got some nice tails on his ebay site
  12. Thanks for the deff going to try to stop and see if I pick up some flies to try thanks for the heads up
  13. Awesome video thanks
  14. Thanks for the info we’ll do il report back to you thanks again
  15. Was thinking of tying some mackarel pattern flies maybe some hollows