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  1. Yeah sorry for the delay post I bought this kayak last year from someone only use it 3 times my self il post photos later on today
  2. Yeah I have a 09 hobie outback
  3. You still looking for kayak ?
  4. Is this still available?
  5. Need some help on getting a fish finder for my Hobie mirage … I been looking at the hummingbird helix 5 but not sure anyone else recommends any other thanks .
  6. Ok il pm you with my info I been waiting for a response and it never alert me the you answer
  7. Ok il take this for asking price let me known how much is shipping ? 07201
  8. Interested We’re are you located?
  9. Dam it … I just bough one yesterday from Ramsey outdoor thanks
  10. Wtb Hobie kart for a 2010 hobie mirage outback if anyone has one as close to nj as possible would be great
  11. Looking for the one with the Bubble tires for the beach if you have any the fits an older outback
  12. I know this is a long shot but do you still got the carts ?
  13. Wtb a hobie kart for my mirage if anyone has one laying around willing to part with thanks located in nj please
  14. I just got a 05 mirage my sled last week and I was looking up at rider upgrades what year rudder did you use for this ?
  15. do you have any of the cart left ? I know is a long shot