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  1. Nice catch! Were you fishing a dropshot or shallow?
  2. What's a TX Minnow?
  3. @Newport Striper sorry another thing worth mentioning here: The hook points are extremely tight to the body of the frog on the Vega which may cause you to lose a few fish. I've bent mine up off the body after missing two fish last summer. I'm sure you already know this trick but I'll include a picture for everyone anyway.. also take a look at the hook angle on the Scum Frog Launch.
  4. Sorry, not a plug and I don't have enough experience with this frog. I bought it thinking it had a chartreuse belly, but it didn't. It is relatively soft plastic (softer than my spro popping frog) but also a little larger (2.75" I believe). My preference for pond fishing would be something with a smaller profile. I dont have any hardbaits from 6th Sense, so no experience there.
  5. Thanks, nothing to write home about but August is tough. I usually don't fish as much with the heat. I dont own a boat so I am stuck fishing shallow for the most part. Was throwing the hollow body frog around a dock but couldn't get a strike.
  6. Threw around a vega frog and SK buzz king for an hour or so today.
  7. I would say that most shops have limited space and leave you to choose Pure Fishing, Catch Co., Lew's/Strike King, store brand, or other major tackle vendors. The largest shop near me finally got some Megabass, but that doesn't appeal to the casual angler on a budget. It's more tackle fanatics if we're being honest. I'm still not totally comfortable with paying $25 for a vision 110. Also, even stores like Bass Pro/Cabela's will carry the whopper plopper in like four to five colors and one size and absolutely nothing else from River2Sea! And most shoppers will reach for the Googan Squad's variant anyway! It's best to just make a list of the Keitech baits and specific colors and wait for a TW sale to make sure you get what you want.
  8. I know the founder of WCZ recommends 20lb. Seaguar AbrazX line for swimbait fishing. Izorline copolymer might also be a good combination of manageable/limp and abrasion resistance. I'm still tying an Alberto knot to a 20lb mono leader just like @R.R. Bridge Fisher without issue.
  9. @NewAtIt nice collection there. How much does that WCZ weigh rigged?
  10. Poppers (especially in a Perch color), whopper plopper, and ribbon tail worms have worked best for me. Make sure you're pausing the topwaters during your retrieve. You're probably alright now but when the conditions get real tough, try fishing at sunrise. And let us know how you do in the Fishing Reports thread!
  11. I wanted to share a cool, custom topwater. I realized from a Charlie Campbell 80s bass video that it's called a wood chopper. He also shared how to tune and fish one. I would guess the wood chopper and others were predecessors to the whopper plopper. Anyone have a cool or unique topwater from their collection they want to share?
  12. Yes, I like these as well. I need to buy some more when I see them. I also like the mag super fluke 7". I cannot get the desired action from a sluggo rigged weedless. To me, the plastic is just too dense. I've tried roughing them up and boiling them..still no good.
  13. Sounds like a great evening to me! It's no secret that many ponds have bluegill. If you fish shallow in clearer water this time of year bluegill, sungill, and even creature baits/worms with blue flake can be excellent. I'd say you found a good pattern and your bait was just the right size for the feeding bass.
  14. Found two SPs but probably have lost a bunch more. This is the best plug I've found. Not sure who makes it but it works.
  15. Seems like a good deal, however I avoid J Braid - not a fan of the 8x J Braid either. PowerPro or Berkley X9 for spinning reels
  16. Thanks for sharing. This is my favorite category of topwater baits.. The smallest walking baits I have used are the Rover 98 and the J-Walker 100. Bubble Walker 80 has been my goto for me also. If they cast well, I will definitely have to check these out.
  17. I buy online for freshwater fishing (Tackle Warehouse & American Legacy for the most part) and have had no issues. I try to buy all my saltwater gear at my local tackle shop. Reason being is I always want somewhere to go quickly if I need bait, lose a plug, need new hooks, rod breaks, etc.
  18. Had two on the Berkley plopper. Then a slight chop on the water and they stopped biting. Switched to a jig and too much grass on the bottom. So I switched to the dirty jigs swim jig and they started biting...
  19. Thanks for the tip. Found this product and using it right now.
  20. I don't fish peacock bass but would second the Shimano 72M (Adrena or Zodias) for throwing topwater up to the SB 125, Super Spook, and Rover 128.
  21. Sounds like something I would do! Anyway thanks for the 2022 review, I'm sure it will help someone in the market. I remember being a young man in high school looking through the Cabela's catalog and thinking the Shimano Stella was the holy grail. In the meanwhile I'd convince my parents to buy me the Cabela's Fish Eagle II and a cheap casting combo as a graduation present. I find myself using baitcasters with greater frequency now. To be honest I think I've touched my spinning rod once this year, so the Stella is just not practical for my fishing - still I'm sure the experience fishing one is top notch! Enjoy it!
  22. Thanks for your help! That's exactly what I'm going for. Will pick up some nail polish at Walmart where I can utilize self check out.
  23. Nice flathead!! Haven't fished for cats in quite a few years. Reminds me of Steve Douglas videos. Will look up Pontoon Jodi too.
  24. All I can think of when I see those ads is "Beyond Bad" It can't be trusted. Wait for P Line to go on sale.
  25. Andrus Jetty Caster is my preference too and a proven tool in the surf.