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  1. Using 832 on my spinning reel but will go to x9 next.
  2. MAGA


    Hi Mike, I'm not sure. My shop has some smaller/thin Olivia's which are good if you just have 30min or want less tobacco. I'm a novice. So far my favorites are the Ashton Classics, My Father CT and Olivas. Not a fan of the Habano Classico.
  3. I now use 30lb braid, try to use more single hooks, and prefer a lighter reel and lures in the 1-1.5 ounce range. Also, there are so many more plug/bait options now but I still enjoy throwing the older stuff.
  4. @Mack26 thanks. I like the blade shape and handle and it was recommended in a Knife Center video. Came sharp with a good leather sheath - not going to be carrying a 4.5" survival/camp knife, so I probably won't ever order a custom kydex sheath.
  5. I want to now. Looking for a belt knife around 3" blade.
  6. It took a few years but finally added a fixed blade from Steel Will to the collection..
  7. Slowed down and fished a senko..
  8. 3/8 bluegill chatterbait custom..
  9. No experience swimbait fishing with spinning gear. I use 50 pound braid to a 20 pound leader. Maxcuatro may help since it's thinner in diameter and smoother. Did lose a Magdraft this year but that was user error because I didn't positively engage my thumb bar.
  10. Again not sure what species you're targeting and if this was a trophy class fish, however Catfish & Carp had a good video reviewing/comparing many commercially available rods for catfishing.
  11. I caught a cat recently on a spinnerbait but haven't targeted them since 2015. I had luck using chicken liver wrapped with thread on a circle hook fishing with a stick style fishing bobber and 15lb mono. (also, you might want a float that glows in the dark or has a small light) For flatheads and blues, I'd suggest fresh cut bait. Go at dusk as others have suggested. Once got on a summer bit that lasted to around11:30pm.
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