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  1. Can you get that rod on a scale? If my memory serves me - that is one of the inexpensive rods that is way too heavy for plugging and probably won't load well on cast either. I would opt for a 9ft rod rated to 3oz. and a 4000/4500 size penn.
  2. Has he fished the beach in below freezing with the wind where you stick your numb hands in your jacket or waders to get a break? Yes, it is necessary.
  3. Another great day - fished the plopper for 3.5 hours and lost count! Biggest was 3lbs 5ounces. I'm completely wiped out. I also found this swimbait on the bank. Does anyone know how you paint red gills on a hardbait?
  4. Interested in the water visibility and if they were fishing in shaded pockets. I will fish white super flukes/caffeine shads but not really worms or jigs. I know green pumpkin works in many conditions but for dark or stained water I believe there are better options.
  5. Hahaha I think the same thing when I watch his videos. Edit: he was on here at one point, probably still is.
  6. Bingo. What conditions? How often? Are you swimming with your reel? These are more relevant questions. And I don't know what the Penn goes for, but he should probably also consider the Saragosa.
  7. Went 5 for 5 this afternoon with Academy's double plop bait.
  8. For the tail hook/rear is anyone using a 5/0 inline hook facing down? Does that have any effect on hooking and landing the fish? The reason I ask is that I am concerned about the striped bass population. Any help would be appreciated as I am planning to order replacement hooks.
  9. I'm not a doctor but the way you describe it sounds like you will need physical therapy at the least. Feel better soon.
  10. This is what you are looking for Game On X-walk
  11. No. The only way you could go wrong is if you buy a heavy one and it overpowers your rod. For the north shore I would probably get a 1.5 ounce little neck and a 2 & 3/8 sinking little neck popper. For the other two get a saltwater spook and a light bucktail.
  12. I kinda went nuts during the pandemic - seeing too many things I had to have. To my credit, I've also sold a few rods and reels. Still more stuff I could part with.
  13. How big are the ponds/lakes that you fish? I would personally skip the crawdads and bass busters and look for a used jon boat 14+ as others have suggested.
  14. Had two smaller bass at a pond last night on a white chatterbait mini. Also, I decided to treat myself to a new spinnerbait. Almost all of my spinnerbaits are inexpensive (less than $5). What's nice about this one, besides the quality & attention to detail, is there is no need for a trailer. Will see if this becomes my new favorite.
  15. Yes, I thought it was a Yo-Zuri but there was no labeling on the plug. Seems wider and the nose, lip seems slightly different. You can see from the Bombers that it's about 5 inches in length.