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  1. Yes, they are still a great place to start - light weight and cast well for the price. I fished the 9ft (1/2 to 3) for a few seasons. You can tape the two piece rod together with electrical tape (learned that from someone on here).
  2. It's a pass for me. I generally don't spend more than $3 or $4 on a bag of plastics unless it was recommended on TacticalBassin hahaha
  3. Hahaha. I like that. Same reason I want to purchase one. They always recommend the River 2 Sea Bully Wa 2
  4. At this price point, I prefer the Daiwa Exceler LT to those options
  5. +1 for the Reaction Innovation Skinny Dipper. I also like the Strike King Swimin Caffeine Shad
  6. That's awesome! Always love your posts LB!
  7. Thanks for sharing. It seem like every year some hook style is being replaced. I noticed some pro anglers moved to the Pro V hooks from Trokar.
  8. The good thing is you can start with the Walmart stuff, then sell and upgrade as you get more into freshwater. I recently sold my $100 combo to a young man just getting into the sport. I had it for 7 years! A high quality medium fast and medium heavy fast casting will cover a lot of techniques for you.
  9. Glad you found the right rod. Unfortunately, it does take trial and error sometimes.
  10. Welcome to SOL! I would say that 8ft is adequate for the north shore/inshore fishing. If fishing the south shore of LI you might want a little more length, but as you will hear often most of the time you don't need to cast far to catch them. If weight is a concern for you, I would get a 3000 size BG/Penn. Also using a 30 lb high quality braid will improve your cast.
  11. A medium power (1/4 to 3/4) fast action rod is a good place to start
  12. Two or possibly three different rods for the techniques you mentioned. Are you most interested in pitching/punching with a jig or weighted plastic? For this most would recommend a heavy power 7'6" rated to 1.5 ounces. Unfortunately, most of these rods are tip heavy/not balanced, thus doing damage to your wrist over time.
  13. A used Shimano Citica or Curado I is a good value. You could save some money or buy two of them.
  14. Welcome to SOL! I'm not sure about those species but hopefully someone else will know. Are you fishing in Florida? I use 30 lb. braid for striper fishing in the Northeast. A nice braid like PowerPro V2 or Berkley X9 will give you some extra distance.
  15. Thanks for sharing. I know it's light, but I wonder if they've made any weight reduction.