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  1. I'm sure it's been mentioned here, but have you checked out the 10'6 ODM DNA? The 9' Mojo Surf will not be a big upgrade for you IMO. You can have a two rod setup and then sell the Tica on BST if you'd like.
  2. The biggest factors are likely lure selection and wind, but you're right way too many variables and everyone has an opinion. Going to a longer, high end surf rod will probably help the most but I'd just work on your casting form and don't overthink it.
  3. I know there was a video I saw of Scooby fishing a conventional rig in the surf. I want to say it was a Black hole rod with a Tranx.
  4. Expride is probably all the rod I will ever need but the Poison Adrena makes me drool
  5. Probably a composite with 24 ton graphite. They are designed to make a durable, affordable combo. There is a Penn sub forum with sales reps. I haven't spent any time in there, but you might have better luck finding an answer from one of them.
  6. I've heard people say a 7'3" MH is a good all around choice. For a lot of the large mouth pond fishing I do, my go to is a 7' Falcon All Around (MMF rated to 3/4) with a 7.4 Curado.
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  8. Interested how the SC Victory will compare to the Shimano Zodias. I am liking the specs and that the rods are made in the USA!
  9. Bingo! Higher profit margins for Catch Co and the Googans. Plus I'd take the Yama senko, Rage bug, or Zoom brush hog any day of the week over their softbaits
  10. These soft baits are made in China. I'm done with em. Back to Strike King, Zoom, and Yamamoto!
  11. This is a good topic. I doubt anyone has fished both of these rods, since they have been out of stock a lot and are still new to market. I think it will likely come down to personal taste because specifications are similar and built to a similar price constraint.. though someone will likely chime in they don't like the monocoque handle or it's gimmicky. They are pretty similar, however the Zodias is using Fuji Alconite guides while the Daiwa uses Fuji SiC. Not sure about the rod weights.
  12. Assume you're bank fishing. Start out with the Carolina rig or Texas rig and either of the worms you purchased. Try to feel depth changes, get familiar with the grass line, shaded areas, and the color line. I would throw the jerkbait now; the walking bait will work post spawn.
  13. Considering all of your recommendations, I decided to give the Keitechs a try. Also found the midsize brush hog in junebug! Thanks SOL!