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  1. Looking to add some Darby’s to the rotations new or used any style open to anything PayPal ready
  2. How much I’ll take it
  3. Offer 20
  4. I’ll take
  5. Looking to buy or trade for any and all of Ryan’s lures mostly looking for slims and needles . But open to anything
  6. Offer 365
  7. Rip rats sold linesiders are still avalible
  8. GRS

    I’ll take it
  9. Smoking deal. this should sell fast !
  10. Price drop 90 for lot
  11. Bump price drop 40 ls69 80 striper bites lot
  12. Sorry I didn’t respond sooner was out at sea just seeing this now if it ever becomes avalible let me know I would be interested .
  13. Sure
  14. They are 3 oz . I never swam them . I have heard only good about all his stuff . If you want the lot I’d do 85 shipped