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  1. $160.00 shipped
  2. $185.00 SHIPPED
  3. bump
  4. $225.00 Shipped PAYPAL ONLY NO TRADES I'm pissed I gotta sell this but it is what it is. Great shape brand new line on it 300 yds if 40lb pp zero imperfections only thing is the line roller needs to be greased or the bearing replaced. The paint is rock solid there's some smudging in one of the pictures if you really want to you can try and clean it off but this thing is ment to be fished hard. I built it I did all the work. It was a 706 greenie if that matters to you.
  5. sold to marc
  6. Trying to upload them no luck. It's black and brand new
  7. price drop $160.00
  8. black.gear up 3 tube plug bag should be a picture attached
  9. im selling a gear up 3 tube, $165.00 shipped
  10. gear up 3 tube plug bag$165.00 SHIPPED. was a gift ,never seen saltwater, has never had plugs in it. I will ship anywhere inconus. PAYPAl only please.gear up 3 tube plug bag
  11. still for sale
  12. sold sending you a pm
  13. $10.00 buyer pays shipping
  14. says it right there under the picture guy
  15. $15 plus shipping