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  1. Good Morning James. 2nd. Lot of plugs received Saturday. All good, many thanks!
  2. The “JTD Lab” at its finest hr…………… and the fallacy of hot coating enamel paints.
  3. In my shop we rely on dustless sanding daily. It is not uncommon at times for a vac / vacs to run the majority of the work day. I was a big fan of FEIN and still have several in different sizes. However they’ve become quite pricey and IMO, they keep trying to reinvent the wheel. Over the last couple of years, I have replaced and added to with FEESTOOL. I believe that their mini sells in the mid $300 range. We run the heck out of them and so far so good. Unfortunately I got stuck with paying $500+ for the same aforementioned vac., the reason being that they decided to install blue tooth within….. Glad they eliminated that brainstorm and went back to basics for $300 +-. For vacuuming up liquid eg; water, I bought a few HD bucket bosses that snap onto 5 gallon buckets. They’re cheap enough to toss and replace if need be. Hope this is helpful. Good luck with your quest for a new vac.
  4. #’s 2 & 4 Please. Thanks James.
  5. #’s 1, 2 & 9 Please. Thanks James.
  6. I’ll take the 2 squeelys. Thanks.
  7. # 6 as well. Thanks.
  8. #’s 2 & 7 please. Thanks James.
  9. Add # 14 on as well. Thanks.
  10. Thanks for considering. GLWS.
  11. # 11 Thanks.
  12. Offer $460 for 5, 6, 11 & 17.
  13. I’ll take #’s 9 & 13. Thanks.
  14. Single part / enamel paint will never be as durable as gel coat or Awlgrip. However, much more user friendly on all fronts.
  15. Tough for us to get away from Petit Easypoxy or Epifanes Monourethane. The latter can custom mix colors.
  16. Looking for older Gibbs stubby needles. Thanking in advance for taking the time to respond.
  17. Hello Rick, Many thanks for taking the time to respond in such detail. Greatly appreciated! Some interesting needles for sure. Unfortunately must pass, as my collection of needlefish in the 7” and greater category is pretty solid. Looking for the shorter variety of perhaps 4”. Wish you a safe and successful season in the surf. Mike
  18. I’ll take em’. It should make your shipping easier.
  19. I’ll take the AH lot. Thanks.
  20. Howard is the man to see. Had him wrap me an ODM 11’ last year and followed that up with re wrapping 3 of my Lami’s this past Winter. You won’t be disappointed with Howard. Solid guy. Good luck.
  21. Grs

    Many Thanks.
  22. Grs

    $230 / top and bottom plugs
  23. Grs

  24. Offer $100 for the middle one.