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  1. I’ll take them. Thanks.
  2. Electrical tape. I sight my guides and lay a single piece of tape down first. Next, I secure the reel with one wrap of friction tape on either side of the reel foot. Re- sight for alignment purposes. Now you are ready to begin wrapping with electrical tape. From past experience, you certainly do not have to use the entire roll of tape. 3 passes should suffice. When complete, CUT the tape rather than pulling it to break. This will ensure the long term adhesion of your tag end. My last step is to measure up 28 1/2 “ from the butt and mark with tape of a different color. I have been using 3M white rigging tape for the last 10 yrs or so. Seems to hold up a bit better than generic black electrical tape. For the record, I have been taping my reels since the 70’s with out any problems. The only other advice I may offer is to be mindful of the distance from your first guide to the center of your reel foot. Good Luck. Feel free to pm with any further questions.
  3. Mike’s, Gags & R.M. Smith.
  4. Wear a good man out standing next to him.
  5. Making chicken salad outa’ chicken chit.
  6. I’ll take it. Thanks.
  7. IMO: You can go with 3 coats of Z- Spar Captains Gloss with a final 2 coats of Captains Satin. Light scuff and scotchbrite between coats.. Preferably a maroon scotchbrite pad and 320 grit paper. I would opt for a spar varnish given the factor of condensation in a bathroom. I chose this route with my bathroom vanity doors and drawers 6 yrs ago and they still look like they were just done. However, I did stain and spray every door in the house, including bathroom doors with Oil Base Satin Minwax floor polyurethane. They too have held up remarkably well. The Captains will brush out well for you as it is a user friendly varnish. When using a satin, it is advisable to stir your pot occasionally in order to keep the solids from settling. Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions. Would be glad to help as yacht refinishing is what I do for a living.
  8. Glad to help out. There’s also a notation on the side of the spool that says 10lb diameter. I would have to say that you’re in the ballpark.
  9. 0.32mm
  10. Would have to suggest that it is PP. Have a 1500 yard spool of maroon/ dark red, 40 lb. in my basement inventory. Hope this helps.
  11. Top 2 and bottom 2 for $125?
  12. I’ll take these. Thanks.
  13. Congrats Steve. Stay the course! Going on 26 year’s here. Was a 3 pack a day, Camel straights smoker. Jesus they tasted good, but not as good as quitting. Merry Christmas.
  14. Middletown or Portsmouth may be your best bets. PM if you wish. Good luck with your relocation.