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  1. No, not at all. I put my gear through the paces in some pretty rough terrain. I used the Buckskin exclusively before trying the Devils Canyon. After the first few outings with the Devils Canyon, I was impressed enough to buy a second pair for backup. I did the same when I used Buckskin’s. I really like the light weight and the dry time of the Devils Canyon.
  2. Korkers Devils Canyon. Pretty happy with them so far.
  3. You can try a hair dryer. If you can lift the edge of the weather strip, try keeping the heat focused where the weather strip meets the bed.
  4. Can you do $ 375 for the giants and AH pencil lot?
  5. Offer $ 110 shipped. Thanks for considering.
  6. I’ll take them. Thanks.
  7. PayPal works for me.
  8. Offer $ 105
  9. Black / Neon Green & Black / Gold belly bullets please. Thanks.
  10. Pretty happy with the one I picked up from Salt Water Edge.
  11. Well done. Thanks for taking the time!
  12. Seal