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  1. Sorry for not closing this thread, I am no longer interested. Best of luck on your sale. Thanks.
  2. Tried to fish RB just before low tide today in the pm. The water was dirty as hell, salad bar everywhere, I tried outback from top to bottom and it was the same thing, that's miles of beach and it was the same throughout....I didn't see a single bent rod while I was out, so it wasn't just me.
  3. Went out last night, Moco in the outback, between 8 to 11. Found the most bunker I've seen this spring, the marina close by was full of them, almost every inch had movement, it was crazy and I thought I hit the jackpot. Threw everything I had and did not get a tap, met a guy and he said he caught some small blues in the marina. So I tried a similar lure he was using, but nothing, just snagging bunker every cast. Moved back to the beach area and just couldn't buy a hit. Damn bugs all over the place and of course when you need bug spray it suddenly disappears from your car. I was wearing shorts and a tshirt coz of the humidity. After a good hour of slapping my face and neck, I put on my waders and wading jacket but my face was now the primary target. So moved out of that spot and hit a different beach which surprisingly I had to myself, but still nothing. Both beaches had lots of green leafy vegetables. I don't remember how stained the water was, was busy slapping my face, neck, hands and legs. Anyway, just wanted to remind everyone to BRING BUG SPRAY! I think I'm done for the spring/summer in saltwater, see you all in the fall/winter. Best of luck to all who keep grinding. Back to the fish market, where I always catch a good one
  4. You look embarrassed to have your picture taken with a bluefish.....Imagine how the bluefish feels!
  5. Hit the bayside today for a few hours starting around noon, hoping for some fluke. First spot had a free salad bar after each cast and the water was chocolate milk. Moved to another spot, still dirty water but not much salad. I had the beach to myself in both spots, but not a bump.
  6. sorry to hear that, if only it was a tip top it would've been all good. Maybe a micro crack in the ferrule from years of use finally broke...
  7. There are lots of weirdos on this site too, but they're nicer weirdos like me Just let us know once it's on the BST, there are a lot of folks here who like to buy stuff they don't need. And when you use the word "Bulk" or "Lot" in the posting title, just see the number of hits. Best of luck.
  8. No the Ron Arra was sold, apologies for not closing.
  9. I'm on a cocktail blues mission, heading outfront tomorrow between 0900 to noon in maybe the area you fish, just a guesstimate. Hopefully they will still be there. Care to share what lure/s you used? Thanks.
  10. Oh man, just when I thought things were getting a little better....anyway, hopefully something good will come out of this, but they should have fired him before the draft! especially with his draft history......
  11. I have no idea why this happened just now....they couldve done it together with bowels.
  12. Zion was not a happy camper. He was praying for Knicks or Lakers. He will play out his rookie deal and ask for a trade.
  13. My prediction is this: they trade the 3rd pick to the Pelicans for... Anthony Davis. They give up 2019 #3, 2020 first rounder, Frankie cant play and whoever else they want.
  14. Or maybe Barrett will hit his ceiling. Crapshoot like any other draft.