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  1. I watched the its not me lol Go JETS!
  2. Thank you sir! I love it, more room compared to a wrangler and damn heavy,it really feels like driving a truck.
  3. Thanks man. I really like it, just scared about the repairs.
  4. Thank you.It's little loud though, don't want to wake the neighbours. I went safe with the tires, really wanted bigger ones, theyre' 245/75/r17. Really regretting the mud tires, they are so loud on the road.
  5. I never had a chance to say thank you to all and post pics. So here she is on a 4 inch budget lift.
  6. Hey capefish, Would you let go of the echo and the chinese maxcatch thing for 75 shipped to Jersey? If not, I'd like to offer 40 for the echo. Thank you.
  7. I will try my best to go fishing between 1-4 this weekend, but not sure. The following week you can bet on the Jets, I'll be up in the Salmon River, so will miss the entire game. Yes, its going to be the Viking's, but my "luck" is like no other.
  8. I missed most of the first and fifth games, and the Jets win. I watched the rest of the other games and they lost. Watched the highlights and just happy for the win. They should have a chance against the Colts, not sure about the Vikings the following week though. Anyway, the last game was an anomaly, the run game was just too much, that's just not sustainable, of course the passing game benefited from this. We will see how these Jets grow through the next few weeks.
  9. I dunno if the death march is what I think it is in Moco, but I tried to go that route over the weekend at around 3am to put my pass to good use (witching hour they say), I walked and saw a little something in the bunkers/gates on the right and decided it was not worth it. Yes, it was most likely my imagination, but given my lack of speed and stamina, I decided to head out back instead. go ahead flex your internet muscles, my heart would not have made that stupid trek. Its hard enough to run, but in waders and sand, F all of it, may that lady be happy and rest in peace.
  10. my skunkathon continues, including the salmon river. Fished bayside MonCo. water looked fishy, though a little dark, all I got was constant weed action. Fished from 4 to 8am.
  11. Lot A
  12. With all the chatter about how good Bridgewater is looking in OTA's, I call BS. They will eventually trade him to a QB desperate team and get those picks back. Nonone is interested in how McCown is doing because the league already knows what he is. But Bridgewater on the other hand could be a game changer, hence the noise.
  13. I see, thanks for sharing. I would suggest doing a ceviche with lots of chillies and onions. mmmm
  14. Yes the plating skills leaves much to be desired just kidding okay. was this a smaller blue or on the larger side? Also did you bleed and ice right away?