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  1. Makes sense.
  2. There you what's the point really...better for the QB of the future to get more snaps and learn how to lead a team. But, I have to say this, he needs to friggin stop playing hero ball, man, just, stupid passes.
  3. What would you do with the first pick?
  4. Sorry about I. Was it a bright green j braid? I will never use j braid again. Did you find my blurple needlefish?
  5. And then Sheisty and Adoboboy showed up, the fish just left..... Racist effinfish!!!!!
  6. Fished with a couple SOL ers this morning in MoCo who were kind enough to have me tag along. They of course were catching and the bite died the moment I started casting between them. I spent more time with wind knots and snagging, then actual fishing. Look out for a ci4 ultegra in the BST Saw a guy hook up and broke his rod just as the thing under water was at the lip. Must have been a BIG one. Skunkathon continues for me, but learned a lot today and almost died laughing. So it was a good day.
  7. @Master Debaiter is that finders keepers or you have to report it? Just curious.
  8. Maybe a college coach that's not as cuckoo as Chip Kelly?
  9. no please...
  10. Yep, not even a small one. There's still time
  11. You know when the universe is totally against you? well I was using the same lures as every one yet I was the only one who couldn't catch fish, I also varied my retrieve speed, even changed colors, changed my teaser from a BT to red gill, but nothing, not even a bump. It's like someone is laughing up there....I think I need to make peace with the lady in the bunkers and pray for her... This skunkathon from mid Nov 2017 is a little too much now and forgive me for the rant, but its been more than a friggin year. I'm tired, exhausted and fishing early mornings but nothing to show for it. I don't need your pity, but please appreciate that you are catching and stop complaining they are dinks, at least you are on fish.
  12. Oh remind me to apply for the shorty badge between 24 and 28. w
  13. Went back out in Moco and still skunked, yes the 1 year skunkathon continues....I will fish till I catch a keeper.
  14. Moco early morning until 8. Water was clean, a few birds working, a number of bent rods, of course my rod only got bent when I snagged a rock. Peeps were all catching using AVA's, one was red, the other green, the other white. Skunkathon continues.....Awaiting @Sheisty s report, hopefully he caught some.
  15. good for you