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  1. Ill be out on that day as well...planning to catch 20......1 will suffice...
  2. I'm stalking you guys starting April 1st...I just hope Sheisty won't kill me with his high sticking tactics...BTW, I skunked in Florida as well, first 5 days, I couldn't get on a boat coz of a gale warning...then when I did, it was crap..or as you was me..Happy New Year! Winter is coming.
  3. Hahahaha, the guy mustve been really nervous. Oh lord. Now we know, when he starts looking like that, buckle up.
  4. Manish is on the Jets speed dial " Hey Manish, we need a good piece on Gase coz we want to hire him" a few days later he's the HC. My prediction is 10 - 6 if they use their cap wisely and have a decent draft.
  5. The JETS!.......Really? Adam Gase....I just hope I'm wrong with this one....Like my uncle said " I don't care who coaches the JETS so long as they fire Bowles, heck you can coach the Jets and I won't care" well lets hope this was a good hire...But really? the guy who was just fired by the well.
  6. An accomplishment of futility indeed. I will never forget that after I started casting next to you and your buddy, the bite just died, then I saw @adams54 's head pop up from the other side of the jetty, saying "What the hell happened". ME, that is what happened, ME Oh and I would like to thank @Sheisty for almost killing me with his high sticking tactics, I still laugh when I remember his reaction after that BIG one with the head shakes. Best skunk day for me. Sorry for laughing. Merry Christmas to all, leaving for sunny Florida today, where I "always" catch remains to be seen.
  7. I think this is it for me, but maybe not after my trip in Florida. I may be a noob in this circle, but I've been fishing my whole life, almost 40 years of fishing. As you may know, I have not caught a single striper in more than a year and more than a couple dozen trips, but I honestly appreciate the sunrises, ghosts, people and scenery I've witnessed in all my trips. More importantly, to know that people who have served this country are part of this community, I could not be even more proud. After all, its just fish, but those who have sacrificed so much for this country, kudos to you and your family and thank you for all your sacrifices... a 0ne year skunkathon is nothing compared to these men and women...Merry Christmas to all....
  8. Skunkathon continues MOCO...Florida next week....if no fish then im the real problem...
  9. Thanks for the reports, not too promising, but will still try.
  10. My kinda skunky day this weekend...See you guys around...I'm bringing my 11'6 lami for those BFT's! I'm gonna be live lining some juve koi from my local pet shop...Wish the blues were around, so I could use the squirrels live hmmmmm.
  11. Makes sense.
  12. There you what's the point really...better for the QB of the future to get more snaps and learn how to lead a team. But, I have to say this, he needs to friggin stop playing hero ball, man, just, stupid passes.
  13. What would you do with the first pick?
  14. Sorry about I. Was it a bright green j braid? I will never use j braid again. Did you find my blurple needlefish?