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  1. Lot A
  2. With all the chatter about how good Bridgewater is looking in OTA's, I call BS. They will eventually trade him to a QB desperate team and get those picks back. Nonone is interested in how McCown is doing because the league already knows what he is. But Bridgewater on the other hand could be a game changer, hence the noise.
  3. I see, thanks for sharing. I would suggest doing a ceviche with lots of chillies and onions. mmmm
  4. Yes the plating skills leaves much to be desired just kidding okay. was this a smaller blue or on the larger side? Also did you bleed and ice right away?
  5. Will do so Sir!
  6. Thats why I should never buy a boat, that sorta thing would happen to me....
  7. After yesterdays experience, I am done with fishing during the day...Not only is it really hot out there, I just can't get the peace and quiet I want. Its all night time from here on out.
  8. I had no love on artificials...maybe have to put the cast net to good use...
  9. for any of you thinking of heading to the shore points or back bays, you may want to reconsider leaving in the next few hours. The traffic is bad all the way. I just got back to try some fluke fishing but the water was a tad cold considering it was 90 degrees out there. water was dirty out back on the incoming.
  10. Danny stop it with the Navy pier which regular folks can't make us jelly......
  11. If my wife wasn't questioning all the boxes coming in, I would buy 2 of each....anyway....I digress.
  12. Very good report/advice. I love fluke and so does my family. Bass, I don't really care for in terms of eating and considering the mercury levels and subpar taste, no thanks and why would I feed my family that @#@#@. but the fishing/sport part is what makes me keep trying, its the thrill of the chase. But fluke/flounder is atop of my list in terms of table fare, second only to salmon. Just my opinion.
  13. The prices are insane...just saying...for reels of this quality...and mostly metal....good for us I guess...
  14. happy to be of service.
  15. If they can get them on bacon, I'm sure you'll be fine with your homemadeI'll report back after tomorrow's trip out back on fluke during the day.