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  1. That crystal clear water is a bad omen. I like it better when its a bit murky.
  2. well alright, I used the shim of the main gear of a Penn Slammer III 6500, which was way too big, but nonetheless the clicking sound/feel was gone, but it was tight since the shim was thicker. I really think this is just a missing shim issue, if only I can get that part number. Thanks.
  3. I added the schematics and a pic above. Thanks.
  4. Couple years back, I caught a fat keeper sized fluke on a large ghost mag darter, around 10pm, and the season was about to open in a few hours. Maybe I should have let it swim for 2 hours and kept it after midnight struck since I didn't catch anything else that evening anyway.
  5. Noone is gushing around here, just you gushing over your next meal.
  6. I have a Penn Torque 1st Gen bailed that I recently had to replace the line roller and bearings after they fell off while fighting a fish. I am not sure how that happened since I did not touch that part of the reel. Anyway, $30 later after replacing the line roller and bearings, I could hear a faint clicking sound after each rotation. So, I decided to open it up and try to find the issue. I decided to soak all the metal parts in WD40 overnight and regreased and oiled afterwards. I lost one of the metal shims that I think went on the main gear (It has one silver one, I lost the gold one) and after reassembly, its not just a clicking sound anymore, it feels clunky each rotation. At first I thought something was wrong with the crosswind gear, but this was not the case. I have a bail less version and I swapped the crosswind gears and the issue continued. I said maybe the main gear is damaged somehow, so I swapped the gears and the clunkiness was gone. I noticed that since my bail less is one of the first released, it has a different main gear assembly, a tad bit thinner than the updated one. I think this is just a matter of putting shims to the main gear to avoid it from hitting the side plates. I was hoping to find out where to buy the shims for the main gear and also the shims for the main shaft since I could not find part numbers for them, please see attachment below: There are no signs of corrosion on any of the metal parts whatsoever. I also could not find any issues with the gears, they look brand spanking new. The reel has been used less than 10 times. Please let me know. Thank you.
  7. Went out last night, end of incoming to most of the outgoing, outback MoCo. Light winds, crystal clear water, flat and calm. Hit a few spots and happy to report my first skunk of the season. Even got so desperate and went to a place that you normally won't skunk at, but nothing going, I didn't even see any bait fish. Will give it another shot in a couple days or so.
  8. Or head to Edison and try the spicy chicken at Jollibee.
  9. How's the water and weeds looking along RB the last day or so? Thanks in advance.
  10. I would not let them hear you making that call, after the warden hangs up, pretend you are laughing with your buddy and making jokes. You don't want to get stabbed on your way out.
  11. I was holding on to a bush for dear life waiting for a tsunami that only happens in the pacific.
  12. It was crazy to experience on dry land, I cant even imagine on a yak how that would have felt.
  13. Hope the yak guys didnt get caught in that surge last night around high. Must have been a hell of ride back to shore.
  14. That may have been what it was. So frustrating. Thanks.
  15. I moved to a quieter spot to get some peace. I dont think so and I dont do instagram. I only use instacart.