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  1. the bastard locks his car and keeps his keys somewhere close to his uhmm, a place I don't want to pat or touch.
  2. I hope you find the owner. @ericdice Brother you need to get out there and fish man! Best of luck. @fishless thief, make yer own slogans.
  3. Glad you guys have your gliders, I've been waiting on one that was promised to me maybe more than a year now. I will report once I get to try it.
  4. I was hoping to head out in the coming days now that repairs in the house are done. Then I wake with a sore left big toe. Yep, its gout and its back.
  5. This thread is gold no pun intended.
  6. They are finally taking Kemba out of the starting five, looks like he's out of the rotation as well. I've wanted this change for some time now after seeing how much their defense suffers when he's on the floor. I'm enjoying watching the kids play in the 2nd unit, so much faster than the starters for sure.
  7. That was one ugly win, especially for the QB.
  8. Built a rod using this blank last year and really enjoyed it. I agree that is has a lot more backbone than you would think for a rod that weighs so light. Excellent rod, good luck with sale Bob.
  9. @sheisty if you need a fly rod and reel for trout, I may have a spare for you. Let me know. See how nice the idiots are?!
  10. I've been using a mix of valvoline red and hydraulic oil and it seems fine for me.
  11. I never thought of that, I will google and see if I can find the seals someplace else. Thanks. I have opened my reels before to do regular maintenance and no water intrusion in any of them. I was just hoping to get the seals just in case. At this time I don't think I need any of them.
  12. This is probably the route I will go if I do need the seals. I have the wrench now, so I can at least do some cleaning and maintenance.
  13. Will pm you when the time comes. It takes one to know one.
  14. Will check it out. Thanks.
  15. So donkey fish count? Woah! No more boats or yaks for me. Donkeys only.