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  1. You folks have inspired me to clean my garage so I can create my own work space to start building. So thanks, I just hope beer won't get in the way this weekend.
  2. Its quite rewarding when you keep trying for a good couple of hours and when you get to the last lure in your bag they start chewing non stop. You switch and it stops again. Kinda tells you they only want a specific profile to commit. It really pays to just keep at it. I learn a whole lot while fishing like this and you earn the fish you land.
  3. I'm building 9 inch dildo's for topwater.
  4. Gonna dip my toes in some plug building. So will start withe a lb. Thanks.
  5. How much do they usually go for at the welding stores for a pound?
  6. another skink for me. Outback.
  7. Quadruple post Merman. Whatever shitzhu you had I want some.
  8. Big ole skunkeroo last night. I was kind of okay with it though, I had a good outing the previous night. Bait fishermen everywhere with a gazillion rods spiked and bonefires evrywhere. They were lounging on the beach with their Bare feet next to fires. It looked real cozy I was imagining them using their twinkle toes to hold their sticks with marshmallows for smores and doing footsies right after.
  9. MoCo outback last night 7 to 1am. First spot was a dud and lost a plug on some structure. Moved and found a spot that smelled really fishy. Fish were such cheap fat divas last night, they were very particular about the size and shape of the offering. They also wanted it served a particular way. They said “ I dont want no good wood tonight honey, just serve me the cheapest ones you got and must be under 15 bucks or I aint chewin”. Lost 2 plugs to windknots and all were cheap just like the ladies wanted last night. No complaints here.
  10. See you there as well. Thats gonna be my first stop.
  11. I can do that. Pm paypal info. Thanks.
  12. Offer 50 shipped pp ff. Thanks
  13. I was from work and forgot to bring thicker pair of socks. Dress socks dont go well with wading out in waist deep water as it turns out. but good idea nonetheless. Thanks.
  14. Beautiful day to be out and about in the back of MoCo. Caught the last few hours of the incoming and fished the 1st 2 hours of the out. I didnt even find any bunker. New moon my ass. Water is still really cold, said my pinkie toe. Maybe a week more and all hell will break lose. I realy thought tonight was gonna be the night. I did get to play with the new plugs I got from the last 2 shows though so that was that.
  15. Did it have a chartreuse bucktail in its mouth? coz I broke one off the other day. Thanks.