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  1. Vedavoo's gear is great. I am getting an inversion sling from them to be my daytime flats rig. My custom sling is pretty much my exclusive gear item for night trips
  2. I have fished tandem hook flies consistently since spring of 2019. So far I have not had one fish take a secondary hook deep leading to the fish getting gilled or otherwise injured. Its important to note these were all flies 8" or longer in length. I have had some smaller single hook flies taken deep and lead to potential fish mortality.
  3. First striped bass on the fly for 2022 was this 33" fish caught fishing a herring run at night. The fish took my own custom twin hook fly pattern based of trying to imitate a Mckenna rigged sluggo. Its two Owner Aki 6/0 hooks with a 65lb coated wire spine holding them together.
  4. Drew, I have already gotten out two nights this year which is half the number of days I fished in the entirety of 2021. My first fish of season seemed to be sent by the fish gods to say "good work getting out there again". I caught this fish last week, but I was not fly fishing though. My first fly trip will be later this week.
  5. Did not fish much in 2021 due to a long battle with issues from my deployment to Iraq in 2006/2007. Doing better this year and will plan to update this thread throughout the season. Looking forward to reconnecting with friends out at night chasing bass this year.
  6. Have all of my rods back and fishing like new again. Threw some squid flies and got some schoolies. Hoping to connect with at least one over slot fish this month.
  7. This is what I do. If you use a 30gallon trash can it will also drown tons of grey squirrels. Two varmints with one trap. Leaving the bodies in the same area will bring foxes and coyotes into the area. At my prior home I wiped out over 100 in three weeks. I was amazed how many their were.
  8. Awesome keep up the hunt hope you make that XL connection! I need to get out again around my local area. Fish are thin but a 43", 46", and 37" fish all to hand by different surfcasters I know in last 8 days. Not going to catch them from home is all I know for sure. I dont have personal time bandwidth to go chase the big schools way up North or Southern Island. So gonna keep grinding it out close to home and pray to the big fish gods.
  9. I know of two places this is going on right now neither of which I have access to easily. Hoping the advice I gave my friends pays off and they connect with big bass in the dark tonight. Thanks for sharing the picture and I hope you have a new one of a new PB bass on the fly! Good luck connecting
  10. Fished both surfcasting and fly gear the past 10 days and its been the best fishing for consistent action all year. Finally having action dying off today.
  11. Found more fish. Got my 10wt back so fished my fast sinking line with floatin eel flies combo. It looks like an eel trying to swim down in current. FYI the fish pictured were caught on flies. I switched to surf gear and jigging bucktails when current got fast. Lot more fish caught on jigs but nothing bigger than these fish so they were only pictures that night.
  12. Out of curiosity how do you spend your time between stripers and albies?
  13. No good solution found yet. I stash one up where It wont get washed away. Its very awkward taking both sets of gear. Generally I do it inlet fishing and I do not move frequently. Earlier in tide flies work well as I can get them down into the strike zone and at a certain point I switch to jigs 2-5oz. This is really the only scenario I carry both fly and surf tackle on same trip. Usually its one or the other for a trip.
  14. Well I found a nice group of fish using surfcasting gear and was able the second night to manage a nice fish on the fly off the same group of fish. Getting deep was critical. Fish took a big clouser minnow about 5" long. Eventually current got too fast to effectively fly fish so I switched to using surf gear again.
  15. Sometimes I do very strange setups that people don't understand. For example I make floating eel flies to fish on a 500 grain 9 ips sinking line. People see the floating eel and think its a surface lure, but its actually designed to be fished near bottom structure in shallower inlets with fast current. You want enough float that the sinking line never buries the fly in the bottom but it looks like a live eel which will try to swim down to the bottom in an inlets current. You need different flotation levels so as current slows down or speeds up you can alter bouyancy to get fly to hang down in the bottom third of water column during the mend and stays there during the swing. That head down tail undulating towards surface position near bottom has been the key.