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  1. Thats an epic fish congratulations!
  2. Glad to hear its helpful. There was very limited info when I started down this path so I decided to start writing about it to help others change take the plunge. Other resources of note are the Night chapter in Ed Mitchells Flyrodding the Coast and the rest of books content alone justifies the purchase. Most of my night and fly design is heavily influenced by Rich Murphy's book Fly Fishing for Striped Bass which has four night specific flies that work excellently also its worth owning as well based on the other content. Also of note checkout currentseams website which is Steve Culton's blog with lots of useful striper info and Steve is a long time night fly guy goes by @The Fisherman on SOL
  3. More night fishing into daylight. Conomo Special was hot fly
  4. At night it seems to makes a substantial difference. I dont like dealing with the storage of stinky flies so I try to use only when I feel it is needed to get bites when I fail with multiple unscented approaches. Daylight it has way less impact except on the flats with crabs. Scented crab flies on sight fished on flats are a big advantage.
  5. No it seems to shed all the water in first false cast. The rigidity does make turn over a bit awkward and impacts your casting stroke.
  6. Its copic marker blended into softex to seal the color better. I have found this color treatment last about 15-25 fish. It can be reapplied to freshen up fly if everything else is in good condition
  7. First trip of 2020 I used the BFD Midnight Special. Found bass on a huge density of silversides. Clousers were not doing well so out came the BFDs. Ended up catching a lot of small fish and some bigger schoolies
  8. Good advice safety is the most important thing. Will add some lights
  9. I stole the idea from the pro bass fishing "frog fur" lure concept. The 12" slider throws good (70-90') on my 12wt and acceptable (50-70') on the 10wt.
  10. So in general daytime topwater retrieves work very poorly for me at night. I like to move fly as slow as possible but still push a wake. Hook placement in the top water night pattern needs to be either the mid point or rear of fly if its a "large" fly over 9" in length to catch schoolies. Big fish (30" or larger) will usually get the front hook even on an 11-12" pattern. This is my "small" 5 inch profile rattling night fly. I move this as slow as possible it will create the wake and rattle with each strip. I don't have very many missed fish with this pattern. I posted the tying instruction on the Sevens Striped blog as "Mitchell's Dancing Minnow" I have had a lot of nights where bass hit big sliders (9-12" long) and don't hook up. This is a Rich Murphy "Quarter Moon Special" One night I went 0/25 on it and I kept feeling the fishes weight but hooks sets all came up empty. I realized most fish were grabbing middle section and pulling it down. So I changed it to have a front shank and middle hook. I also found adding soft loop velcro makes bass have a hard time spitting fly (it gets stuck on rough part of mouth) and gives me a longer time to set hook effectively. Below shows my variation at top vs traditional RM versions below.
  11. Bass on bucktail game changers. Was out of water about 30second. Spot has a nasty drop off so I always unhook fish back from edge in grass. I fell off once and dont plan on it happening again
  12. Oh man that is a sick beach bike!!!!! I am just starting this year with using a bike to get to fishing posts. I am usually on roads or hard packed dirt and gravel paths. Mine is not as tricked out. Added a rear frame kick stand so bike is less likely to fall over and a rack with two rod holders. I put my yak fly rod holder inserts to convert to carry fly rods. Realized I would snap my fly rods as a lot of trails have low limbs that I will be riding in the dark. Realized breaking rod in half and holding top section on with rubber bands was an easy way to fix that issue. Was using just my head lamp, but riding with head lamp and helmet on was awkward so got a front light and a rear light for when I am on roads in the dark Also realized I needed something to carry my tools in the event my bike needed some in field repairs so added a pouch for tire irons, multi tool, pump, and patches/extra tube. Working well can make big moves to a lot of different areas in less time at night than on foot.
  13. I keep an annual budget and track all my "luxury expenses" been doing that since I was 22 years old. Its how I meet my savings and investment goals. I keep "luxury" aka hobby expenses in line with my annual plan. I changed braid at end of each season except 2019 as I was 100% fly that season
  14. A few tying projects recently: First attempt at Rich Murphy's Shortfin Squid. Made this one all white and used a lot of foam to make it a surface fly. Next I tied some Rich Murphy RM Flatside patterns. then I made a jig style fly thats is a blend of a couple different patters that I call the "Skinner Special" Lastly I made a natural red colored Rich Murphy Shortfin Squid fly. I added double rattles and a very small amount of floatation to make this better suited for night subsurface fishing.
  15. This Slam is on my to do list, but time is too limited these days. Maybe spring 2021. Congrats!