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  1. I fished several flies using these tails this summer. I was trying to make 12-16 eel flies. Unless you take the time to squeeze the water out of them before each cast they are really a nightmare to blind cast for hours in the dark. I had similar durability issues with them getting destroyed after two large bass. The flies did produce some large bass in the upper teens and low twenty pound class. My verdict is this winter I am going to come up with an alternate solution that sheds water and is easier to cast. Clearly the 12-16 inch eel fly profile is producing the big fish and I need to find a better way to create it than these dragon tails.
  2. I would be very interested in hearing how you use them to catch stripers. One of my strategies to get larger fish is try to dial in on baits they have a preference for at certain times of the year. Would be very interested in hearing how you use them to target stripers in spring. I have read several surf fishermen accounts that say they caught 30lb stripers at inlets with 12-14" fluke in the bellies in November. Saying they leave bays in late fall. Was thinking about making a 12" flounder fly. I dont have fluke up here in boston so I really need to key in on winter flounder habits, but I could try and use summer flounder habits for the southside inlets on Cape Cod that I know One thing I figured out is July in my area seems to be the molting and spawning period for european green crabs. The big females migrate into certain areas on high tides and become vulnerable in breachway inlets. Wondering if certain times of the year you are finding flounder on the menu at inlets?
  3. true a 10" flatwing vs an 10" herring fly with head designed to push a big v-wake at night are very different bulks. On a nine weight the casting difference of herring fly is 25-35 feet less maximum distance than the flatwing for me personally and I am a pretty solid caster able to throw a full fly line double hauling with a small clouser. At night the right kind of bulk really seems help catch more larger fish. But I am starting to find myself headed back towards sparse flies for certain scearios for example working a sparse riffle hitch mackerel flatwing tube fly for skagit casting at the Cape Cod Canal. I really need to be able to cast 90-100 feet skagit but present enough profile to get a near surface feed when they are keyed on mackerel. Bulky flies I can deliver Th OH are sticking my anchors too much and I cant get any decent distance skagit casting them.
  4. These sizes are how I group my flies as well. Have a 16" eel fly that is pure casting hell but it got detsroyed finally by a 21lb bass just the way I like a large fly to die
  5. This is my dream and I did not figure it out early enough. Now tied down with family not happening for a few years but will build a similar one at some point. Are there any beach capable vams? Would love to make it a self contained vehicle for Cape Cod ORV trips
  6. I am trying to get Scott to build me a custom sling bases off the beast, but tweeked for hunting trophy bass at night in moderate to high surf and from jetties. My biggest issue has been finding a sling that can carry the big flies I use (10-16" long) and other key items with easy access such as fish lippers for grabbing fish on a jetty. Currently using and Orvis guide sling and a huge fly box I have to carry by hand to transport flies and its a poor arrangement. Going back to box on beach or at start of jetty is a huge pain in the ass. Assuming he takes this project on over the winter I will share the end results once its complete. Below is the wish list I sent scott: Fly pocket ideas 1. Basically one wallet style multi compartment for larger flat profiled patterns up to 14 inches long. three divders wouls allow tranporting four hige flies easily in pack. Example type of fly to be carried is 12" Beast Fleyes. 2. Secondary bathtub style one for all other flies. With attachment on one side so it opens only 90 degrees so flies dont fall out. It must have depth of 2.5 inches rigid sides to protect big round profile type flies. (lobster and big crabs plus eel/sluggo flies) 3. Was thinking flies attach to velcro to keep thin and eliminate wool which will constantly be getting wet in surf conditions. Surf Gear carried is not typical: 1. Replace water bottle pocket with secure style pocket that can hold head lamp and sunglass case storage. This will have saltwater grade pliers sheath on top with lanyard attachment ring. 2. Slot and flap to hold Heavy duty "Baker Tools H9Z Hookout" under Bathtub fly pouch 3. Deep Slide in pouch for Lip Gripper under Large fly wallet pouch for over shoulder quick access when landing big fish in waves in the dark. 4. Zipper secure pocket under Bathtub style pocket for iphone and/or sink tip wallet 5. I do carry Dr. Slick scissor forces for smaller flies and cutting line your current design solves perfectly so would want to keep that element for sure! 6. Put ARC tippet attachment on Large Wallet pouch exterior All pockets need drain holes at bottom of resting side when on back as I do get soaked by waves in wetsuit. Anything I want to stay dry will be in waterproof bag so keeping your normal fabric is fine instead of watermaster materials.
  7. 100% agree with Ted on this. I also found the floating stick shadd works just like the swimmer but it has another great use. I have been using it on a shorter 8' rod and fishing it like a spook just below the surfcace when fish are being picky. Eddies, softer current, and slack current it has been crushing fish
  8. That has great potential would love to see a swim test video. I really need to put some effort into these and crab flies at night next season. The four total trips I tried them in august all produced 30" or bigger stripers. That said my friend using tsunami sand eel 9" lures cleaned up in comparison to me on big fish so clearly not the winning pattern. If I had landed the big one maybe I would feel differently
  9. I only tested the Herring, Bunker, and anchovie scents. Anchovie on flies or plastic did not seem to help so its a waste of time. Bunker seems to work the best during all months all the time even if they are not present. The only time it did not work was during herring run as bass are hyper focused on that bait. Herring seems to only really work well when they are on herring. I have tried it during summer and the bunker is much better. I wonder if this fall with sea herring becoming availble that might change. Only time will tell. I recently got the blue crab and the eel super gels to experiment with since I have areas where they seem to be keyed in on those two baits. I wish they made a lobster one.
  10. Do you require pick up in Boston proper? I really like Josh Farkes. He has done a great job for me and some of my other fly fishing friends.
  11. I have been experimenting with Pro-Cure super gels for about 2 years now. What I have found is they have way more impact at night than during the day. In particular when bass get hyper focused on herring. I conducted an experiment where alternated fishing with no pro-cure then pro-procure on four back to back trips. I caught 3 to 1 more fish at night with the scent, but once the sun came up the numbers were basically the same. I did a bunch of reading on how stripers are thought to observe the world day/night and based on reading those reports I think that what happens is when striper is coming up on the lure or fly and it does not smell right they refuse it. In the dark I think they are much more focused on smell than during the day in making feeding decisions. Will keep experimenting.
  12. Very interesting it helps me understand some things I have observed last two seasons. I was always surprised that throwing live eels during herring runs had very poor results, but throw them mid summer and you do well. I am starting to figure out how big bass have selective food sources during certain times of the year that are in range for a shore based fly angler. I will shoot you a DM would love to compare notes.
  13. I tied up a proto-type variation of Rich's pattern on vacation in the Cape, because my kids were not getting to sleep so I was not getting to leave rental house to fish. Had the travel vise and made good use of it. I changed it up a bit using a lot more synthetics including an exoskin back and put the foam inside the kiley exoskin claws I made which I got the idea from the Fly Skinz vertical leech pattern. I honestly thought it was going to be a dud and did not even take a picture of it. It was on a 7/0 owners saltwater jig hook, very heavily weighted, about 7 inches in total length and I subsequently caught a 15lb and 18lber on it first trip. Then proceeded to lose it on a fish I estimated in the 25-30lb range on the next trip that cut the leader on a rock of some sort in the very beginning of the fight. I was fishing it on a long leader 30lb leader on a 11' 12 wt with leader tide directly to end of no stretch running line tighline nymphing it along bottom of a rocky inlet rattling with rod tip as it bounced along bottom and against rocky cliffs with a dead stick and rattle method. It seemed very effective but I did not get to fish it much before it was lost. I also was doing well fishing crabs on a tradition dead drift indicator right with glow in dark indicator at another inlet area that is about 10 feet deep. I was just using olive merkins crabs that I had bought for permit, but hooks kept bending out on nice fish so I am going to create my own european green crab fly this winter. I will post the RM Short variant next one I tie up, but probably wont get to tying again until striper season is over. The little free time I get I go fishing right now. The lobster fly was very effective in deep rocky areas. The rock cliffs you pitching it right against the rock wall like large mouth bass fishing with a jig and pig. I have also heard young lobsters hide in eel grass beds so maybe that that is another area to try them. Based on the inital success I had I am going to make 4 or 5 of them this year and do some more testing on stripers in the 2019 season. Its possible I just was in a hot area and the stripers would have taken other flies so without a lot more effort I think the verdict on its effectiveness is still out for me. Lets see how it does in 2019 and then I can tell you if they are worth carrying around consistently or not.
  14. How did it go for you? Fishing has been pretty good in Boston so I have not been down to the ditch since early august.
  15. A 6/0 and 8/0 synthetic variant of conomo special had accounted for 22 keepers this year for me including a 36 incher. Its a must have fly in my opinion. I would add the lobsters and crabs too in particular for July and August night trips.