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  1. Have all of my rods back and fishing like new again. Threw some squid flies and got some schoolies. Hoping to connect with at least one over slot fish this month.
  2. This is what I do. If you use a 30gallon trash can it will also drown tons of grey squirrels. Two varmints with one trap. Leaving the bodies in the same area will bring foxes and coyotes into the area. At my prior home I wiped out over 100 in three weeks. I was amazed how many their were.
  3. Awesome keep up the hunt hope you make that XL connection! I need to get out again around my local area. Fish are thin but a 43", 46", and 37" fish all to hand by different surfcasters I know in last 8 days. Not going to catch them from home is all I know for sure. I dont have personal time bandwidth to go chase the big schools way up North or Southern Island. So gonna keep grinding it out close to home and pray to the big fish gods.
  4. I know of two places this is going on right now neither of which I have access to easily. Hoping the advice I gave my friends pays off and they connect with big bass in the dark tonight. Thanks for sharing the picture and I hope you have a new one of a new PB bass on the fly! Good luck connecting
  5. Fished both surfcasting and fly gear the past 10 days and its been the best fishing for consistent action all year. Finally having action dying off today.
  6. Found more fish. Got my 10wt back so fished my fast sinking line with floatin eel flies combo. It looks like an eel trying to swim down in current. FYI the fish pictured were caught on flies. I switched to surf gear and jigging bucktails when current got fast. Lot more fish caught on jigs but nothing bigger than these fish so they were only pictures that night.
  7. Out of curiosity how do you spend your time between stripers and albies?
  8. No good solution found yet. I stash one up where It wont get washed away. Its very awkward taking both sets of gear. Generally I do it inlet fishing and I do not move frequently. Earlier in tide flies work well as I can get them down into the strike zone and at a certain point I switch to jigs 2-5oz. This is really the only scenario I carry both fly and surf tackle on same trip. Usually its one or the other for a trip.
  9. Well I found a nice group of fish using surfcasting gear and was able the second night to manage a nice fish on the fly off the same group of fish. Getting deep was critical. Fish took a big clouser minnow about 5" long. Eventually current got too fast to effectively fly fish so I switched to using surf gear again.
  10. Sometimes I do very strange setups that people don't understand. For example I make floating eel flies to fish on a 500 grain 9 ips sinking line. People see the floating eel and think its a surface lure, but its actually designed to be fished near bottom structure in shallower inlets with fast current. You want enough float that the sinking line never buries the fly in the bottom but it looks like a live eel which will try to swim down to the bottom in an inlets current. You need different flotation levels so as current slows down or speeds up you can alter bouyancy to get fly to hang down in the bottom third of water column during the mend and stays there during the swing. That head down tail undulating towards surface position near bottom has been the key.
  11. When river like conditions set up a "trout" approach can often be the ticket for sure. I have also been applying the use of indicator fishing at night in those same scenarios which is very "trouty". Leave no stone unturned is my current philosophy to fishing. Trying new things and becoming more versatile.
  12. Not bashing anyone opinions but here are some thoughts: 1. Often flies I initially dislike its because I failed to understand the designers intent or something unique about them that makes for a special presentation. A. Flatwings for years I thought they were garbage its because I was fishing them like a deciever on a fast strip this is not what they excel at. B. The Gummy Minnow never caught anything on this until I fished with a boat friend and he showed me how that wide flat body on a dead drop in deeper water with a sinking line looks like a fluttering wounded baitfish sinking. The Gummy was all those fish would take that day. C. Surf Candies with stiffer materials provide excellent tracking and keel anywhere with really fast current they excel. In generally this fly is meant to go fast in my opinion and its impossible to move it too fast. Sometimes on really calm flat mornings during sunrise burning this with a painfully fast retrieve is the hottest presentation on the beach. D. Properly designed solid body crab flies like Rich Murphy's defense crab have life like motion in the water and have out performed natural material crab flies on the flats this year for me 4/1 in tailing fish conditions. I agree just a slab of plastic crab on the bottom is not the right approach though! 2. Since I tie most of my own flies I generally hate flies that materials foul while casting for example flatwings or anything with artic fox. However after a true diagnosis it often its my fault for how I constructed them. Taking classes with guys like Joe Cordiero has helped me understand to work with more supple natural materials to avoid fouling. 3. A major flaw of many striper fly fishermen in my opinion is not being close enough to the bottom at all times even in the dark. If you don't like casting weighted flies you are just missing out on 50% of the best fishing opportunities. Even in very shallow areas this can be true. If you have not lost at least 10-20 flies on the bottom this season you were not close enough to it. WIth a lot of mending a non clouser can be sunk quite deep too, but I fish extreme current and depth often so I need the lead to have a shot even with tons of mending. I have found that by switching to jig hooks you can get same effectiveness of clouser, but it seems to hang up less frequent so consider a hook change. The clouser is like the bucktail jig of fly fishing in most scenarios it will catch fish no matter what the species, but you need to fine tune your weighting and your hair density so you have your sink rate fine tuned. In a 5" guitar minnow pattern I carry the exact same fly, but in 5 different weights to help get in zone with out snagging too often. slight changes in weight and density of bucktail can really alter the sink rate and how it swim so very detailed focused fly construction is important. I hear people talk about they don't like how clousers cast. They seem very easy to cast I have never understood the comment personally. I think a lot of guys just don't like getting deep and technical even in spinning gear there are guys would just rather plug the top of the water column. The good news is if you don't like this style of fishing that is totally fine, but I bring it up because its really really effective. So what I try to do is find someone who loves a particular fly I dont and make time to go fishing with them. Usually I realize the problem is my approach not the fly. Food for though for the group, because I know you guys love flatwings and if you talked to me 4 seasons ago I would have told you they were total trash. But I saw enough people liked them that I decided I needed to try learning about them because they probably did have a niche where they outperformed other flies or their would not be such a "cult" following. I decided in 2019 its impossible to have too many different special presentations so now I try to test and learn a lot of flies I ignored previously. Eventually I get some help and figure out where that fly fits in my bass fishing puzzle.
  13. Crab flies worked well in 2018 on bigger fish too. Where I fish there are current rips that form and when the green crabs get soft is the only time i have seen crabs tumbling through the rips along the bottom. The bass feed like trout on nymphs so I fish unweight crab flies under glowing thinamabobber indicators. I use split shot to adjust depth just like nymphing. green crabs are not great swimmers like blue crabs so not sure if this will work for you or not. I would say the current is 1.5-3kts depending on the moon phase. Typically the molting of the crabs conicides with a full moon which generates fast current. Oh yeah if you add ProCure Peeler Crab scent to your crab fly at night the results will go up 4 to 1 or better, but scent is not for most fly fishermen. I don't use it a lot on baitfish flies, but when I am "crabbing" I really like to use it. I think it helps the bass down current find my crab fly in the dark. Get a very cheap UV pet urine light to charge the glowing indicator. Its way faster and will not spook the fish like a white light will.
  14. It works very well for me on the Cape and locally when fishing crab flies. I have frozen and had fish swim right over it and past me. You don't move the crab flies very much or often so without the sink line it hard to keep it where you want it. That said I generally know the path the fish are coming towards me unlike a permit where they are constantly changing direction so its rare the bass are coming between me and the fly so no running over the line. Stripers like to feed into the current on flat edges it makes them a bit more predictable. I have only observed them cross my sinking line 3 times in a couple of seasons all of which the line did not spook them but twice they saw me and spooked. I am no expert this is purely my observations when I have been fishing in Massachusetts.
  15. In 2017/2018 I was finding big bass on the small silverside schools using american eel flies. The eels were getting ambushed as they were coming up off the bottom to eat the silversides near the surface by 10-18lb stripers. 11-12 inch eel flies Rich Murphy's rattlesnake and quartermoon special were getting the big bass and small flies were getting schoolies. The big bass never broke surface or betrayed their presence. I figured it out because I was using small flies catching dinks and my surfcasting buddies were using eel plastic baits and started getting cows. Later I started seeing the eels eating the silver sides as well as big green crabs eating them. Then when the green crabs got soft and I had silversides, eels, and soft crabs things got really good. Unfortunately that pattern never set up in 2019. Hoping it makes a come back in late July through August this year.