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  1. Hmmm this is all interesting. I switched to heavier gauge hooks with good point design and leader 25lb or 40lb depending on rod. I think its made a major difference in landing fish. I also hit a fish one to two more hook-sets after the strip strike. If I get the additional hookset I rarely lose a fish.
  2. Bigger fish have been showing up. Three fish over 30 inches so far. Canal trip was a big skunk. Herring run strategies on Cape, Boston, and South Shore have produced all big fish so far. Its been very slow 1-3 hits a night been only throwing flies 10-12" long. Check out @CaryGreene thread on Herring Runs great info there.
  3. Funny story not a single large heavy fly has been an issue. as soon as I threw a small jiggy fly I overpowered cast and hit rod breaking it. Good thing its under warranty from thomas and Thomas
  4. Thats awesome!!
  5. So I threw standard flies finally in desperation to save day at cheeky caught a ton of micro 12-14 inch fish. From the one day of small flies I have 21 fish all under 15". It was sort of fun after so many slow nights hunting big fish. But reaffirmed nothing under 10" at night for me is still the policy because I want to see this threw to the end of season and see how numbers stack up. Big flies were able to move the big fish but could not get a strike in daylight. Broke both my 9' 9WT and TH 10 WT. a very humbling day for sure.
  6. That bluegill is one savage little fish!
  7. FYI 8 trips now. No small flies no fish under 24" yet. No big fish yet either but two "keepers" mixed in with oversized schoolies. Only 9 fish total for season and out of 8 trips had 3 skunks. I think my only conclusion is I have at least eliminated catching fish under 20". watch I catch a 12" fish on a 12" fly tonight lol
  8. Giving this thread a bump. Reminder to get registered for tournament's fly rod division if you have not done so. The tournament is less than a month away. Weekend of Friday, June 7–Sunday, June 9, 2019
  9. No I have not what is the core strength? I need 50 to 70 lbs since I fish a 40lb leader.
  10. Yes its on for tonight 8pm start time.
  11. I fish at night most of the time but I do get to see some very close strikes at first light pretty regularly. I have seen fish take my flies or lures two ways: broadside and from behind. I have never seen one take it head on. It's pretty clear from the wear marks on my plug's finish that they do take in the front third when they hit the lure broadside or in the rear third of the lure. So both definitely happen. I agree with your walk away strategy I do that on beaches or in estuaries the schoolies group up and bigger fish can be found through mobility. The problem I have is very generally my really large fish are coming from very small areas that have extreme current or extreme food densities. These spots are loaded with small fish in the 20-inch class. You literally cannot get through them sometimes if you use small flies. last year I was fishing a dropping tide with a 10 inch conomo special had no touches for an hour and I broke down and switched to 4 inch clouser minnow I hammered 20 fish under 20 inches with the skunk off I put the conomo back on and went no hits for 40 minutes then I hooked a 36 incher. I went another 30 minutes without a hit decided I had accomplished my mission so put clouser minnow back on and started hammering small fish again. I ended up with 67 fish of that 66 of them were 20 inches or smaller. My issue is I can't keep my fly in the water long enough sometimes to find the big fish. I guess that is a good problem to have depending on your goals.
  12. Well if you ever make a trip to Boston happy to help you get a few on the fly. Can get skunked even throwing smaller flies, but I have never stayed skunked for more than 48 hours using clousers and standard offerings. Is that why surf perch are the main target of west coast anglers in California the low striper densities?
  13. Well put.
  14. It was a great book. Glad to see you are out at it again and thanks for letting us know its started on the Cape. Been trying to keep up with water temps in my local area still low 50 degree range right now. The afternoon is much harder for me to get out with work and family so I have been more focused on early morning herring activity. I think I will find 2-3 worm hatches this year though thanks to your book.
  15. Are you fishing out of a boat or in the tributaries? If lake only I would get the 8 weight. If fishing rivers I would get an 11' 7WT switch rod and learn how to spey cast it will open up a lot more options for you. You could also go 11' 8WT but I found on pressured tributary fish you have to drop to 3X flouro and its nice to have the lighter 7WT to protect light tippet on bigger fish.