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  1. Yesterday my buddy and I were fishing a local creek; there is about a 200 yard stretch of shoals where we got out waded. Got the surprise of a lifetime when this bad boy started pulling serious drag as we were fishing for spots in shallow water. We were about 100 yards from the boat when I hooked into this hawg, so I didn't have the scales or measuring board. Curious as to how much you think he might have weighed? Felt like he might have been between 15# - 20#, but I'm not sure...
  2. Hello: I am primarily a (black) bass kayak/canoe fisherman, but have on occasion pulled in a striper / hybrid...and it's always a blast. I was out fishing Friday and was having zero luck with the spots / heads, but I kept seeing & hearing really large boils. At first I thought they were carp due to the size of the boil. But the ferocity was definitely more aggressive than the lazy carp. So I tied on a foxy shad Zara Super Spook, only it was the metallic / reflective bottom version, and threw it out there. As I started walking the dog, it was almost immediately annihilated, and I knew I had hooked into a striper. Two minutes later I was reaching down with the fish grips to bring up a 30+ inch stud (a stud for around here, anyway), and my line broke. Was using 10 lb. PLine CXX mono, which is normally highly reliable for me in swimbait/cranking/spinner/topwater scenarios. My suspicion is that one of the trebles cut it, as the lead treble was actually in the fish's eye, and line was twisted in the second treble. At any rate, it was total heartbreak. So while I have caught a bunch stripers, I have never specifically gone after them...which I would like to try my hand at now. The hunt and the fight are just awesome. I would love to discuss freshwater tactics. I know I am limited in range by the nature of the kayak and I know they are said to feed most aggressively from just after dusk to just before dawn, but this guy hit that topwater plug at noon on a cloudless day. And I see folks live bait fishing for them, and catching them, at similar times. Which brings up another point - I don't really care to fish with live bait from the kayak - artificial only. Any pointers, tips, secrets, whatever, for lure fishing for stripes in freshwater would be welcomed! Thanks! Coosa River, AL
  3. 1/1/16, LMB or spot, you be the judge. 24" & ~8 lbs, GLoomis E6X 6'8" MH/EF, BPS Pro Qualifier 7.1:1, 10 lb. Seaguar Invisx, Picasso 3/8oz Shaky head w/ black Zoom Trick Worm. First day of the year, best fish so far.
  4. Been there done that...on more than one occasion. Kayak fishing introduces a whole new set of challenges with regards to managing gear. I have lost several rods / reels, boxes of tackle, phones, sunglasses, scales, etc. But the most memorable one was when I put a rattletrap into a tree. As I precariously tried to retrieve it, the bait came unstuck and the rod fell into the water. If you've ever dunked one, you know they don't sink immediately - they tease the **** out of you as they drift away and slowly down. It was a Veritas 2.0 + BPS Pro Qualifier...fortunately it was the 5.2:1 model, which is _way_ too slow, BTW. Anyway, that was in the spring of 2015. In January of 2016 I was slow rolling a spinnerbait on the bottom and hooked into, you guessed it, the rod/reel I had dunked. They both cleaned up nice:
  5. That's the Coosa River spot for you; the further down the river, the darker...and they fight like hell. This one was caught in the Coosa tailwaters below the Lake Jordan dam.
  6. Some off my go-to set-ups - I tend to purchase mostly middle-of-the-road in terms of quality: Cranking St. Croix Mojo Bass Glass (Crankster) 7'4" M / M w/ Revo SX 7.1:1; long rod, slightly stiffer tip than a lot of crankbait rods, which I like; a lot of people like a slower reel for cranking, but I like to get it down into the zone as quickly as possible, then slow it down. Swimbaits / A-Rigs GLoomis E6X SWB 7'4" H / MF w/ Shimano Curado 300E; usually spooled w/ 20lb PLine CXX mono Multi-use - soft plastics, spinners, chatterbaits, jigs GLoomis GL2 6'8" M / F w/ Lew's Tournament Pro Speed Spool LFS & 8 - 10 lb. PLine CXX; occasionally 30lb braid of some sort GLoomis E6X 6'8" MH / EF w/ Bass Pro Shop Pro Qualifier 7.1:1 & whatever 10 - 15 lb. fluorocarbon; usually Seaguar Invisx or Vicious Fishing 13 Omen Black 2 6'7" MH / F w/ Revo SX 7.1:1 spooled with PLine CXX mono 10lb mono currently Fenwick Elite Tech 6'9" MH / F, currently not in use Lightweight Presentations Abu Garcia Veritas 2.0 7' MH / F w/ Daiwa Exceler 2000 spooled w/ braid + leader But if I had to pick one rig for multiple uses, I would go with the 13 Omen w/ the Revo SX; line would be the X-factor. That $99 rod + $159 reel combo can cast a mile, has plenty of power yet is quite sensitive for quick hook sets, can handle much larger lures than the 1oz rating, and will hold 145 yards of 12lb mono. The only area I couldn't use it would be for lightweight/weightless presentations and I would have to carefully consider using it is for cranking...not to say it couldn't do it, but it definitely isn't ideal. I've pulled in some beasts with that set up.
  7. Best results I've had with a frog is the 3/4 oz Lunkerhunt Lunker Frog in croaker and green tea. IMO, it's the legs that make it so effective; they look great and the action is quite realistic in the water as opposed to the little rubber strands used by most frogs...casts a mile, too. Here's a nice Coosa River spot caught on the croaker:
  8. I was fishing a creek off of a lake (which is a reservoir/impoundment) on the Coosa River in Alabama. The striper come up the creek to spawn, but it is also deep enough w/ enough current for them to come up during warmer months; it is absolutely _loaded_ with shad. Thanks for the tips on tackle; here's what I've thrown into a "striper kit" box for now. Some is stuff I already had, some I purchased specifically for striper fishing: - several Zara Super Spooks - 7" Redfin - Whopper Plopper 130 - Storm Chug Bug, 4 3/8", white/red - 7" Bull Shad (do stripes like these??) - Rapala Xtreme Slash jerkbait type plug - large, 1oz - 3/4oz bucktail hair jigs, white/purple/chartreuse - black 1/2oz Boo Yah buzzbait for night / dusk - some 1oz Rooster Tails for jigging, modified - Picasso umbrella rig - I've caught plenty of them on this - 3/4oz & 1oz jigging spoons Anything else you can specifically recommend would be great! As far as the line test, that CXX 8 - 10 is generally bombproof. Plus I only have one reel that can comfortably accommodate 120+ yards of 15 - 20 mono, a Curado 300E, the rest are low profile reels perfect for up to 12 lb. Caught plenty of six - seven lb. stripers, some five - six lb. bass, the occasional drum, and this 28 lb. flathead on a 1/4 oz. Spot Remover Shaky Head w/ a Zoom junebug Trick Worm & _8_ lb. CXX:
  9. No, just cedar planks.
  10. If at some point you do want to try them, here's a great recipe: Marinate several carp filets overnight in a mixture of low sodium soy sauce, a little orange juice, a pinch or two of garlic, and some cilantro When ready, place the filets on a cedar plank, add some salt and pepper Cover in tinfoil and broil lightly at 300 - 325 in the oven for 10 - 15 minutes Remove from oven, throw away the carp and eat the plank Bon apatite!