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    Deeply enjoy the lure customization, and hunt of the big ones.
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    Fierce love of all things outdoors.
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    Synthetic chemist in the pulp and paper industry

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  1. Awesome thanks! I found some pretty good reviewed charters in Wanchese to. I think I'll probably have a good selection. Hoping to get in on some puppy drum and trout!
  2. Hey OBX ppl, I'll be heading to Duck the last week in June and would like to get out and target drum and trout inshore. I was going to charter a trip for myself, dad, brother and b-i-l. Does anyone have any recommendations? Of the group I'm really the only one with any real experience, they are all mostly trout guys so I'll be jigging while they will likely go with the shrimps. Looking to do a 4hr trip and target puppy drum and trout. Been quite a while since I hit OBX, so any advice or charter recommendations are much appreciated.
  3. Beefed up trollers. Had great success on these colors all Spring, especially the orange bellies.
  4. Hey guys, Asking $3500 OBO Trying to sell my Quintrex, I ran into some outboard issues last season and my mechanic delivered the news that she's got bad compression in the top and bottom. The lower unit is still in great shape, always serviced and the prop is a newer aluminum 3 blade I replaced after purchasing ~4years ago. With that in mind, The hull is still in great shape. It's got it's fair share of scrapes, but as a welded aluminum hull it's built like a tank. These are super unique, I'd love to see someone with more time than I do re-power and get this thing cruising again. Comes with a single axle 2 bunk venture trailer that's got brand new tires. Also will throw in all the extra stuff I have like lifejackets, fishfinder/GPS/chartplotter (Garmin), and the zip on weather guards that attach to the bimini top. The Trailer is titled in my name and I have a bill of sale for the boat (titles not generated in DE). I think the price is fair, it's honestly hard to find anything to compare since I've only ever seen maybe 2 for sale in the last 10 years but shoot me an offer if you disagree.
  5. Great boats, I was very lucky to have scored mine but yes I will be letting it go here soon after I get some service done. It's a fishing vessel all the way. High gunnels, handles chop well, nice open deck. Mine is the 18ft version of that original pic in your post. I have a 100hp Yamaha on mine. Light enough that it can be towed by most vehicles easily even with gear and a full tank.
  6. Wanted to chime in on this. I bought a Favorite White Bird 7'3'' ML paired up with my Exceler 4000 size reel. What a fun set up. Super sensitive, felt every bite and pulled out some really nice big fluke last summer in numerous spots (bar edge, rips, lip). I found that the jerkshad wasn't ideal and instead used the largest of the gulp shrimps in Chartreuse. Was consistently pulling keepers on that setup. Also found the shrimps to be more durable and actually with the wear and tear the action improves until the gulp is completely destroyed. The larger shrimps are kind of hard to find in my area, but possibly the shore B&T's stock them in greater selection and sizes. Thanks for the tips and tricks here, it really changed my habits in a positive way. I haven't had a session yet that didn't produce great numbers.
  7. Kphresh


    have you tried sealing them pre weighting to see if that helps? Drill the weight holes, seal, insert weights with body filler, then proceed with prime/paint/epoxy? I wonder if that would help on wood types that are prone to cracking. The other theory is that this wood is shrinking in the cold ocean water at a rate that causes the material to crack around the lead weighting. We all have seen it, a perfectly finished plug with weight holes hidden all of a sudden is showing dimpling where the "hidden" lead is after a couple outings. No plug builder is immune unless they are using resin. Not sure how to completely remedy that phenomenon. Possibly investigating a pliable putty to embed weights.
  8. Pulling some good fish on my @Mandoborg winter swap plug. Had a great night with that bad boy in the mix
  9. Hit some spots up MoCo last night. Slack high into the outgoing. Bait was absolutely stacked but water still feels a bit too cold. Snagged a cracking sized bunker and called it a night.
  10. Is it tapered like a lefty style, or flat same as a danny style? I've never bought any I always made my own from Pikie 3 or 4 lips
  11. pretty sure the cowboy sr was a danny 3 high slot
  12. Kphresh


    You could print your own if you order Water Slide Decal paper. Also could order some water slide decals in the same flying tiger mouth pattern, just would need to make sure you have the correct dimensions on the decal or turn the plug to be the right size/diameter for that particular decal to look appropriate. The inkjet water slide decal paper isn't too expensive though and then you can make a variety of your own. After the decal dries on, you may need to hit it with a light coat of clear to make sure it doesn't get damaged or start peeling up during your epoxy.
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