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  1. Here's the finished plugs from a few days ago. Still have a few more that need final epoxy top coat, but the senko tail pikie is done and I am very happy with the result.
  2. Tormek is def the way to go if you can afford it. I did buy my dad a knockoff version called a WEN sharpener, and he loves it. Said he sharpened every knife/tool he owns. So there are alternatives if you are a budget guy, but if you have the money I would highly recommend the Tormek like Norcal
  3. Yes, I used a soft plastic screw holder (the kind you add to a weighted wide gap or shakey head) and it is pinned in with a piece of through wire so that if you need to remove it to fix the tail in any way it is very accessible. Had to figure out a way to throughwire it but eliminate the tail loop. That was tricky but I think I got something that will work.
  4. Hahaha thanks Phil, i was gonna use a Ron Z or like a whip it eel but the good old senko won me over
  5. Trying out a new proto, it has a really good swim I am very pleased. VID_20180912_171929.mp4
  6. Thanks for the heads up guys!! I've been waiting for a 'Slamming' deal for a while now! Just purchased a 4500, says back in stock on the 28th so should get it by the 31st. Hell Yea!!
  7. In my opinion it comes down to regulations and enforcement. Places with access like the canal and fish in numbers like that need better rules and regs as well as Fish and Game presence. We were there for three days and saw ZERO D&R. I practice strict CPR, my choice and I think a great service to the fishery. But with how easy it is to simply buy a combo rod and a magic swimmer and catch a decent fish, it brings out everyone and their cousin to come with the 'fill the freezer' mentality... So sad to see the hundreds of dead cows leaving the canal. You know it's bad when people get mad at you for releasing a sub 28in fish saying "Oooo that looked so delicious why did you let go???"
  8. Was there for a 3 day stint and let me tell you.... When you are at a spot that people don't know of as a 'honey hole' and get on em every cast it is truly the Canal dream you hear about (happened to us Friday), but when you go to a known area that produces all etiquette goes out the window whether is is a local guy or out of stater next to you. We posted up around 3am and by 5 people were showing up and squeezing in 5ft next to you then complaining when they sweep their jig over your line and end up with a tangle.... The allure of a 40 class fish does strange things to people.
  9. That trip was just amazing! Cali is beautiful, and the fishing really makes you respect the anglers that catch. Orlando and Mike are some real stand up guys. Can't wait to go back!! Here's the fixter fish...
  10. All preference man, if you want a swivel go for it. I use a small spro swivel and a 50lb TA clip for albies with no problems. Caught a lot of fish that way. It all comes down to the fish to be honest. Some say less terminal the better for them, but some days they are picky other days not. And in my experience it usually has nothing to do with the presence of a swivel or TA clip. I mean, you have that big hunk of epoxied lead on the end of your line with a hook on it. A small TA clip isn't gonna make a difference, and makes swapping colors so much faster.
  11. Hey guys, gonna be hitting the canal that weekend with BunkerBill so may stop by if we get a spare hour or so. Gonna be fishing hard so we will see hahahahaha. Had a lot of success last year so looking forward to wetting some lines! If you see us don't hesitate to stop and say hi! -Evan
  12. Got into some 10 to 12lb blues with the 5in standard in chartreuese. That plug is worth every penny. I have the bigger 7in and it has it's applications too. They are fish catchers. Also, I absolutely killed it that day on the Mirrolure Top Dawg. Another really good, loud, search bait.
  13. Dude, yesterday's lures were awesome.  Very unique design, similar to the peanut challenge.  Q: what do you use for the top coat?  I am really struggling with this step.  Thanks man!

    1. Kphresh


      Do you mean for the final epoxy coat? I use a 2 part glaze epoxy you can get at any home improvement store called Parks

  14. @lonellr I have the rainbow trout in my bag too, would be awesome to get one this weekend. We will see!
  15. A couple finished and going out! I'm keeping the Big Eye for myself...