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  1. I have a 4" piece of PVC that attaches to a wading belt that I use for a rod holder. I keep a bait rod in it while I plug or flyfish with another rod (told ya I had ADD). It's pretty funny when you've got two fish on at once. Tip: use floating plugs/line and circle hooks for the bait.
  2. Ahhh bluefish.. How do I love thee.... Anything that will puke so it can eat more is beautiful in my book (including super-models.) I allways target bluefish first, and then try for stripers. I guess anything over 30" is big for me. I have fond memories of giant blues swimming into the back bays of Southern Maine and leaving a pool of blood and pogey parts. They are my favorite.
  3. Yeah...thanks D Powell
  4. No thanks for me? Figures... [This message has been edited by MayorMcFish (edited 09-28-2001).]
  6. banded rudder fish damn it!
  7. I don't know if you saw it in the other thread, but if you are looking for a decent grouse/woodcock spot in Freeport, send me an email.
  8. What the *^%%^# do you mean by that? nod, nod, wink wink
  9. Boink me an email and I'll tell ya.
  10. Open mouth...insert foot. This morning, ofcourse, I get a good ol' fashioned fall blitz. Dead peanuts were all over the place, but certainly not like last year. Road trip anyone?
  11. I have severe ADD and so does my father. He did not raise me, so I assume it is partly genetic. Fishing is one of the few things I can do and totally concentrate. When I work, I have to have the TV on (sometimes radio too w/ the TV on mute), and look at web pages at the same time, while constantly clicking the mouse. Fishing, especially fly, allows me to focus on "one" thing for an extended period of time because it has enough aspects to keep me busy. ADD is a real pain.
  12. Attempt was the correct word. Sorry dry sense of humor becomes even drier online. It was a very nice gesture Flyrodder.
  13. Oh shut up DaveS. What the hell is this olive crap supposed to mean?
  14. Last year there were so many peanut bunker, you'd snag them on the retrieve. You couldn't keep the pollock off the bucktails, or anything else for that matter. I had a couple days that were 50+ fish in a few hours. This year is very different. Although I caught a fair number of 30"+ fish in the end of August (which didn't happen last year), the shortage of schoolies is scary.
  15. Beautiful!