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  1. Sure, here's a tutorial on how to catch striped bass: Equipment: Fishing rod and reel suitable for saltwater fishing 20-30 lb test monofilament or fluorocarbon fishing line Swivels and leaders to prevent line twists and abrasion Bucktail jigs, soft plastic baits, and/or live bait (such as herring or eels) A sturdy landing net and a pair of pliers or a dehooking tool Technique: Find a location where striped bass are known to be present, such as rocky shorelines, jetties, or deep channels. You can also ask local fishermen or bait shops for advice on where to fish. Look for signs of feeding activity, such as birds diving or fish jumping. Striped bass are often found in areas where there is a lot of baitfish activity. Choose your bait and rig it onto your line. Bucktail jigs, soft plastic baits, and live bait are all effective for catching striped bass. Cast your bait out into the water and let it sink to the desired depth. Striped bass are often found in deeper water, so make sure to let your bait sink to the bottom or to the level where the fish are feeding. Slowly retrieve your bait using a steady, rhythmic motion. Striped bass are often attracted to a slow, steady retrieve, so be patient and maintain a consistent speed. Watch for the telltale signs of a strike, such as your line tightening or your rod tip bending. When you feel a bite, wait a second or two before setting the hook to make sure the fish has taken the bait fully. Reel in the fish using a smooth, steady motion. Use your net to scoop up the fish once it's close enough to the surface, and use your pliers or dehooking tool to remove the hook carefully. Make sure to handle the fish gently and release it quickly if you're not planning to keep it. Tips: Striped bass are often caught at dawn and dusk, so try fishing during these times for the best results. Use a fish finder or depth sounder to locate schools of baitfish and striped bass. Pay attention to the tides and currents, as striped bass are often found in areas with strong currents. Be prepared to switch up your bait or technique if you're not having success, as striped bass can be finicky eaters. With some patience and practice, you'll be able to catch striped bass like a pro. Good luck and tight lines!
  2. The A-40 has some storage marks and the Sr is 99% percent perfect. If you’re asking when they were made, I don’t know that answer. I can provide more pictures if you want.
  3. I’m looking to trade my A-40 and Sr Cowboy for 3 Danny’s -yellow, herring, white or any combination in between. Thanks
  4. They are some of the toughest of the spring flowers and should survive the cold snap.
  5. With a day like today, I can see why they think it’s time. Anyone else seeing this?
  6. I’ve lived in 6 states and CT is by far my favorite, cool people, great education opportunities if you have children, excellent health care, easy airport, gateway to upper New England and if your an outside person you will discover beautiful things every time you step out your door. If you fish for stripers, the world record striper was caught in Westbook.
  7. Let’s give theses two beauties one more try. $80 shipped
  8. This is what my Premio’s looked liked after one season. I just sent them back to the company for warranty and haven’t heard back from them yet.
  9. Weekend bump
  10. I can do $80 for the pair.
  11. Up for sale is a Green and Red Mackerel BM Needle- 2.5 oz unrigged. They are new with some storage scuffs and marks. $90 shipped for the pair Venmo or PayPal f&f Thanks for looking
  12. Thanks Connman.
  13. Used once and is in great condition. $22 shipped Venmo or PayPal f&f thanks for looking.
  14. Price drop $25 shipped for the Fish on 8 Eelskin