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  1. I’ll takes these for asking.
  2. Awhile back I was looking through the stomach content thread and I don’t remember seeing a single eel. Lots of other crazy stuff though.
  3. There perfect and I’ll take them. Thanks again
  4. Definitely interested. Thanks
  5. Looking for a couple of used/new white ones but open to others as well. Thanks in advance.
  6. Cool-I’ll take them
  7. With the scratch mark/dent on the yellow I’m sticking with $25. Total understand if your staying with $29. Thanks
  8. Would you do $25 for the bunker and yellow Danny? Thanks
  9. Buddha- thanks for all the great advice and I’m going with the trevala s m because most likely I’ll be doing vertical style fishing for fluke/seabass. Thanks again for both of your help. Cheers
  10. The accurate is a bit of an overkill for a light rod. I’m leaning towards the Trevala s with a medium rating.
  11. I’ve never done this style of fishing so any advice would be appreciated. The Mojo does have a really good feel and light for all day fishing.
  12. It’s easy to get into the habit and recycled flip flops make badass fly lures.
  13. The Lami Black sure looks like a sweet rod, but with the BP gift card I’m looking to buy something that they offer. The Mojo and Trevala are 2 completely different rods and that why I was hoping someone could help me out. I’m completely new to this type of fishing and any advice is much appreciated.
  14. That’s good info right there and you’re right the medium might be a better choice.
  15. I just picked up a used fury 400 single speed and looking to pair it up to a rod. Most of the fishing will be done of my kayak in 60’ of water or less targeting everything that bites in the LIS. I have $125 bass pro gift card which limits which rod I will buy. Right now I’m deciding between the inshore Mojo 7’ MH or the trevala s ML. I like the Mojo because the handle is 22” which gives it a good feel. I’m think the trevala s is overkill but it sure is a sweet rod. Thanks in advance.