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  1. Went out yesterday evening after the thunderstorm dissipated and dropped a slob on the retrieve in 12’ of water and had one even bigger miss the lure a few casts later. Then the new resident seal, been there now for a week and a half, showed up and shut everything down for an hour or so. Marked some fish on the finder right after a breathtaking sunset and ended the day with a couple a good ones.
  2. During bluefish season, I try to have hockey tape with me at all times for emergency damage control. Those bites can bleed for a long ass time.
  3. I went out last night for a few hours on the kayak in one of our big rivers. Fishing was slow but steady but between 6:05 to 6:35 the fishing turned on. I landed 8 30” plus stripers with the largest being in the 20# class on the 9” doc in 12’ to 15’ of water. It was literally a fish on ever cast. After 6:30 it went back to slow with fish ranging 12” to 24” with absolutely no interest in the 9” doc.
  4. From the kayak on one of our big CT rivers.
  5. In the past week I’ve switched to throwing more 7” to 9” plugs with good big fish results. The 9” doc is my number 1 big fish lure so far, but because the way it’s designed it’s also the one that brings the most frustration with misses. When they blast the lure and miss I switch rods for the 7” doc with ok results. Biggest of the week was around 38”.
  6. Stella508, I appreciate the counter offer but Im sticking with $300. Thanks
  7. I can offer $300 via PayPal shipped to 06417. Thanks
  8. Fishing from the kayak in one of the big rivers and catching 30” to 35” stripers around sunset on top water. The bite is hot for about 30 minutes and then drops of a cliff. Lots of 22” to 24” around as well.
  9. PayPal sent.
  10. Hey man- I’ll take this for the asking price. Thanks
  11. Thanks for posting and could you do $60?
  12. Looking to get more into night fishing on the yak. Shipping to 06417 and PayPal preferred. Cheers
  13. When in the middle of a bluefish blitz any crappy used beat up pencil popper is my go to. If you want some entertainment a 7” Doc without hooks can put on a great show.
  14. Another shout out to Joe and Q at Rivers End in Saybrook.
  15. Man the weekend has been rough and I think even the Ospreys have been skunked.