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  1. Yea I got a lexa 300 I use for musky fishing I can use, I would like another set up just in case.
  2. Oh, I can't seem to find one online, might just wait and buy local in RI. Thanks
  3. Great news for sure!!
  4. Thanks for the reply. I was afraid of that, where did you order your 7030ct from?
  5. My suggestion if going conventional would be a siegler sm with a 13' if your looking for a 8nbait. But no matter what a 150yd is a poke that not that many can achieve. A good budget reel is Akio's, I have 757ct that I can almost hit 100yrds on a football field. If you want more pro's and con's on the akio let me know. Hope this helps.
  6. Thank You!!!
  7. What is MV?
  8. Most likely only once or twice a year. I picked up this Truth sg a couple years ago for a really good price and just got this xxh Nexus 7' feels like overkill to me but unsure. I'm looking for a 2nd setup to cover my bases. Also would like a surf/jetty setup for jigs and plugs.
  9. Those stories are true, its 98% private land here and 2% public There's some big public area's in the southern counties but a lot of poachers and knuckleheads. We've never delt with outfitters but if you do find one that has good references do your homework first. I would look up for info first.
  10. Thx, This deer was only about 115# with no teeth left, I doubt it would have survived the winter.
  11. No, my brothers. Last year's muzzel loader season. Yea he puts in a lot of time and hunts hard, I was happy for him. He gets big one's every year.
  12. After doing research it looks like Rhoad Island might be a go. Talked to a nice lady at Seven B's V party boats and I'll be arriving around opening day for the tog bite. I guess I better find a tog set up, any suggestions? Thanks, SOL
  13. No, my brothers. Last year's muzzel loader season.