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  1. The rod is a 9' meduim power, fast action rod. It has 10 guides and the tip. The rod is made of graphite, with a 13" handle. I bought this rod for catfishing and for throwing plugs on the beach, but I later picked up a different rod from a buddy and this one never got used. There is a dent in the cork stuff on the handle somewhere, but other than that the rod is in fantastic condition. I'm asking $60 but I'm open to offers or even trades! Pickup is preferred (central VA) but I'll ship too. Feel free to make an offer!
  2. Thanks guys. This really is an amazing guide I'll use it many times as I service my reel
  3. THANK YOU!! I recently picked up a sealine from a friend, so I'm gonna be opening it up soon. This should be super helpful! Can I use any thin grease for the drag assemble? or does it have to be specifically "drag grease?"
  4. Not sure. I got it as a trade with someone I was fishing with. Is it worth opening up the reel to check?
  5. Lou, how much line do you have on the spool? If I don't have much line on the spool, there's enough room for my thumb, and your technique works really well. If I fill the spool nearly to the top, there isn't much flange to put my thumb on. I've noticed that I also get less backlashes with less line on the spool. (I'm using a Daiwa Sealine)
  6. But if the pressure from my thumb can scorch my mono, won't covering my thumb with rubber or tape make it even worse? It seems like my thumb would be good, but the rubber would melt the mono
  7. I use a 12ft daiwa beefstick (fiberglass). It's $40, and can easily cast a 1.5 ounce metal to an 8&bait. It's also held up to two 45 pound drum in heavy current, but is sensitive enough to pick up bites from spot and other little fish. For $40 it's awesome! I recommend you try it out
  8. Ok thanks guys!
  9. Ohh ok. Thanks!
  10. I think #4 is my biggest issue! I can cast smoothly most of the time (no backlashes or burn), but when I put more muscle into my cast, it gets more jerky/whippy At the beginning of my cast (when I'm casting hard) it seems like I don't have connection with my weight, like there's slack in the line.
  11. Yeah there's definitely a bit of play in the spool (like the spool can wiggle back and forth). Will more spool tension help?
  12. Flex wrap? Like saran wrap?
  13. That's a cool idea! Would it help if I used different line (pound test, or maybe braid) in addition to these things? I'm using 20lb ande mono
  14. Thanks! Is the drum the area with the brake blocks?
  15. Ok, I'll try adding more brake. However, my reel (a daiwa sealine) doesn't have too much braking power on it Is there anything else I could try?