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  1. Did anybody who was offended write Kelly Galloup a letter, email or call him on the phone? Also do you know what a Merkin is? lol
  2. Thanks for the offer. That looks like a great rod After I posted this I had a bit of an f up with some unforseen expenses and I am no longer looking to buy.
  3. I'm looking for a small stream rod to put in some hours next year.
  4. Back when I was growing up in Michigan i remember running straight mono on a fly rod with some weight with or with out a float and drifting egg flies, spawn sacks, live bait, or flys. It worked pretty good. While it is nowhere near as elegant as centerpinning and much less effective it was better than nymphing with a fly line. This tactic is probably considered "redneck" now. If it is legal where you fish might be worth a try. There has probably been a day where a flyrodder has landed more fish than a centerpinner but I havent seen it.
  5. We have an inflatable SUP and it's awesome for throwing in the back of the car, easy to take on a road trip etc... But in the wind it is worse than any of even the worst conventional SUPs I have used. Not my favorite to fish off of. Ours is a Bodyglove brand with welded seams when inflated it is plenty rigid. It just lacks any ballast. I would be interested in trying out one of the premium boards like an inflatable BOTE.
  6. That's something, Im still trying to wrap my head around this one. The sale of fresh water fish and game is illegal in my state. I got nothing against eating Black Bass they aren't bad. Most guys I know that keep any number of Largemouth take them through the ice. In the last ten year I've seen this put pressure on what used to be some pretty low key ponds.
  7. For real? They net and sell largemouth bass at markets and the backs of cars??? HAhAHAHAhahaha. Learn something new every day.
  8. I appreciate the input. I'll probably pick one or both up when they come back in stock and try to write something up. There's not too many US reviews of their lines that ive seen.
  9. I did some searches on this site and could only come up with a few mentions of some of Barrio's other tapers. Curious if any one has tried either of these out? They are all currently out of stock but I was just wondering if anyone had looked at either of these lines.
  10. I've seen the classic trout mentioned a bunch in this thread. I agree with your take on it it is a pretty decent rod for the price and if the OP said they were after a rod for closer in work with dries and wets then I would recommend it but for all around probably wouldnt be on my list. Of course everyone is different and some people enjoy thowing 9 wt lines with their 5 wts.
  11. I have been extremely impressed with my Fenwick HMG 5wt using it as a friggin work horse. Mine is from the current generation. I have beaten the sh** out of this rod, sobered up to to the sound of cone heads or weighted nymphs smashing the tip of the rod fishing in the dark, stored it half put together and rigged for the whole season in the bed of a work truck for the last 3 or 4 years, fished nymphs, dries and streamers on it. I has been everywhere from the McCloud River in California, Alpine ponds in Colorado, Smallmouths in the Connecticut, and Maine trout streams. The rod has never let me down. I have broken more expensive rods being much more careful. The Aetos casts pretty good too but I havent put one through the paces like the HMG. Ask your self what you are looking for in a rod. A tool? something fancy? a little bit of both?
  12. Yeah I'm not sure about what the point was. There was very little empirical evidence that fly fishing is "booming" right now. Rich people have been shelling out huge amounts of money for vintage Hardy tackle for a long time. Hell if someone went over to spey pages with an under the table offer of a great blue heron they'd probably have beer money for a couple of years. What ever floats your boat.
  13. maybe these guys are just trying to feed their sled dogs. lol.
  14. 100% unless I forget too. For Catch and release it just makes things a whole lot easier. You probably loose a few fish here and there with smashed barbs but not many. I been thinking about swapping my trebles out for inlines next year too but I'll have to do some more research. The some fly guys says they get better penetration with barbless hooks but that's always been kind of lost on me.
  15. This is a cool perspective. Especially in today's fly fishing scene. Those Danielsson's looks sweet. Plenty of atlantic salmon have been landed on click and pawls why not schoolie stripers? Sounds like a lot of fun!