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  1. There are metal clips that come with it.
  2. How much would you sell either 10 wt for?
  3. Yes the outer shell
  4. I believe the hard cover is 23” in diameter.
  5. What size is yours?
  6. Sure I will do that. So the top two plugs and $20. Deal. PM coming
  7. Do you have a 10wt rod available?
  8. Voorhies, Lunas, Black talon etc
  9. Does anyone own and use a big green egg cooker? I have a custom “fishing” cover for one and no cooker. So I’m trying to find someone who would have a use for it.
  10. Opening this back up. $90 shipped
  11. Any interest in brand new pair of costa sunglasses?
  12. Last price drop. $100
  13. Price drop $35 for bats $15 for glove.