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  1. I have a 7 ft medium st Croix tidemaster. Located in philly too. Welcome to come by this week
  2. Any interest in trading for high end conventional reels?
  3. Yessir. Pm for details. Thank you
  4. It would depend on whether you need it shipped. I think brand new I was $175. I’d be fine with 125 plus shipping cost. Does that work?
  5. Here is the St Croix. Excellent condition
  6. Here is the TFO. Excellent condition
  7. I have 2 st Croix tidemasters 7 ft and 7-6, a TFO 7 medium, and a Lamiglas insane surf 9 ft. All would be under your price range if interested
  8. What are you looking to spend on a vs200 in great condition?
  9. I may have a VS200 silver in great condition available. I had a buyer ready for it but not sure if they’re backing out. I’ll give them another day or so. If not, and you’re interested I’ll post pics.
  10. Sounds good. I’ll PM PayPal info
  11. I will sell it for 550 paypal plus the shipping costs (unless you want to pick up in Phila) which should be about $12. I’ll post some pics. Comes with box and paperwork.
  12. Ok I’ll let you know if I can find a replacement soon. Might need to get 550 for it though.
  13. I have one in excellent condition but I don’t have something to replace it. What are you looking to spend?
  14. No problem. Hope you find what you’re looking for.
  15. I have some st Croix tidemasters and a nice TFO 7 ft medium if interested.