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  1. Looking for a 5wt and 7-8 wt sealed reels. Please post picture and price. Thank you.
  2. Good deal thank you. Just need a boga now
  3. Ok he said would you do $120 shipped?
  4. Ok I’ll try to talk him into them. You said you have the original sheath and a lanyard for them?
  5. it would cost me $10 or more to ship it. How about we meet at $37 shipped?
  6. I am in Ocean City occasionally.
  7. Sure. Pm me for PayPal info
  8. Gonna hold off on those for now but thank you for the offer. I think the danco 6.5” are about that price new. Will let you know if anything changes.
  9. I will check with him. How much for them?
  10. As the title says, looking for a friend who’s not on SOL and getting into the surf game. Please post pictures and price. Thank you.
  11. I might have an extra penn clash in that range if interest.
  12. Bump
  13. All good. I will probably hang onto in case I need it. I’ve been using the Zeebaas ones from their site and love them. You can get different lengths.