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  1. What do you have? Could be interested in white, yellow, weakfish, melon, bunker etc
  2. What Danny’s are they and how much?
  3. Anyone have any classic Danny’s by CCW? New or decent condition. Thanks
  4. Want to find some good strong hooks on jig heads. Anywhere from 1/2 to 2 oz sizes. Anyone have some laying around they don’t use?
  5. Ok yes I’ll be in touch when I’m in the area
  6. They look decent. Not sure when I’d get to LBI though. Any idea on shipping cost?
  7. Sure sounds good. Thank you
  8. Any update?
  9. Ok thank you. I’d be interested for sure. Thanks
  10. Are they still waterproof? Have any pictures?
  11. Still looking.
  12. Sounds good. Deal thank you
  13. Willing to pay more cash, just going off of what you wrote.
  14. It is new but I can’t find the box on it. I can send you pictures this evening when I’m home if you’d like. And if I read your post correctly, $30 plus my 30lb boga?
  15. No problem! Let me know. Thank you.