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  1. Looking for a 2 tube and soft plastics pouch. Can be used if decent condition. EbbPoint, 4171, etc. thanks
  2. $70 shipped for the last 4
  3. I have a used one in white. I think it’s 5” if interested.
  4. I’m good with that. Add $5 for shipping and PM with your address
  5. WTS Super strike needle lot. Asking $150 All are carried but a few are like new. A few used. Would like to sell as a lot but would consider splitting if you make it worth my while. Please add $5 to ship. PayPal FF or Venmo. Thank you.
  6. Apologies. I didn’t make a listing here so I didn’t realize they had to come down. But I will take care of it.
  7. I would do $150 shipped for all in the picture. PayPal ff or Venmo
  8. I also have a brand new midnight massacre needle as well. Not pictured.
  9. Let me know if interested in any.
  10. I have some brand new and some used needles I would sell. I’ll get pictures later if interested.
  11. What size waist does that fit? I have an AH pencil and metal lip I’d consider trading for it.
  12. I have a like new silver. But would have to ship it from NJ
  13. Make me an offer for mine. It’s excellent conditions. With or without power knob.
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