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  1. Nice, I going to pick some up and try it out this weekend
  2. I was largemouth fishing with my uncle a few months ago and we were using chatter baits. After seeing the flash and pulsating action from it I thought might be a killer bait for fluking. Has anyone tried using a chatter bait for flatties before?
  3. Went out for a quick sunset session, also wanted to try out another new plug. I couldn't see the new plugs action from the surf so i decided to BT for some fluke until I got to the jetty and had a better view of the lure. Landed 4 short fluke all between 8" and 15" on the walk to the jetty. Once I got to the jetty I started throwing the new plug and landed a nice little schoolie on the second cast. Needless to say I'm ecstatic right now.
  4. out front moco 2-3pm. Just went out to test the swimming on a new lure and decided to throw some BTs and soft plastic since i was already out there. Caught 2 dinky bass and one other hit on a green zoom bait and 1/2 oz jig head. There was another guy fishing the jetty near me who said he caught two short fatties with a BT/Teaser combo.
  5. Yeah i just graduated with a mech engineering degree so I've been using CAD for while but there are some free online software that is pretty easy to use for someone just getting into it.
  6. @fishless I buy a kilogram of the plastic for about $20 and each plug uses around 10 grams of plastic (but I can make them heavier if I change some print settings). Total cost for the plastic and the hardware is about $1 per plug. Each plug takes about an hour and half to print which might sound long but i can print multiple plugs at once and I can also print them while I got to sleep. @Reelfisher101 I used to use Solidworks until my student subscription expired. Now I'm using Autodesk Inventor
  7. Here she is. I’ve made a few different plugs so far but this is the most functional right now. I’ve put a fair amount of time getting the Danny just right so I’m not ready to share the stl files just yet. But If anyone has any ideas for plugs they’d like to print I’d be up for the challenge.
  8. outback moco last night from 9-10:30. fished the start of the outgoing. Pulled in 5 bass ranging from 10"-17" and two short fluke using the gulp shaky shads with a light jig head. Was about to call it quits until I saw a school of bunker swim within casting range and I switched up to a mini danny that I 3d printed and pulled in one more striper about 15". The last bass wasn't any bigger than the rest but she really attacked that danny.
  9. I have! Steve has been sending me pics and I've been oozing with jealousy!
  10. Had a buddy come home to visit from Florida so we decided to soak some clams out front while we caught up. Got out there from 6-9. Felt the first tap after about a half hour and set the hook on decent sized bass, I didn't get a measurement on her but she was in the 29-33 inch range. No action for around an hour then pulled in a nice 34" 15# bass. Unfortunately she was gut hooked so she came home for dinner. No more bites in the last hour an a half. I cut the stomach open when I got home and it was filled with small crabs.
  11. Been lazy with my reports lately (again). Out back moco last night 10-11:30. Caught 3 bass around 18" along with maybe 10 hits/lost hook ups. Really been fishing this spot hard this spring, mainly because its been a consistent bite. the past month and a half Ive been able to count on finding a handful of bass at the right tide, with better results on the new and full moons. Almost every fish Ive caught here has been on the small swim shad (in the range of 2"-4"). Ive been trying different plugs here over the past month and the only thing they are hitting are the small swim shads, 6" tsunami eels, and small fluke baits with a light jighead, so basically small soft plastics. Its been kinda perplexing because Ive been watching the bass regularly attack large schools of adult bunker near the surface but all of my fish have come from working the small baits very slowly near the bottom with occasional twitches. I've a few memorable and frustrating skunk periods this spring so Im just going to keep at it with this spot until i stop catching bass then ill move on to the fluke bite.
  12. When metal undergoes plastic deformation (bending) the strength of the metal will increase, however the ductility will decrease meaning it becomes more brittle. So if you do bend the hook back into place there is a better chance that the hook itself might break off on the next big fish.
  13. When metal undergoes plastic deformation (bending) the strength of the metal will increase, however the ductility will decrease meaning it becomes more brittle. So if you do bend the hook back into place there is a better chance that the hook itself might break off on the next big fish.
  14. Been a little lazy on reports so I'm posting my last three outings now. 5/16/2018- outback moco from 9pm-1am. Conditions looked great there were fish hitting the surface everywhere and at a few times I got to see a school of maybe 30 micro bass only feet from where I was standing. Told a walk over the bridge to see if I could spot any fish and saw what looked like a 30 pounder hanging by the bulkhead and on the walk back I saw a school of maybe 10 fish in the 15 point class range behind another bulk head. Got back to my spot just before high slack came around and then I got a huge hit, pulled drag and I worked the fish for about 3-4 minutes until he was about 4 feet from me and I got to see his stripes and then he jumped off my shad. After that I got one small bass and another hit that resulted in a cut leader. 5/19/2018- Out back moco 1:15pm - 3pm. High slack again with a few hits before I pulled in a like 14" bass followed by a 19" fluke. 5/19/2018- out back moco 5:30 - 6:40pm. Got out hoping I would get the same (or better) results around low slack but the water was too low. Figured I would give it a try any way and after about 20 minutes I got a big hit with a fairly weak fight. Turned out to be a 22" fluke (my personal best) and of coarse I get it less than a week before open season.
  15. Out back Moco last night 8:45 - 12:20. Got out there as the rain was dying down but watched the sky light up with lighting for the first few hours. Got 5 schoolies between 8-12" and 1 9" fluke. All on the small 2-3" bunker colored swim shad and in shallow water. All the fish were caught on the slack tide at the end of the outgoing. I had small schoolies swimming around me and I got to see bloodworms wiggling around me too. I heard fish surfacing all over (definitely not bunker either) sporadically the entire time I was out. I tried throwing larger plugs like the 15S SPs, metal lips, BTs, and darters in deeper water because I heard more substantial splashes in the channel but I could get any hits. It seemed like the only fish I could catch were smallies working a very slow retrieve with the 2-3" swim shad however It seemed like there were a few guys chunking in a deeper section of the channel pulling decent sized fish (couldn't see if they were blues or stripers) but they were pulling less frequently.