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  1. I have a local guy who does dent repairs. Referred by a friend who uses him. Masterful with small hammers as his only tools. He does the work with me watching at a dealer lot (he spends days at local dealers) or in my driveway. Does a great job.
  2. Maryland boats have 2 separate decals. First the standard boat registration decal. Second the tidal fishing decal, which is an add on to your personal fishing license. Consolidated Chesapeake Bay & Coastal Sport Boat License allows everyone on board a vessel used for pleasure to fish in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries and the state waters of the Atlantic Ocean and the Atlantic coastal bays and tributaries in lieu of individual licenses. However, these individuals must register with the Department (see below). A special complimentary Bay & Coastal sport fishing license, which includes recreational crabbing, will be issued to the boat owner purchasing this license. The $50 Chesapeake Bay Sport Fishing Decal is NOT valid as a Recreational Crabbing Boat License (though the purchaser of this decal is given one complimentary individual recreational crabbing license).
  3. This is an extreme example of off center drilling. Basically I used a Forstner bit on my Jet lathe to drill the candle hole and some bowl undercutting tools to actually finish that eccentric opening. Then I re-centered the piece and turned the outside. The candle just happens to fit so I stuck it there. Ambrosia maple. A bit of a hazard with a large eccentric piece. I would guess it could be done on a plug if there was enough extra wood.
  4. Heat, I can always put on more layers if it's cold.
  5. At least the door doesn't swing out over the "landing." Would be like a pinball flipper...
  6. What is your arrangement with your neighbor? My neighbors let another neighbor keep his 35 ft boat at their pier. He started complaining when they shut off/winterized their water system. So they told him to shove off. He then appeared unannounced at my pier and started lecturing my daughter. We also had 2 large dogs at the time and didn't really want people (he would bring guests) wandering through our fenced back yard. I told him he needed to make it temporary (days) and find another solution. He ended up on a mooring and rowing out from someone else's pier, where they let him keep the dinghy.
  7. Is there a blocked condensate line or a collapsed flue? Have had both on various houses and it shuts off the furnace.
  8. Have been in a similar position with a contract for a boat from Canada a few years ago. If you back out, then unfortunately it says more about your word than anything else.
  9. Was in Chatham this summer for a wedding, first time at the Cape since the 1960s. Was interesting to see the places you guys discuss, including the miserable weekend traffic from/to Boston. Can't miss all the shark signs, exhibits etc. It's like a GWS convention. Hard to miss all the seals. No way in hell was I even considering swimming. While there are many ways to die, getting bitten by a large creature is not exactly a glamorous way to go. Pretty gruesome in a primal way. On the reporting issue, the US would be expected to have more reports because it's pretty hard to die anonymously from a shark attack here given the 24/7 news fascination with sharks. Probably many more people die in Africa and Asia but nobody reports it.
  10. I use a Festool. Very happy with the setup.
  11. They are also supposed to screen you for dementia, sexually transmitted diseases etc. Again, it's not personal. And the folks who get insulted by it and argue may be the ones who are hiding something...
  12. Among the big chain brands I prefer Little Caesars (pizza pizza).
  13. It's routine screening, don't take it too personally.
  14. Do you need the storage? Otherwise just use a pedestal sink.
  15. Just had by 08 Taco in for the check. Looks OK.