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  1. It's definitely not for summer weather. Trust me you can get HOT in it. As light as it is, if your walking any long distance or casting for hours it's not THAT light. Great surf top though, lighter then most
  2. The saddest thing is in late august and september when I see people netting snapper blues and filling buckets with them... People stuff there freezer with sh*t meat ad never even eat it half the time.. Wish everyone had the mind set of CPR, but some people and cultures keep EVERYTHING they catch
  3. I have one its nice and light and especially nice on a windy day.. keeps the water out very well
  4. I agree, specific tides specific spots specific time of the year in SJ you are almost guranteed some gators. Last year was a joke compared to the three before it but they will come if you know where to look. I agree there in trouble, when they're around the crowds amass and its a slaughter show... sad
  5. Message inbound. Thread closed
  6. Grs sold
  7. yours... messgae sent
  8. For people that want to fish them!! Lol
  9. First lot is two 3 oz Woolf darters. One is striper skin other is herring. Herring has paint blemishes, both unfished. 100 PayPaled for the two. Second lot is 1 GRS JUNIOR new, one medium slim used, one black eye surface slim used. The slims are fished plenty of life left. 250 for this lot. NO SPLITS....
  10. Messaged
  11. Tacoma said first
  12. Arsenal AR senior 2017 brand new 120 shipped and PayPaled brand new
  13. PayPal ready/ new or used
  14. Used 5-8 times few scratches and recently serviced. Can't find the box so what you see is what you get I have a reel bag Though. Silver vsb handle on it. New 30lb pp braid 600 $ paypaled and shipped
  15. I have a practically brand new vsx200 if interested...