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  1. No thanks
  2. Seems like it's only getting better, I definitely don't remember seeing this many trigger fish around last summer
  3. Bump
  4. A goo goo slim. Ccw jetty swimmer. Both unfished. Ccw danny thrown. $72 shipped PP
  5. Interested in blurple if split
  6. Combine lots 1&2 for $65 shipped 7 plugs
  7. Pick up in jersey willing to drive cash or pp
  8. Catch them all the time at night while shark fishing
  9. Damn that's a haul man. Taste great it was my first time trying. Very firm meat not fishy at all. I'm assuming you were in a back bay?
  10. Sold
  11. Lot 3 is sold
  12. Message sent
  13. Pm inbound
  14. The super strikes have rattles. Northbar and Stick shad do not
  15. No I left brig today I have work else where this week