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  1. When you order something worth big $$$ its not ideal to wait 8 days without any updates in 2020..
  2. Hopefully they're okay.. that looks BAD
  3. I waited like 8 days for a package to come from them.. no updates nothing.. mind you it usually takes one day for a package to come from there for me usually.
  4. Beachmaster 3oz.. and CCW are second out of my bag in certain deeper water situations when i'm not using a superstrike
  5. What do you have to trade?
  6. I can do that message you in a few
  7. Ok ill split you still want the torpedo?
  8. Chef Chris maybe? looks alot like one of his big pikies...
  9. 3.3 oz 7.5 inch
  10. Not splitting for now
  11. Darby's sold
  12. Sounds good, message inbound
  13. 85 shipped for the Darby's (new) 75 shipped for the beachmasters (Sr Danny and rare slope head torpedo color which had been thrown) payapl
  14. Still looking
  15. Is that a bait store?