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  1. You could always trade them. Still a demand out there for them they work well
  2. How about all for $130 it’s a great deal
  3. There BM 3oz darters. 7in
  4. Not really
  5. BM small pencil new darters carried sporting wood wooden bottle dart new large BM Danny weakfish carried $130 shipped TYD PP only thanks
  6. Well the one I caught and ate was the worst I ever had by far
  7. King mackerel
  8. Not in the quality or quantity that there should be
  9. Spot burn!
  10. Do you have any grs surface slims
  11. I have a J2 redhead . Anymore trollers or just that one?
  12. This real has been sitting in my basement since it got back from service at salt waters tackle in NY. Since I have another I’m letting this one go. US made serial numbers 3,425. Serviced this thing religiously over the last 5 years great working condition. would consider trading for a vs200 or ZB25 with cash on my end or commando 2 tube/ cube - with cash on your end price is $585 shipped and insured PayPal only.
  13. Both brand new