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  1. Mono floats. If you need to go deep just use a heavy sinker but tie a teaser hook on a dropper loop. This allows you to still bounce the teaser effectively like a bucktail. Fluke balls are also another good option! I also use 15lb braid for this type of fishing. Good luck
  2. Ill be throwing oversized topwater by day and big sub surface flies by night. I will check out the leviathan. Do you have that line on a 12wt? Just curious
  3. I want to use the grain size appropriate for my rod which is a fast action 12wt. Im 4 or 5 years into fly fishing and just getting use to the grain size vs wt size. I will buy something else like maybe that heavy 10 wt line but i really don't want to buy something that dosn't work out so i wanted to see what you guys said. Thanks!
  4. Isn't generally above around 380 grains for a rod bigger then a 12 wt?
  5. This lure is great but for some reason I hate the fact that googans that catch giant bass on them and they think they are fishing gods lol. Nice fish! Was that on the west coast?
  6. Thanks guys
  7. Line memory. Or maybe I should also ask peoples experiences with tropical line in colder water. Seems to be a mixed bag of answers when it comes to that.
  8. Looking for a single hand 12 wt floating line that isn't tropical. Any suggestions? Found plenty of 12 wt ljne but all tropical. I will be fishing it in the northeast. Thanks
  9. Both. Its a good deal for me I completely understand that but sometimes your stuff is only worth what people will pay for it but I'm not trying to insult you I'm just saying what the deal is worth to me. Nice reels! Good luck
  10. A t-120 just sold for 175$$ like 4 posts down. Looked a little more worn and I'm sure it was a really good deal but clearly nobody is jumping on this. I respectfully offer $350.
  11. That's always optimal and when I try to fish for sure. But I will say fish will hit all night early in the season. You get way less reports of fish being caught at night but how many people are actually grinding at night in March and April? And the ones that are I promise aren't saying anything. As far as people fishing in one spot for hours and hours with no hits night after night maybe you should pick a different spot! When I skiff fish I hit literally 4-8 spots in an outing. Surf fishing I always move if I come up fishless unless I have a educated hunch then I'll hunker down. -BB
  12. Get a lighter rod like 7' to 8' and learn how to fish jigs first. With bucktails or softplastics if you fish them long enough you learn how to read the bottom and that's essentially for all types of fishing. The ocean is vast and I would find a nice deep channel in whatever bay your next to that has good access and start there. Bc your still new and finding good spots to me is one of the hardest tasks of a fisherman, I would make sure that rip your fishing is in proximity of some deeper waterways so that you can just automatically assume that there are some fish there. Go light as possible for your jig but make sure you always maintain close to the bottom. Everybody says fish everytime 12 hours blah blah to know what's going on....that's not real nobody has time for that. Fish the top of the outgoing in the bays for the most part. People may argue that and get technical but I think that's a good start. -BB
  13. I did pretttayyy pretayy good yesterday. Caught a few on topwater and one on the fly. All 3 between 24" and 26". Next few mornings the wind will finally lay down and I should be finally able to do work! Fish are everywhere! They are hitting artificals no need for meathooking! -BB
  14. Is this still available?
  15. Nice fish dude! Next time post the directions to this spot to get these guys really going! Tight lines and congrats!