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  1. Brown neoprene cabelas
  2. Good luck on the healing process Bone! God bless
  3. How are bucktails "hard to learn"?
  4. Funny how sometimes here on the island we despise blues when they are interfering with our bassing but we should probably just embrace them because its a solid fishery and they always come like clockwork each year and most of all they are a blast to catch!
  5. I had no idea you guys didnt have blues like we do on the south shore of LI. Mid May around here gators are popping off
  6. my hansons are garbage lol
  7. I have a grundens pullover with neoprene cuffs and payed like $70 for it. Worth every penny
  8. south jersey
  9. Your saying that the reason we have much less bass is bc the structure of the beach?
  10. Bucktail Pencil Sluggo For a good part of the early season i use the small white tsunami swim shads Other sluggos
  11. no I'm refering to the 10-12wt. Looking for something powerful.
  12. Anybody have any experience with this rod in 10 to 12wt? looking for a rod i can use on my inlet jetty and also double as a small pelagic rod for offshore that doesnt break the bank.
  13. How the hell could they collect this data?
  14. I'LL TAKE IT!
  15. Solar is a joke. Why go through the trouble to possibly save ten dollars a year? And if the main reason is to start being "more green" then i feel like there are alot of other things we can do as Americans w.o. signing a 20 year contract with a solar company lol.