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  1. I change all my hooks and splits but I was refering to thru wiring them...dont see it being necessary
  2. Has people had sp's blow apart? Seems like alot of work
  3. The Magic Fisherman knows everything!
  4. Not really sure how Joe is a sell out but i do highly recommend his podcast. Every type of person goes on his show as guests and he is pretty level headed.
  5. No but when me lady did dabs for the first time she was so lit she actually got mad at me bc she couldn't function lol I was new with the whole thing and I gave her way too much so she went night night. The only other time i can think it has ever been a problem is when my buddy ate a serious magic brownie and was having night terrors about horses lol.
  6. angler #1 if your really 85 I admire that you would even be willing to conversate and listen to our silly banter. You are somebody to look up to. cheers
  7. Federal govt is a bunch of losers and the hospital/healthcare system is a sham. Do your own research and dont depend on anybody involved in the govt or medical system for the truth. They dont care about what they use to grow our food and animals to harvest why should we listen to them for a second. Do everything in moderation and life will be good.
  8. Mid may to the end of June we crush fluke from the docks and then they move out closer to the inlet. Im not from these areas but im sure Rhode Island and Connecticut anglers must catch some flatties being that Block and montauk have incredible fluking. I dont think you need to come out here for that. Also as far as skinner and other master flukers off the beach....the conditions have to be spot on to jig those fluke correctly. Overall you may have more luck fishing an inlet jetty for fluke which can also be a blast.
  9. Caution: May cause happiness
  10. Ham sandwiches probably cause more harm
  11. Who cares? Everything is evil
  12. ? Is this for real?
  13. Brown neoprene cabelas
  14. Good luck on the healing process Bone! God bless