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  1. hey guys just getting into fly tying and ive mostly been using 1/0 hooks which seem to fit the bill most of the time but i am looking for some advice on hooks sizes/make and what not for small presentations. also on the flip side im trying to make some popper flies this spring and i need a recommendation for a good long shank hook and if anybody has a better and cheaper solution to chugger or popper heads. thanks guys everybody has been super cool helping me out!
  2. i think that every Democrat should be forced to live on the border with no guns, no ICE and no walls and then we'll see what their bleeding heart desires. o also send their kids to the public schools in those areas aswell!
  3. sluggo or a danny would be my choice. if it was daytime i woukd be throwing pencils and littlenecks aswell
  4. i fish a 9wt but wouldnt mind having a reel that could be transferred to a 10wt. i would have multiple spools for different lines. as far as capacity idk i would be fishing just about in every scenario except super deep water anything more than 20ft really
  5. ok cool im looking at danielsons for sure. there are a bunch or models any in particular i should be checking out?
  6. thanks for the response, im not opposed to spending good money on gear if its necessary but i guess im looking for a reel thats sealed and that is qaulity but isnt 500$. maybe 350$ or less. would rather be around the 200-300$ range.
  7. hey guys ive been fishing a orvis clearwater but im looking for a reasonably priced sealed reel possibly with multiple spools for the beach bc the sand has been a problem. Any recommendations? whats up with the lamsons? says they are sealed and they are priced well
  8. Your a monster
  9. That fish is to ugly to worship
  10. Its not a part of their diet. I am aware that once in awhile they kill people.
  11. Thats completely ridiculous. First of all humans have never been on the food chain for bears. Second most of the guys that you are labelling not being C&R guys actually are. Just bc somebody harvests a few fish a year does not mean that person dosnt support catch and release. If you guys want to actually help the survival of striped bass then please stop fishing. As far as people calling it the "the american fish" or w.e that guy said... the reason it got that status is bc its been a staple FOOD item since the beginning of settlements here. You dont get to kidnap that term and somehow make it into a special thing only for elite surfcasters to drag fish through the water and sand for a long fight then pretend like they actually care about the fish when they release it as fast as possible. Right after they take their phone out and get the perfect picture!
  12. You wouldnt be saying this if we were face to face! So keep it going tough guy!
  13. ...
  14. HA. I viewed your profile after i realized you were a jerk just to see what other nonsense you were blabbing. This is a forum, people check profiles.
  15. Ha thanks for calling me a freak! You have no idea what i do or watch on my free time so you should check yourself! You sound like an complete idiot blabbing the same generic nonsense argument we have all heard a million times. Do you really think saying this **** is really going to do anything? You sound like a fool