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  1. I won’t say they have the best pho because it’s a Laotian joint, but Nam Khong in Westerly has some top notch food.
  2. I saw some good sized ones in a soco pond a few weeks ago.
  3. Didn’t see a single worm tonight. Checked all the spots where I usually see them pop. Not too many fish either.
  4. Today was one for the books for me. 2 oz white bucktail with white trailer was what they wanted from the beach.
  5. Went out for black sea bass yesterday. Fishing was slow, but I did manage to get into some albies in the early afternoon on my way home. Good to see they are still around.
  6. Here’s a little clip I got of my buddy. IMG_9686.MOV
  7. I was there from start to finish. Craziest, longest running blitz I’ve ever witnessed.
  8. Negative. Epic blitzes of bass but no hard tails around.
  9. Went out the west wall earlier this morning and turned right around. It was pretty sloppy out there. Tomorrow’s looking good.
  10. I just showed up at Burlingame and was able to get one. Same with my buddy. We didn’t make appointments.
  11. Got into a small school of bass on a soco beach at daybreak. No signs of funny fish.
  12. I have the Penn Prevail as my albie rod with a Penn 3000 Conquest. Love it.
  13. I’ve used Ernie French for the past 3 years and I think he’s great. He’s a cool dude and I always enjoy my day out with him.
  14. Awesome fish stick! I love oysters more than anyone I know, but for some reason those super plump Gulf oysters at Acme didn’t do it for me. Maybe I needed to get them grilled. And I love a fat oyster, but those are just too much for me raw.
  15. That’s awesome. Looks like you had a blast. Excited to use the paddleboard down there. I’ll definitely give you a shout!
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