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  1. Awesome fish stick! I love oysters more than anyone I know, but for some reason those super plump Gulf oysters at Acme didn’t do it for me. Maybe I needed to get them grilled. And I love a fat oyster, but those are just too much for me raw.
  2. That’s awesome. Looks like you had a blast. Excited to use the paddleboard down there. I’ll definitely give you a shout!
  3. I decided to delay this trip until April after getting some advice from a friend. The state parks were already completely booked for anything longer than a couple days. I was able to get a waterfront campsite for a month at the Big Pine Key Fishing Lodge. After my stay in the Keys I plan on continuing my journey through the southern states with the goal of eventually reaching Montana by the end of June.
  4. If it’s a NE wind and you face NE, the wind will be in your face, etc.
  5. I'm planning to take my camper trailer down to Florida in December for at least 2 weeks. I was originally thinking the Keys, but Sanibel Island, Captiva, Cayo Costa look like they might be a good option as well. What's the better option for fishing from shore or paddle board during December? I hear the Keys are difficult to fish from shore (I'll mainly be fly fishing), but will also have my paddle board. I'm kinda torn as both areas look beautiful, so I my decision will likely be tied to where the fishing will be better. Any advice?
  6. Fished the Derby for the first time this year for three weeks. Met some really great people that were friendly and very helpful. Shout out to the guys I’d chat with at the Chappy ferry every morning waiting for it to start running, Gary, Mike, Joe. We had a blast fishing for albies on the fly. Along with Coop’s C&R fly rod tourney in the spring, I’m aiming to do this every year. Not knowing what to expect, I thought it was going to be a chit show, but I loved the atmosphere. And the Vineyard is such a special place.
  7. Ended up at East End B&T. Had exactly what I wanted. What a great shop.
  8. Thanks guys. I’m going to take a ride to Hampton Bays. I need a new rod now too...sigh. I have time for a drive now.
  9. Thanks for the tip. I’ll give them a buzz.
  10. I’m in Montauk for a month and my wading jacket has seen better days: I can’t believe I’m having a hard time finding a surf top here but no luck so far. I’ve checked Star Island and Marine Basin and nada. Checked with Paulie’s and he referred me to the same spots I’ve already tried. Any idea where I can find something like a Guy Cotten or similar type of surf top with gaskets within a 30 minute drive of Montauk?
  11. Maybe some tinsel? That’s what I would use if I didn’t have bodi braid.
  12. Those are beauties.
  13. I still think bucktail looks the best but also like the ultra hair. IMO those look a little bulky. I’d use a little less material.
  14. I’ll take the inter. I’m in CT btw.