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  1. Thanks fellas, I really appreciate the feedback. I’m just trying to make a smart purchase. Anybody run a Cabo 50 on a 10’?
  2. I’m actually looking at Racarod right now. I’m waiting to hear back from them. My buddy uses ski/snowboard holders on his 4Runner.
  3. I have a different “war” setup that stays sugar cookied, wet n’sandy. This wouldn’t be a beater, but more of a run and gun setup.
  4. It’s hard for me to hold off for that elusive but perfect USA VS 150L with all this good advice!
  5. Sounds great! Already a fan of the large bone SP and the existing Swarters.
  6. CLP, blue grease, clean with hot soapy water and then lube it up
  7. Don’t overlook a large wet fly, chasing a small bait, just like your saltwater minnow chasing a teaser. Deadly!
  8. Muddler minnow, and cork popper-frog or bee pattern.
  9. Wow! That 4K must be stout. I really need to fondle these first. I’m open to suggestions. Sounds like the 5K is better suited for 11’ 3-8.
  10. 1 piece, 10’, 1-5 lure, moderate action, but good backbone.
  11. ❤️
  12. I’m worried that it will be underpowered for larger metal, and larger plugs in strong sweeps and currents. I’ll check out the 4000 and 4500. Thanks for advising that they aren’t true to size.
  13. Stripers, not $trippers! Doh! Haha
  14. Funny you bring that up! I was just looking online at Penn’s new bailess spinners.
  15. I relate it to what’s going on around me. If everyone is catching the same general size, that and all smaller fish are the schoolies.