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  1. You know, I noticed that on a new pair of Burris rings I recently put on a Hastings barrel with a fixed 4X Leupold. I torqued them to specs and it it seemed to have really good contact as it held zero with 12g slugs. I’m leaning toward glass bedding only, along with a cut and recrowned 20” barrel, LOP slightly shortened with a low profile pad. It will be a LH 700 that really wants to be a micro Abolt or model 7-LOL!
  2. Will do... there will be a before and after. Thanks for the 700 love!
  3. Mind reader... actually considered a shorter LOP with a new low profile butt pad. Maybe cut to 18.5-20” with a fresh crown. Original Walker trigger job? Lapped low rings to hug that 2x7 nice and snug. Oh the excitement!
  4. It is a BDL. I was thinking about having it bedded with just Acraglas and not pillars. I’m trying to keep the weight down.
  5. I recently acquired a Remington 700 LH short action, gloss blue, 22” barrel chambered in .308WIN, and a walnut stock. It appears unaltered and in good condition. I have a gloss Leupold 2x7 compact for optics, and plan on removing the irons. This will be used as a PA hunting rifle. I would like to hear what some of you have done to your rifles in this class. It’s nice enough to leave alone, but I’m always curious what people are doing for improvements.
  6. Bad A$$!
  7. CLP, Hoppe’s line, RIG, Sweet’s7.62, and Now going to give Balistol a try.
  8. PSP had a variant of those Berettas in .40SW. I’m surprised we don’t hear more about cartridge mishaps.
  9. 1953 Ford F-100 red straight 6 3 on the tree It was far from perfect, but it was solid, and all there. My world felt like it was spiraling at the time and I thought having was less was best. Sold it.
  10. https://med.virginia.edu/toxicology/wp-content/uploads/sites/268/2017/09/July17-FirstResponderOpioidExp.pdf You may want to take a look at this.
  11. Popular is an understatement! It just suits our needs. A Remington Gamemaster in .30–06 is not perfection, but is good at everything it’s asked to do.
  12. My first-mossy 500 12g pump. They’re a dime a dozen, but it was my first. Stainless Ruger GPNY DAO revolver. Frankstein Colt 1911, .45ACP, ugly old thing shot the lights out.
  13. Do I really need it? How are you guys using the ballistol? Already have- CLP Hoppes Kroil Sweets 7.62 RemOil Rem Brite Bore WD40 Bore Butter
  14. Still looking.
  15. I’m looking for a left hand Remington 700 S/A, chambered in .308WIN. I would also consider a L/H, S/A model 700 action.