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  1. This is a great recipe, too! I had gathered good info on this mod as I have a GSB132M with a busted tip. I was going to trim 4” from the butt to make it an even 10.5’ for use as a dedicated jetty stick. I realized I didn’t need that niche rod in spinning so I’m having it left at 130” and it will be conventional. I know guys like the 10’ range, I do too. Good luck, whatever you do, and enjoy.
  2. Is this the 2nd and JFK jetty in North Wildwood? I remember fishing this as a kid. Sometimes, the water would come over the sea wall here and going back towards Anglesea/NY Ave. Was a dynamite weakie spot mid 90’s.
  3. Sounds good. If the Skinner edition costs more than the 1081L, I would just go for the lower priced rod. Enjoy!
  4. I don’t know your specific area, but I find myself using a 9’ moderate 3/4-4oz action rod with a VS150L 75ish% of the time on NJ beaches, inlets, and jettys. I have plenty of other stuff from light 7’ up to 11.5’ on the heavy side. 9’ goes with me most of the time for tossing bucktails, tins, and plugs.
  5. Thank you so much! Should I do a single or treble? Dressed or bare? I’d like to get it back to stock which appears to be single. Stock appears to I’m also wondering how this thing made it to SE PA! I think this was a New England Co.
  6. What do you guys think this is? How would you fish it? It is all one color. It feels like it’s wood and close to 2oz. Thanks!
  7. Walk the dog.
  8. Up.
  9. Those look like glow guides… that would give up my location!
  10. This is the guide layout on my old spinning GSB1321M built by @redhawk19 GSB1321M Center of reel seat to first guide 43” Second 62.5” Third 76.25” Fourth 84.75” Fifth 92” Sixth 99” Seventh 105” Tip I also have an old glass Conolon 11’4” wrapped pretty close to this layout by @Surfmaster250 and for an old blank, that thing is sweet. What a stick he built. My other GSB was a newer one wrapped spinning COF with -2ish” busted off the tip and repaired. I was never thrilled with it compared to my other one. It always felt clunky. I peeled it down to the blank, and I plan having it rewrapped convench for the fall… I need another spinning rod like I need a hole in my head. @Surfrat815 Hope that helps!
  11. Post water release too
  12. Not as bad as king salmon!
  13. Yep. Smoked, it was ok, but king salmon was awful any other way I tried it.