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  1. Good point. Sometimes, I want more, sometimes, less is more.
  2. Agree on this.
  3. Alas, the problem is stated above
  4. Cleared browser, iPhone
  5. As you speak...
  6. The revolver is a very capable weapon. Don’t doubt yourself if that’s what you know. A magazine fed weapon is a whole other situation. The revolver is tried and true. Use it to get to your 12g pump!
  7. Excellent point- “may be enough,” or may not be enough. Better to have and not need than need and not have. One is none, two is one. @JimP makes a great point, but I gotta go with @LBI SurfRat and the pump gun for these conditions. Tough to beat a .357 revolver in the house. Tried and true.
  8. Yep. There should be 3 screws on the side with the handle. Use a quality, well fitting screwdriver and carefully back them out. The side plate on the opposite side and the handle can now be moved over. Insert screws. Done.
  9. Thirds on the Tica, I have one going on 15+ years now. Throws little bucktails, SPs, bombers, redfins, hopkins, AVAs I find myself grabbing this stick so often! Cork is trashed, reel seat hood is fouled up, but the thing is solid otherwise.
  10. Tennis ball canisters work in a pinch!
  11. I don’t always buy bear, and I usually buy a duck stamp at the post office. PA now offers the endorsement via their system, so that’s $15 right there. Then, I usually pick up bear if I will be in an area when bear is open while whitetail season is open. I guess that’s where the money went!
  12. These are good too
  13. ...reaches for Old Grandad. Drove that garbage right out of my mind. Classic.