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  1. Value is in the eye of the beholder. Based on the bail configuration, it’s probably a 710 with a later rubber handle. It could have either 710 or 712 gears inside. Original king of the surf, fish it!
  2. Are you fishing mono? I’m just curious. I still fish mono once and a while.
  3. Don’t overlook slightly bending the eye up and down. I don’t mess with the lips, but sometimes I tweak the eyes. Bend up-swim deeper Ben down-swim higher
  4. Interested and local. Trades?
  5. Just my opinion…If it’s distance you are after, a fast blank with a conventional reel will probably get you there. Keep in mind, the fish are sometimes right at our toes!
  6. Interested. Is there a crack in the bottom hood of the reel seat? Nice stick.
  7. He also makes a 2 or one hook slim metal lip. It’s a great plug. Single hook Danny style metal lip swims real nice, too.
  8. Correct. That “SB” is the StriperBites signature.
  9. Spot on, use the right gear. Use etiquette. Clean up! It doesn’t cost you anything to carry out a bag of trash. I was taught to leave the place better than I found it. We can be our own worst enemy. Sometimes, your mere presence is enough to remind people to do what they are supposed to do, or take their nonsense elsewhere.
  10. Safety, safety, safety! Be three steps ahead of the curve so when “it” gets real or goes sideways, you have a fighting chance to come out on top. I’ve gone to the extent to wear a low profile duck hunting PFD under my jacket when it’s real snotty. (I also wear one while ice fishing….ask me why…) I’ve had some banner days and nights at inlets, but more lousy ones. Dress appropriately, Man-dals, crocs, and board shorts are for the sand, not the rocks. Pick rocks to land fish before you hook up. Pick spots to climb out before you fall in. Keep an eye on the crowd, and keep an eye on the waves. Not all are friendly. Pack dry clothes for the ride home. Carry a few knives. Carry a tourniquet. Expect to self rescue, no one is coming, it’s up to you.
  11. The solid bone plug on the left was made by the same builder, StriperBites. He calls this the Rip Rat. The other picture shows my 2023 StriperBites Asbury haul: a StriperBites mini Rip Rat and a jointed metal lip eely.
  12. BluesFish was StriperBites old handle. He’s still around. He is a great guy. He was at Asbury. I bet you could find him a the Berkley show. Good luck.
  13. I think I have the same one, but with a few more miles. I’ve swapped out the siwash a few times. I actually like the profile and the way it casts. Agreed. Agreed.
  14. I never liked to take them out of their original package but to each their own.
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