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  1. I started my little one in saltwater on an 8’ TICA with an old 712 with mono throwing bucktails and tins, she felt like she was really fishing with dad, because she was using real gear!
  2. Nice! Would you consider a lock delete/plug?
  3. Wanted: Left hand leather duty holster with retention for a GLOCK 17 that is smooth black leather which can be polished.
  4. How about golf club lead tape?
  5. Zeno Hromin did a YT vid on a screw in product. Check it out.
  6. Anybody been in contact with him this spring? I have reached out but haven’t heard back. I hope he’s ok!
  7. I bet it happened during a reel seat swap. Perhaps you could use a section of rod to create an inner sleeve to add strength and rigidity. That stinks!
  8. Glock 19-perfect at nothing but capable of doing everything extremely well in the right hands.
  9. Here are a couple choices: 1. Glock 19 2. Glock 19 3. Glock 19 4. Glock 19 5. Glock 19 Honorable mention to the following in .357MAG: S&W 640 S&W 65 Ruger SP101
  10. Cultured marble vanity, white in color, 37”x22”x4” Pick up in 19053/19047 area.
  11. I always liked the Ruger Internationals, both 77 and #1. That .308 is a great setup. Older gloss Redfields belong on these rifles. I will be reading up on that Talo. It also looks great.
  12. That turned out great. Range toy or hunting setup? I know some of NY is rifle and some SG.
  13. @NonTypicalThat’s a nice scope! At this time, I will pass and hope the one I’m looking for turns up. I do prefer FTF/local, but I would also consider shipping via a postal money order to a credible seller. I am going to lock this for now so I can search multiple platforms elsewhere in a less restrictive environment. Thanks!