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  1. D or F?
  2. If you are considering it, you are already there!!
  3. I went three years fishing nothing but Tenkara Rods, mostly a 12’ TenkaraBum 36. Caught panfish, fallfish, smallmouth bass and all three major trouts. Biggest brown was 18”. Tenkara works great on small streams. Also made me a better nymph fisherman. Now I usually take a 3WT and a Tenkara rod with me when I head out.
  4. I have a 7’6” 3wt for small streams.
  5. Looking at a hand held GPS with topo maps for hiking in the mountains while trout fishing. Don’t need to get texts and emails on it; that’s half the reason for fishing in Shenandoah National Park! just looking for a solid device that is easy to use so I can hike to the wee blue lines. Thanks in advance for your collective wisdom!
  6. Also use black for off colored water. Cuts a better silhouette.
  7. Surgeons Loop, Surgeons Knot and Clinch Knot are the only “on the water” knots needed. Where red I work, a Bimini is used for attaching backing to rear fly line loop.
  8. When they made their stand on assault rifles, I wrote them a letter telling them of my disapproval and said they lost me as a customer. I also cancelled my Dick’s credit card. Have not been back since. Read ads they lost over $15 million last year. Great news!
  9. Yes. The weight rating is at the thinnest part of the leader - the tippet. Always keep eel in mind that each mfg. will have a different rating per tippet size. And a different flex. No, it can’t be easy!
  10. All sound advice from submitters. BUT, I did see one aspect omitted. Your leader butt section cannot be stiffer than your fly line. If it is, then your line tip section will collapse. Too soft, and the leader will not turn the fly over. Take the end of your fly line and lay various sizes of leader next to it. Flex them together to find the butt size that efficiently matches the flex of the line. That is your butt section size. For example, I use a #40 butt section 42” long tied to a #20 mid section 24” long sections joined with a surgeons knot. Loops on each end with a surgeons loop. Add #8,#10 or #12 tippet 36” long. Works well with a variety of flies. I use Maxima Chameleon.
  11. S&W model 60 from the Performance Center. Load with .38 SPL for everyday range work and +P or Mags for defense.
  12. This was done by a friend of mine. Sunk a a row of 4x4 posts in a 5 row front, followed by a 4 row, filled by a three row. Placed used tires over each post and stacked about 5 feet high. Filled middle of each stack with sand. Used with .223, .357 mag and 10mm. Bullets never made it to back row. And the tires were free frontier dump and garages.
  13. Sneaky Pete. Wooly Bugger. White/Red Rubber Legged Stonefly.
  14. Having a rod of any type with you when you travel cannot be considered foolish. The TenkaraBum 36 is a solid all around rod, as is the Traveler. Buy one and go fishing!!