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  1. Red Ball high top boots. Then Red Ball hippers. 1974-ish.
  2. Colton XS 8WT on sale for $225. Cant beat the quality for that price.
  3. From the South Fork of the Holsten in downtown Marion, VA. May 2018. Fish and then get a beer at 27 Lions!
  4. Use google maps to view Siesta Key beach and Point of Rocks beach. Will find plenty of good structure for DIY fly fishing. North of the SK beach pavilion is a fantastic slough for snook. It is in the area where the road makes a hard right turn. Good luck!
  5. Had a RamX canoe years ago and it was slicker and therefore easier to drag thru the woods going to the marsh as compared to my Old Town Loon, which was lighter. That’s all I got........
  6. Very few vendors will let cash walk out of the door. Take Benjamin’s with you and have the proper amount in your hand when you make your offer. Money talks and b@//$#/+ walks. Good luck!!
  7. First we must define “wide arbor model”. The 4” diameter reels are constant. Is wide arbor increasing the “axle” diameter or does it mean that the reel frame is just wider (thickness). if the axle is the same and the reel is just wider, then the retrieval rate is the same. If the the axle is larger, then the large arbor will pick up line more quickly, but at a cost of overall backing and line storage.
  8. Don’t have one yet, but thought this one was pretty cool.
  9. A preacher loved to play golf. After a stretch of inclement weather the first good weather day was forecasted to be on a Sunday. Well, he had a congregation to tend to, so he was a bit agitated. On Saturday, he decided to call in sick and arrang for a substitute preacher to handle his duties. Sunday morning found him him on the golf course enjoying his round. On a short par four, he made his first hole in one! St. Peter, who was watching the preacher play, asked God: “How could you let him get his first hole in one knowing he lied about being sick and skipped church to play?” God answered St. Peter “Who is he going to tell?” Thank you, I will be here all week. Try the veal.
  10. Have you considered an inflatable SUP?
  11. Interesting topic. A logical offshoot of this discussion is “inflatable” or “rigid”? Which is better, if either, or what are the benefits, efficiency, etc?
  12. Yup. Great rod. Easy to cast and light in hand. See Post #2 above.
  13. Ahhh, it is better to have hooked and lost than to never have hooked at all! Sounds like you still had a great day. Lost a citation crappie AT THE FREAKIN BOAT when, after fighting it for what seemed like an eternity on a UL rig. It surfaced on its side and when I saw the size, I panicked and tried to horse it in. Rod broke and the line snapped. The fish swam away.
  14. Blue as it is the brightest. Would prefer orange or yellow for increased visibility so the powerboat SOB’s won’t run me over. Agree with Tomm24 on the use of a flag. Water camo will get you run over.
  15. I stand up and fish on my NuCanoe Flint. Maiden voyage required me to stand and paddle to get thru the grass and pads to open water where I could sit and fish. I am 5’9” and 185#. YMMV.