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  1. Never load the full specified amount of backing. In repeated unspooling and winding, the fly line will wind over itself. This can cause spoil binding. I never wind more than 75-80% of mfg recommendations. A bound spool will pop a tippet.
  2. Gulp can go bad? Stupid fish.
  3. Call the Orvis Rod Shop or use Live Chat on their web site. See what they say. They may say to send it to them as a repair. OR..... Break it at ferrule and send it back as a warranty repair. H2’s are discontinued so you may get an H3 as a replacement.
  4. Wrap your leader around the reel foot and put hook into stripping guide. Free.
  5. Ole!
  6. I use Rem Oil for both cleaning and lubrication. Keeps my duck gun clean and functional.
  7. My CRG’s are the smoothest reels I have ever used by far. I put it side by side with a “premium” brand and had the associate compare them. He chose the Colton over his brand. Add in the customer service from Bob, it’s a no brainer.
  8. I have purchased two rubber net replacements from the online auction site.
  9. I don’t drink anymore. Nor do I drink any less.
  10. Look for the transfer fee to go up. The Department (VSP) will complain they need more staff and equipment and, therefore, more $$ to offset costs.
  11. I was good until last week. Last one hired, first one “fired”. Actually the term was furloughed, but I had to turn in all gear and clean out my locker. Sounded more permanent than temporary. At least I have a retirement check each month.
  12. It’s the Glock of bourbons. Smooth, reliable and reasonable.
  13. $26 a fifth.
  14. I was totally stoked after “sex ox”!
  15. I type my saltwater patters on #6, #2 & 2/0 SW hooks. Small, medium and large covered. Clouser minnows, Brooks Blondes and Gartside gurglers. Bottom, middle and top water covered. I use the same color patterns for all three Fluorescent orange thread for all. Just seems to work. Have fun!!