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  1. This was done by a friend of mine. Sunk a a row of 4x4 posts in a 5 row front, followed by a 4 row, filled by a three row. Placed used tires over each post and stacked about 5 feet high. Filled middle of each stack with sand. Used with .223, .357 mag and 10mm. Bullets never made it to back row. And the tires were free frontier dump and garages.
  2. Sneaky Pete. Wooly Bugger. White/Red Rubber Legged Stonefly.
  3. Having a rod of any type with you when you travel cannot be considered foolish. The TenkaraBum 36 is a solid all around rod, as is the Traveler. Buy one and go fishing!!
  4. Got one after casting it. Sold my Legend Elite. No comparison. Then bought the 5wt D for pond fishing and larger water trout. Sold my Legend Elite 4&6 weights. 5en picked up 5e H3 7.5 3 wt. Perfect blue line trout rod. Orvis is rocking with the H3 line.
  5. With my TenkaraBum 36.
  6. Contact Orvis immediately. By shop where you purchased it, if close by, or go online and contact them. They will stand behind it.
  7. I reload .223 and .308, with the occasional .30 Carbine. I use the Lee clamshell looking hand loader and dippers. Low budget and very accurate. I do use a single stage press for depriming and case prep.
  8. Donated mine to local library. Kept the valuable ones.
  9. The TenkaraBum website has a TON of how-to info on patterns , techniques and history. Tenkara rods are are tougher than many people give them credit for. I have caught 18” trout and smallmouth on mine.
  10. Will shoot .38’s for general paper work and the .38/.357 snake shot for fishing. The .357 mag rounds will be for ccw. I bought model 5719. I also ordered a hi-vis front sight for it. That way, when the green covers the target, the rounds will as well. Good luck with your choice. FYI, I have found most mfg’s are just making .357’s and not .38’s since the .357 does both.
  11. Chessie_Yaker, I have not fired it yet. Just picked it up last night. Trigger feels like it is a #15 pull. Have ordered a spring kit and polish kit. Going to go over it completely before range day. Getting my stuff from mcarbo out of FL. Great how to video on site as well.
  12. I’m with you Livliner. My latest acquisition is a Ruger SP-101 with a 3” barrel in .357. CCW ammo is the APX round.
  13. Had the life proof case and had to get rid of it. Worked as advertised, but I had a continual echo/reverb when speaking. Drove me nuts. I now use glorified ziplock bags.
  14. And we all know that nobody will ever “mislead” a judge about the facts. Just ask the FISA judges about the search warrant applications.