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  1. Morals have nothing to do with religion.
  2. i mean, the popes not long ago were the most powerful people on earth. Do not get me started...
  3. Religion is a tool to control people.
  4. 7 lucky bastard. Yep, that number seven is magic.
  5. I am thankfull that wigeon is potentially valuable to the funeral industry. Any day now.
  6. I am thankfull that wigeon is NOT my coy lawyer.
  7. I am thankfull that gadwall8 is close to being 6’ under.
  8. Let me tell you for the last time you ugly bald eagle slack. I am 73, in shape, ski better than 80 % to 99 % of those yuppies out there, cycle better than the same.... You, on the other hand,....diabetes and high blood pressure and death at your door. Any other questions?
  9. You must be more than that the bald eagle i see in your avie slack. Yep, i am stoopid, but i try to keep it to a minimun.
  10. yep starting with you deadman. I mean, a deadman causing problems in SOL is beyond the dead.
  11. Good lord slack your avie sucks....change it man. Impossible you say!
  12. Hey, i do not get payed for keeping this site up and running, but i like it.
  13. Come on TimS, bring ALL those posts I wrote in the slaughter at the Canal here, and we will judge who is the child.
  14. Yaker, and slack you both suck. Perhaps you should meet each other.
  15. OK, bring my posts over in their uhmn full ........or some chit and we should see that i am a rational poster as always and you are a biased prick as always.