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  1. Cosmetically its got its scuffs and scratches but no severe damage, most of the marks are around the same areas as pictured. Mechanically its an 11/10, honestly. Its been serviced and even got a new gear set recently, it feels like butter. Its got 55lb Samurai on it. 600$ Venmo, thanks for looking.
  2. I'll take the polaris please if you have Venmo
  3. I messed around with the main shaft and compared it to my old X, they both have very little play and it is definitely the same shaft. I agree completely with being weary of new shiny equipment, and I can only offer my experience so far which has been good. However, “hardcore” fishermen have been field testing them for over a year and they seem to be very happy. But I’m a little confused about what you’re hoping to get from here now. If you want reviews on the reel but then hesitate to trust them (which is fair) because they might be biased, then it’s going to be hard to get much usable info from this thread. You might be better off calling or reaching out to a service center technician with your questions which will hold more value than a thread of opinions. As for the cost of the reel maybe someone has worked in their factory and can offer more details but I imagine they have to use expensive machining and materials and research. Most cheaper reels are cast instead of machined which is much cheaper, and with the titanium inserts and other parts it’s cost could be more than you think, even if it is made in China. It has been proven to be the best surf reel, which is why I think many people are ok spending the money on them, because they will last. But if you will be mostly doing bait fishing from land and you do not like the price, maybe a different reel suits you better.
  4. Interesting, I'll have to mess around with the shaft a bit and see what he/she is talking about. I haven't noticed any play in the bail enclosure, im not even sure what they mean by "enclosure". If they mean the plates that fit over where the bail spring is, Im noticing no play. Ill have to compare mine and get back to you, but if you're going bailless now the "old" X might be the one to go with if you are feeling unsure of the new model. To be fair it seems like theres a lot of conjecture in that review. Insiders headhunting Penn Engineers? I'd like to know more. A Penn reel out of the box feels like plastic, you'd have to be delusional to say the X2 feels like a Penn out of the box in all honesty. Im not trying to be a VS fanboy here, they do have their problems, but I dont see this review as having much truth in my experience. What I know for sure, based on what I have seen in my hands, is the X and X2 are very similar in material and feel, with the X2 having a couple good improvements. I have had no problems fishing the X2 and am really enjoying the new clutch with 0 play. But I'll look into the shaft play, that seems to be the only note that bears any weight in that review
  5. I have used both, and have not had any problems other than servicing my X over the years. I get your hesitation though on internet reviews. I beat my gear up pretty good as well and swim with them. I have not had my X2 serviced yet so cant speak on how the seals are holding up, though many of them are the same. They are very similar obviously, the main changes in the X2 I have actually really liked. The new clutch is MUCH better. 0 play when working plugs or setting hooks on fish, makes a huge difference. Casting distance is better because of skirted spool, and I like that I can open it up to peak inside without worrying about locking it up. The unibody is also nice as its one less thing to worry about. What negative reports of the X2 are you hearing? The only things I know of is a couple had rough gear sets which were replaced by Vaan Staal swiftly, and the "flex" in the skirt/roler bracket which is a strange concern because it doesnt flex with fish on or anything, it only flexes a little when you squeeze it in which you would wont so it doesnt break if you fell on it if it was rigid? Curious to know what you've heard. If you want a bail, I would not recommend the old VSXB. Those had a lot of problems
  6. As precise as manual reaming is...Puppet is right you shouldnt need to ream the seals, especially if you get the right stock ones. The only reaming I know of is in VRs when a OSPR6 seal is used as the main seal instead of a VR252. The OSPR6 is slightly much tighter but will work, but the VR252 is sized properly
  7. The VSX2 sounds like the right choice for you. A few things I can add- - The line roller is titanium in both the bailed and non-bailed models. It looks different because it needs to fit the bail arm differently than the roller bracket on the bailless. Im not sure why they coated it in the bailed version. - You can no longer lock up the X2 like you could with an old X or old VS. The clutch is no longer in the side plate so you cannot lock the reel up anymore. You will be able to take the side plate off if you were to miss the alignment and "lock" it up. - You can contact service centers to buy seals. Most of the O-rings are only 1$, its an easier way to get them unless you already found them elsewhere, might save a hassle. For the more expensive seals, probably better to source them yourself if you can. - The X2 is convertible to bailless if you were to buy the bailless rotor. - The X2 is more waterproof and better build than the VR, though the VR would serve you well as well. Hope this helps add to the other helpful info here
  8. The Saltwater Edge in RI has the X2 50 in stock, its not as light as the VR but its a mini tank and much more robust. I dont find the VRs in general to be very waterproof though they do better than other reels. The X2 50, like all the Xs is very good at being waterproof, so far a great reel. If you can manage the extra weight, the X2 50 is, imho, THE small reel, I dont have any flaws so far.
  9. Would you do 70 for the top 3? (I only have Venmo if that works for you)
  10. Respectfully offer 70 for #6
  11. My apologies for the delay, sounds good thank you very much for the help
  12. Oh crap I got my numbers confused sorry, my bad. GL with the sale nice lot
  13. thanks for posting nightstrikes, what would you like for the 3rd pencil down and what are the specs on the blurple needle? Thanks for the help
  14. Hello all, Im looking to pickup a few of Mike Fixter's needles and pencils, new or used. Open to most any pencil, I would prefer a slimmer sinking needle. Im also looking for a plug in his Silver/yellow color scheme. I appreciate any help, thank you