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  1. Price drop 155$
  2. A simple herring flatwing for early season bass
  3. Thanks, PM on way
  4. Some spring cleaning. White and Neon darters are used, both have minor hook rash. White has a couple pointers as well and a rusty front hook. 2 new yellow/gold darters. Not sure on builder of needle but its a very well built plug. Silver over dark olive with sparkle in the epoxy finish (it sinks). Needle has been used. Redfin is rewired and loaded, new. Asking 60$
  5. Sorry not looking for any trades currently, appreciate the offer
  6. Thanks, PM on way
  7. Love to hear it, I didnt have the courage to fish it PM on way
  8. Going to keep as a lot
  9. Lightly used, just a couple trips. Works perfectly, just some minor oxidation on bail and minor scuffing on lower part of reel (nowhere that would damage line). Comes with the braid on it (40lb). Asking 165$ shipped
  10. Old run 3oz darter is new, Dee darter (blurple) is used with some oxidation and hook rash, eely appears to have been rewired and only has the front swivel. 105$ shipped
  11. One of my favorite pikies, new/no marks. 65$ shipped
  12. Gonna close this up and put the remaining plugs into a couple new lots. Thanks everyone
  13. Appreciate the offer and i wish i could help ya out but Id lose too much money on it, just trying to make back what I spent or close to it
  14. Completely understand, I couldn't fish it myself
  15. I have seen some use the mono method Ftyer mentioned, but i wonder if such a small point of glue contact would be durable enough? Maybe try tying a small loop or tight coil at the end to coat in glue so it has more contact surface area with the eye for a stronger hold