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  1. Interesting, Iv never heard of Pradco, thanks for the info
  2. Very clean work! Those spooks are gonna be a blast with LMB/Striped bass
  3. Lots of great looking stuff, im a long time viewer and admirer of everyone's hard work. My first contribution- some test color "snapper" dannys I made for a couple friends. (Ignore the ugly tail loops, couldnt find my loop pliers)
  4. They do have a very original profile, and one that matches scup as mentioned above, which I dont believe have any other lure imitating them. Given the fact that stripers love scup, it is strange that they dont get more use. The funny thing about the lack of color choices you mention is that the color choices available are great fish catchers, just not angler catchers....maybe thats why
  5. x2. Anyone know why they stopped making them?
  6. How does their productivity compare to the other plastics being mentioned? I assume they cast better than many plastics?
  7. Anyone using or have used those old BM or Pichney non-jointed eelys as minnow lures? BM hasn't made them in awhile but they have a great minnow profile, picked up a couple but have not had the chance to fish them, they look like they would work and are of course through-wired. Anyone have experience with em?
  8. Was aiming to get back what I paid, but I think for now Im gonna hold on to it to fish when the squid come in this spring
  9. You got it, PM on way
  10. Sounds good, PM on way
  11. It really is, I hate to let it go but I felt bad keeping it and knowing it may not get into rotation
  12. I have too many to use, hoping to help someone else out during this wonderful time of the year- Prices include shipping, paypal only Jointed: 65$ Round Nose: 50$ Darter: 70$
  13. Sorry about that, I may have another up later, ill let you know
  14. You got it, PM on way
  15. All yours, happy to be sending these back West! PM on way