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  1. I threw some SS sinking needles this summer and did very well with them in later July, I even landed a fluke in a boulder field on a blurple one. One night I used a floating needle at a point where the boulders stretch out and the current slowly wraps around, had a couple takes. Then switched to a sinking one and had 2 nice bass, the water was very calm. I think ill be turning some sinking eelskin needles to try this summer, and im gonna try em in the day as well
  2. Sounds perfect id love to. Let me know as soon as you have some dates, I may have free housing for you and i will most likely be there from late May to August
  3. I used to always troll the 16As with my father back in the day on a short stretch of beach between fishing spots. We always caught at least a couple stripers. Im not sure if its sentimental value or aesthetics but I do always keep a couple in my bag. I only fish em (and most of my plugs) with only the frontmost hook and a flag on the tail, I find 95% of the bass I catch hit that hook and the rest just mangle the bass or my hand. I must say however, the 15As come in better colors if you have the time to rewire em and theyre a tad small
  4. Perfect, really appreciate the help Kevin, ill send the funds right away
  5. Bump- also hoping to add a 2 hook belly hook version
  6. Works for me, I still have your paypal and ill send the funds your way. Ill PM you with my address, thanks again for your continued help Kevin
  7. Appreciate the help, if Kevin is selling the one he posted ill be all set, just need one at the moment (having said that now itll probably snap off on the first cast)
  8. Thats the one! Would you be willing to sell it? Let me know how much youd like when you have the time, thanks again Kevin
  9. Looking for one of the non-jointed Bm eelys (the ones that look like a slim danny), any color works. Appreciate any help
  10. If you can do 130$ for the Rainbow and bunker ill take them, ill cover PP fees. Thanks for considering
  11. I caught a fluke this summer on a SS needle fishing a boulder field at night. Its always a possibility to catch them at night or day but in a boulder field was strange
  12. No worries thanks for getting back to me
  13. Yes sorry I should have specified
  14. Ill give this beauty a good home