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  1. If you are going to fish NJ in the fall fish a teaser in front of whatever lure you decide to tie on.
  2. Me too.
  3. Call the phone # on the Jignpop website. I am sure kil will hook you up. I bought mine at the Edison show(pre order) and they shipped it to me. I bet they go fast.
  4. +1 and if you need more line capacity 6k
  5. Are you shipping the 8' Suzuki rods purchased at Edison this week?
  6. Thanks for the update gonna stop at Grumpys and check one out Saturday.
  7. Thanks looking at getting the 10'6 anxious to here how it fishes for you.
  8. When you say tip heavy what does that mean? Stiff?
  9. How about the Suzuki 8'
  10. Kil do you have the 8'Suzuki in stock yet?
  11. Will you have the 8'Suzuki for sale at the Asbury show?
  12. Yes
  13. I do, nobody ever bothered me. Bugs are horrible, be prepared. I don't think you can park at the kayak launches .
  14. 3700 Plano boxes and the brides grocery bag.Holds 4 boxes perfect.
  15. Kil when will the 8' Suzuki rod be available for purchase? And where ? I fish NJ. Thanks