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  1. What a shame, use to be a nice family vacation spot.I like to fish there also.may be not this year.Thanks for the info and responses.
  2. What is going on in the town .My wife is seeing reports of unruly behavior. Is this just high school kids carrying on?
  3. I have an older Saragosa. I have the older 5000,I bought the 6000 spool.I don't know all the technical data but I know the 6000 spool holds more line.Thannks for the technical correction Canary.
  4. 6000 same reel just deeper spool
  5. And you are ok with that?And who is they?
  6. Some solid advice.
  7. Or 6000
  8. How was the shipping free?
  9. Thanks going to give it a try.
  10. What do you use to inject the water, oil?
  11. Yes
  12. F-it I will take them
  13. 50 the best you can do?
  14. Picture please, thanks