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  1. Now if they could add a manual bail 5500 and smaller.
  2. Is the vI 4500 auto bail or manual bail.
  3. Good advice, take it back
  4. What line are you using ? In case I ever get mine.
  5. I am sorry 30, 32,40 also thanks
  6. 16,18,35,36 please thanks
  7. I don't own a slammer 3 . I am thinking about buying one, just wondering how to tell the new from the older stock. I will be purchasing online. I would like to get the model with the improved line roller I live in PA.not many tackle shops. Actually none. I won't be able to see the reel before I buy it. thanks.
  8. I read in another thread Penn has improved the line roller .If I were to purchase a slammer 3 how would I be able to tell if I am getting the improved model or the older model? Thanks Dave
  9. 123 please
  10. #4 please
  11. Tom Petty Running down a dream
  12. $25 for the 1.5 bone
  13. #1 rule in all sports stick with what got you there.
  14. If Wentz doesnt get hurt Brady doesnt get mvp