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  1. Went out front cmc this morning for kingfish. Of course I only brought kingfish stuff and walked onto the beach to see a big school of bunker and a guy a little way down landing some small blues. Nothing for me on bloodworm fish bites but started getting hits when I threw on some mole crabs. Couldn’t get anything to commit though. Hitting flounder in the boat after dinner for a bit. Hopefully I can bring some meat home.
  2. Rays are all over South Jersey.
  3. Was out in the boat this evening in a cmc inlet with the kids. Didn't bring the rods because we were going out to an island so they could hunt around. Well, the inlet had a ton of bird activity pulling out shiners and busting fish everywhere. Was so pissed. Not sure if it was blues or albies or a combo. Was really mad at myself. Kids had a blast tho. NEVER LEAVING WITHOUT RODS AGAIN!!!
  4. Here are some of my reapers. I believe they were cross pollinated as I picked the seeds from a field of superhots last year and grew them starting in dec.
  5. Def not reapers. Look like some sort of cayenne.
  6. CMC Out back in the boat this morning with my 9 year old. He did all of the catching. 2 flounder- one at 18.5 and a large ray that was foul hooked. What a fight with that one. Probably 6 ft wingspan.
  7. Awesome. Thanks.
  8. Nice!!! If you don't mind me asking, what did you catch them on? Thank you.
  9. I was drunk when i installed it.
  10. Thanks! Yea- it was kind of a crap shoot and didn't know what i was doing, but it wound up being awesome in the end. Has been 5 years and no issues. Saved me a couple grand doing it myself...
  11. Sorry- big files...
  12. Yep- ran it off of the line coming in my house... a propane tank would not last long...
  13. Nice. i'm right near Wegmans. Hopefully they finish up that work on the bridge on 422 soon. Took me an hour last Friday to get from Oaks to Audubon. Should have put on Waze... Wife was not happy with me.
  14. Yep- Where are you?
  15. I made one from concrete after seeing one at Sandals in Jamaica. It can light up the whole yard when on high (picture below is low flame) and burn your leg hairs from 5 ft away if I want people to go home. I like the convenience of turning it on when you need it and turning it off when you don't. I like the fact that it doesn't smoke people out if the wind is blowing a certain direction. I love mine.