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  1. Went out Friday and Saturday for a total of 6 hours in S. CMC without as much as a tap. Hit 4 different bridges and NOTHING!!! Depth between 15 and 40’. FF was reading low 50’s. Sucked.
  2. CMC- Out back from 9:30-3:30 on the boat- fished 4 bridges for tog and set up to chum clam for about 2 hours. Nada. Not even a tap. Boats going home tomorrow. Sad.
  3. Here's another good read:
  4. Awesome fish @Jerseypride Congrats.
  5. Sure do. Not too bad tasting sauteed with garlic either.
  6. Fred- can’t you just reply to the topic like you did on this one?
  7. Thanks eric- was not too worried about stripers- moreso tog. Trying to hit both next week and have tog as a backup.
  8. Anyone have a trap in the water lately? Put one in last year mid-Oct and it was filled overnight with white crabs. Never saw one all year until then. must have been 30-40 of them. Was not expecting it. Any reasoning behind this? they worked great and hope to have the same next week when I get down.
  9. Wow Fred- that is huge. Will that overwinter? Hey- any water temp readings lately by chance?
  10. Thanks Belmo. I know Fred had one going a while ago but haven't seen anything recent. Hopefully it will stay close to 60 these next 10 days... Appreciate the feedback.
  11. Anyone in SJ have recent water temps in the back? Coming down next Thursday and hoping it doesn't drop too much over the next week with this cold snap we are about to get... Hoping the toggies are still around...
  12. Fred- how did they taste the other night??? The shrimp that is.
  13. Great Idea!
  14. lol. Even better. My brother just said he was picking them up in his traps too. Strange. Wish I was down to drop in the minnow net. Enjoy your snack.
  15. Awesome. Keep us posted on the results.