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  1. Hell yea. Catch em up.
  2. Nice light. Is green better than white?
  3. The big plants were seeded back in october-Jan. Next year will only be 2 of my favs though. Nice to have fresh exotic peppers during the winter.
  4. Correct- CFL’s and hydroponics. They have been doing great. The pic of the large plants is actually a week or so old- they are a lot bigger. Crazy how they grow. Your list is huge. Mine are all hot and supers with some tomatoes. Need to step up my game next year.
  5. Here is my latest indoor grow. 2 more weeks till hardening off to play it safe... I think. Maybe sooner.
  6. Looking good Natural. Looking forward to the crop yield. When are you planting? Im thinking 2 weeks here outside of Philly.
  7. I don’t think crabs are on anyones radar. They are plentiful. Don’t jinx it.
  8. There is. A bushel per person. They are all over the place and most target them from a dock or one spot. If you have a boat, you can catch a ton. There is no shortage of crabs... at least where I crab.
  9. Read reports on bluecrab dot info and they seem to be out. Go get em.
  10. I'm itching to get down and try some bridges. Was going to go Thurs-Sat, but the weather is not looking great. Anything doing? I'll be in South Jersey. Thanks!
  11. Yep. I always do- Fishing or not. I use it as a way to teach my kids as well. I love seeing them do it without me saying anything- It makes them feel good too. Some people are scum.
  12. I had a bunch of potted plants and it worked great. Not sure how it would work in the setup he has, but they make life so much easier. Set it and forget it- for the most part.
  13. Yep- drip system. Keeps the water axactly where you want it- at the base of the plant. Cheap and effective. Sprinkler wastes water And dampens the leaves.
  14. Man did it make life easier last year. Super simple setup. Set it and forget it. Cheap on amazon. Got the ones with adjustable nozzles for each plant so the ones that like water got more. Put it on a timer and never worried about it.
  15. Personally, I am not a big fan of conventional... I fish almost exclusively with spinning rods. I am probably on my own island though. I have built a nice conventional setup, but hardly use it. I say see what you need at the end of the summer... what you have might work just fine.