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  1. Happy birthday!!!!
  2. I agree. I requested a quote for one with a 150hp. Figured that would be the smallest we would go. Thanks for the input.
  3. Thanks DD. 10 people would only be for cruising- not fishing. Max fishing would be 4-5 with 2-3 being kids. The head would be for my wife which she wants... the ones we have been looking at seem like they could comfortably fit 8-10 people for a cruise. Keep in mind 4-5 would be kids. I appreciate the feedback!!!
  4. Thanks OH! What I have liked the best so far is the Key West 203 and Tidewater 210, although I have not seen the Tidewater up close yet. From the looks of it, the Tidewater has a 150 vs the 115VMax on the KW and is a few thousand cheaper. I am going to see if I can set up an apt with the Tidewater guy this weekend. I was looking at that Cayman last night. Sweet looking boat and good luck! Appreciate the feedback.
  5. Thanks BD. We are semi considering used as well if something we like comes up...
  6. Hey everyone, 50k budget CC New... Posting here to get more eyes on it. Wife said we need to get a bigger boat than our current 1995 BW Montauk as the kids are getting older and we also want to invite another family on board to take for joy rides to islands in south jersey. Looking for a CC boat- not a bay boat. we mainly flounder fish and crab so nothing too crazy there but also like the ability to go shallow, want to have storage, a head and be able to fit 10 people if needed (4-5 kids + 4 adults) to run to the island and lounge. we looked at the Key West 189 and 203FS and we really liked the layout of the 203 FS. 189 was too small. The 203 Had lots of room and storage and seemed well built. We liked the front lounge layout with back rests as well as the full width seating in the stern. also looked at sportsman boats and wasn’t impressed with the layout or quality. The caulking looked sloppy to me and while better priced, it wasn’t what I wanted. anyone have any other recommendations as to what else to consider or input on Key West boats? Sea Hunt and Tidewater look nice but I don’t have any knowledge of those boats. Thoughts and input is appreciated. thanks everyone.
  7. My son looks pretty good.
  8. This is great to hear Fred. Have you slung any clams lately? I am assuming the bass you are seeing around the bridges would be all up in the snot slick too... BTW- how are you catching those spot again? Sabiki or drop net?
  9. Thanks Chewy! I will certainly give that a try next time. Appreciate the tip!!!!
  10. Boat reports are frowned upon on the other thread, so I started my own... Woops- didn't realize I failed to mention a boat. I edited the thread.
  11. Decided to hit some local bridges with the boat for Tog on Saturday morning for the first of incoming and mid afternoon for the first of outgoing. Had 1 @ 13" in the morning along with some small sea bass- 6" or so. Had a bunch of hits in the afternoon but couldn't connect with anything. Saw a few guys out with throwbacks to show for it. Used Asian shore crabs, and frozen shrimp in the morning and blue crabs and asians in the afternoon.
  12. Beautiful Saturday morning on the water... Went out crabbing hitting the last 2 hours of incoming. Culled at 5" and wound up with 53 crabs. Had quite a few more between 4.5" and 5" as well as 5-7 keeper females (kept 2 large ones) which were thrown back in the drink. A few smalls as well. In all, I would say 80 or so crabs were pulled in 2 hours. Used chicken legs with 13 ring traps in the way back. Water depts. around 6' seemed to do best. One interesting thing I found was the crabs did not like frozen chicken. 95% of the crabs came from the traps with fresh chicken. I want to say about 6 came from the 5 x frozen legs I had. Will not be using frozen again...
  13. Nope back bay- behind WW, SH and AV.
  14. Hoping to get out back for some bridge Tog fishing and stripers this weekend on the boat. Wondering if by Saturday things will be clearing up enough. Figure it will be blowing pretty hard through Friday mid-day but looks like it will be laying down overnight. Any thoughts? Going anyway, but anyone have any insight on what to expect water-quality wise? Thanks in advance.
  15. Went out front cmc this morning for kingfish. Of course I only brought kingfish stuff and walked onto the beach to see a big school of bunker and a guy a little way down landing some small blues. Nothing for me on bloodworm fish bites but started getting hits when I threw on some mole crabs. Couldn’t get anything to commit though. Hitting flounder in the boat after dinner for a bit. Hopefully I can bring some meat home.