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  1. I shared a boat with a good buddy. Rule was on odd days it was mine without notice. If it was even I had to check with him. Split everything. Always top off fuel when done. We never had an issue.
  2. I'm 56 and just starting out boat fishing for stripers. my address is 12 getfree drive, cheapoville, Mass . Any help appreciated
  3. Just picked up 12 in Buzzards Bay... nice lunch.
  4. Thanks All. Its blue color was iridescent (spelled wrong) Very pretty but prickly. No limits on these ?
  5. We caught 8 of these this morning in buzzards bay. Can anybody identify? Are they Black sea bass? Good eating ?
  6. Out at 5AM. Heavy fog, lots of bait just outside the harbor but no hits. Fished bait off Bug light, nothing but a starfish. Duxbury channel, nothing. On way in met freinds who were heading out to jig mackeral and live line. Rumor has it this has been working. The battle continues. Maybe an afternoon run is in order.
  7. Wow... sorry to bump but nobody ran into sandiwch ramp closed this weekend or why? Just curious.
  8. So anybody know what was up with the Sandwich ramp being locked at 5AM. I left but the boat parade was 6 deep of heartbroken fishermen.
  9. I've had the same issue in Plymouth. Although I was the boater, traveling the inner boat lane along the jetty at night. I was at 3 knots and was next to some anglers when I realized they were cussing at me for running them over. My issue was that it was night, and I did not see them until it was too late. I was running with lights, they should have pulled for me. I felt bad but felt they saw me long before I saw them. I would never do it on purpose.
  10. A trickle charger can overcharge and kill a battery if left on too long. "All winter" probably qualifies as "too long". Use a "float charger" or battery maintainer. It is my understanding that these only maintain the battery level as needed instead of giving a constant flow of electricity.
  11. One last remark... if you're a procrastinator like me. Hopefully you already have that ferry reservation, it fills up fast and I just barely got a reservation for truck\railer, end of August. and that was 6 weeks ago. CALL NOW if you have not already done so.
  12. 8 hours in cape cod bay yesterday. Tons of Blue fin pods. Worked them with every rig known to man, no hits. Plenty of guys making an effort but did not spot anybody hooking up although they were there in big numbers.
  13. I'm pretty sure the liability on the trailer is carried by the vehicles insurance. No insurance for trailer only which would explain why it cant be registered.
  14. I'm trying to improve my trolling for stripers from my boat but am still pretty green. When working in current should my troll spd (2-3mph) be ground speed or thru water ( ie standstill against a running tide). If I'm traveling with the current and have 2-3knts of speed through water I could have 5-8 knts ground speed... now am I too fast? If I'm drifting at 4 knots over ground... am I really trolling or are the fish just moving along with me? Confused Rookie